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   Chapter 40 The Enchanting Dance

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The music event was held at KC Hotel. It was a grand and luxurious event with shining stars.

Lola, in a light blue tight dress, walked on the red carpet, attracting countless eyes.

In just a few days after returning home, she had been involved in hot topics which made her career even more starry. Lola walked the red carpet with Ivan, who had just cooperated with her.

The two of them immediately appeared on the headline of the news.

When Jacob saw the news that Barry showed him, his face darkened. He narrowed his eyes and asked, "Which company Ivan works for?"

"It should be AT Media."

"Indeed sworn enemy." Jacob laughed in coldness and said to Barry, "Are you going to cooperate with AT Media? Are you dying to making the news so sensationalized? Get the hot hashtag news off the internet right now! "

Shaking with fear, Barry blinked his eyes and said, "This is not what we have done. They are all netizens... "

"No matter who they are, how can they match other people's wives randomly! Barry, it's time for you to ask AT Media to restrain their behaviors. " After saying that, Jacob looked at the message on his phone.

What else would she do after the award ceremony?

Was it because of Ivan?

"Hey, BOSS, watch the live broadcast. Lola will show up soon!" Barry pulled Jacob to watch the broadcast, but Jacob said to Barry in coldness, "You shouldn't call her Lola."

"Then what should I call her? Mrs. Lola? Madame Lola? " Seeing a faint smile on Jacob's face, Barry raised his eyebrows proudly.

Without saying anything, Jacob turned around and walked into his office. He quickly took out his mobile phone and turned on the Livestream.

"Now let's welcome the most eye-catching star, Miss Lola, to the stage. Please enjoy the show "Crazy"!

On the stage, she was wearing a black tight skirt. Her slim figure was full of charm, and her movements were full of vitality. Her enchanting dance, beautiful songs and sweet performances were absolutely perfect.

Looking at the sexy figure unnaturally, Jacob's eyes deepened and swallowed.

Damn it! What did she learn abroad these years

On the other side, Lola, who just went

, she asked me to stay by your side... "

She opened her eyes wide and felt guilty. It was true that Grandma told her so, but she didn't want Jacob to mess it up. She was really annoyed with him pestering her like this.

After thinking for a while, she said, "I don't need it. If you have to do as Grandma said, just wait. Wait for me to call you at the door! "

Then she hung up the phone.

With a smile, Lola turned to look at Mr. Danny and said, "Sorry to keep you wait."

When Mr. Danny was about to say something more, her phone rang again. Seeing that she frowned, he said, "Why don't you turn off your phone? It's not easy to talk with you if calls come in always."

She thought for a while and turned off the phone, in case that Jacob called again.

She threw the phone back into her bag and said to Mr. Danny "We can continue."

Mr. Danny nodded, picked up a script and handed it to her. "You can read it."

When Lola opened it, she saw the name "DAISY". She frowned, looked at a few pages and asked in confusion, "Is this the melodrama you are talking about?"

"Yes. This is a melodrama, isn't it full of gimmicks? " Said Mr. Danny with an evil smile, raising his eyebrows.

Lola felt uncomfortable and shook her head. "It is R-rated movie. Sorry, I can't take this part. "

Mr. Danny frowned and sneered, "Do not take it? It is not up to you. Humph, get in my car. It's not up to you whether to take it or not. "

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