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   Chapter 39 Deep Love For Me

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Lola froze and seemed to be very surprised. She shook her head subconsciously. A few seconds later, she said, "Grandma, how do you know?"

"Do you really think that Grandma doesn't know the outside world?" Mrs. Gu smiled and held her hand tightly. "I've seen you on the news. I'm very happy to see your change now..."

"Grandma. Don't you blame me for lying to you? "

She felt a little depressed, because she had lied to her grandmother that she was studying abroad. Now her lie had been exposed and she was speechless.

"Why don't you tell me? I'm so happy. I won't blame you. I used to worry about you. What if I leave in the future You are too soft hearted... "

Tears welled up in Lola's eyes. She tried her best to hold back her tears and said, "It was all my fault. I shouldn't have made Grandma sad."

"Well, I'm worried that you might be bullied Now you've really grown up. I won't worry about you anymore. It's also a good thing to be famous. Just do what you want to do. I will support you unconditionally. " Looking at the kind look on her grandmother's face, Lola felt how happy she was. How could she have such a good grandmother?

"Grandma, I will work hard and achieve something in the future. With your support, I will work harder."

"Okay, but you can pursue your dream, but I have only one request..."

Surprised and interested, Lola asked, "Really? Grandma, as long as you ask, I can do it. "

"Silly girl, you can't do it alone." Grandma smiled weirdly and pinched her finger hard. "Discuss with Jacob and let Grandma have a great grandson first..."

All of a sudden, her face turned red and she shook her head, saying in a soft voice, "Grandma..."

"Are you shy? How long have you been married? I didn't force you before because I was worried that your relationship was not stable. But when I came back this time, I saw that you were always stuck on each other and didn't want to leave each other for a second I'm happy for you. You finally have a happy life. In that case, why not work hard to next step? Grandma came ba

he was relieved.

She didn't know why she was so nervous just now. Her heart beat so fast that she felt a little hot all over her body.

Jacob left her in front of MY Group, but she told him not to pick her up at night. He refused, and they didn't reach an agreement in the end.

When she arrived at the company, Lily told Lola that Flora was not here today and Lily was going to discuss a new cooperation with Lola.

"What cooperation? Why didn't I know before? " Lola asked while reading today's news.

"A new company contacted Flora and said that a melodrama is being prepared. They are interested in you and have an appointment with you in KC Hotel today. We can meet the producer after the award ceremony. "

Lily looked at the schedule carefully.

Surprised, Lola asked, "Are we going to meet at the hotel where the award ceremony is held?"

"Yes, it seems that they know you have some activities there, so it happened to meet you there. Lola, get ready. If we get that role, maybe you can make it to the best actress. "

Lola frowned. A melodrama?

Compared with the melodrama, she preferred to shoot the youth and pure love movie first, step by step, instead of being rash.

But Flora had already arranged a meeting, so she had to agree reluctantly.

She left a message to Jacob, "I have an arrangement tonight. You don't have to pick me up."

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