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   Chapter 38 Cooperate With Your Performance

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Hearing this, Lola stiffened and trembled. She looked at Jacob uneasily, but he was not surprised at all.

She smiled awkwardly, "Don't worry about it."

Damn it, Jacob! Why did you keep silent at this time? Speak!

She kept beckoning him, but he seemed to turn a blind eye to it and stood outside.

"How could I not to worry? You two have made such good progress in love. You have grown up. Grandma is very anxious..." Holding her hand tightly, Grandma stared at them and then turned to Jacob and said," Tell me, what are you going to do and how do you want me to help you?"

"Mum, why do you want to prepare for the wedding? Don't push them..." Catherine said and shocked.

Fiona was also dissatisfied, "Yes, she said she was not in a hurry. Grandma, please let them decide for themselves."

Mrs. Gu frowned and looked around with her sharp eyes. "What's wrong? Are you still unwilling to admit Louisa? Are you dissatisfied with this marriage? "

Catherine shook her head and said," I am not..." I dare not. "

"Whoever is dissatisfied with this marriage is dissatisfied with me." Mrs. Gu said domineeringly.

Seeing this, Lola was also moved.

It was grandmother who forced them to get married and made her wish come true.

She had thought too simply and happily at that time, but now she only felt embarrassed when she saw such a scene.

Bypassing her grandma, she looked at Jacob with a hint in her eyes.

Jacob couldn't ignore it anymore. He looked at his grandmother and said, "Louisa and I have thought about it, but we haven't made up our mind yet. When we make up our mind, we will tell Grandma and let you help us, okay?"

Hearing this, Mrs. Gu smiled happily. She held their hands together and said earnestly, "That's good. Since you two are so good, I can finally rest assured."

A sumptuous dinner was prepared in the house. On the table, everyone was in a line on Mrs. Gu's both sides and L

l of Lola, Jacob became more unscrupulous. He held her hand and said to his grandmother, "We won't leave today. We will listen to your arrangement."

"Okay, okay. You don't have to go back. You will stay here tonight."


Without waiting for the consent of Lola, Jacob agreed first.

She squinted at Jacob. Damn it! He always made decisions for her. He was too domineering!

However, under the happy gaze of her grandmother, she had no way to refute.

In this way, Lola put aside all her work, stayed with her grandmother for the whole day, and then slept with her

Mrs. Gu grabbed her hand and placed the pillow for her. "Louisa, do you know how much I miss you? You really break my heart. In the past two years, you only sent messages to me but never answered my calls and didn't send your video to me. If it weren't for Jacob who often reported the situation of your study abroad, how could I rest assured?"

"Actually, Grandma, Louisa didn't tell you the truth..." She bit her lips, "Oh? What? " Mrs. Gu said in surprise.

"About studying abroad. We lied to you. At first, I went to study abroad, but later something happened and asked me to stop studying. The reason why I didn't contact you was that... "

"You made your debut, right?" Mrs. Gu said softly.

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