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   Chapter 36 A Limp and Numb Feeling

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"I have informed Flora that you don't have any work arrangement in afternoon tomorrow. The next week is the same. You can come here at any time as long as Grandma needs you. " Said Jacob while eating.

Without even raising her head, Lola was eating the chicken wings while rumbling something.

"What?" Jacob asked.

"How do you make up for my loss?" Lola said word by word.

"Loss?" The man raised his eyebrows and looked at the woman who was eating happily.

She pouted, "Of course. I don't have a job for a week. Have you ever thought about how much I have to lose? You said you wanted me to act. Then you are the producer. Let's talk about the film payment. "

It was not for free for Lola to act for him.

"Film payment... It's all in your mouth. " He chuckled and looked at her face. He couldn't help reaching out his hand and gently touched the corner of her mouth with his thumb.

She felt so smooth and numb.

Lola, who was eating fish, blinked as if she didn't believe what she saw.

He reached out and touched the corner of her mouth.

"Cough, cough, cough..." She was so frightened that she choked and lowered her head in a hurry.

Damn it! What was wrong with her!

'Is he trying to scare me by doing this?' She wondered?

The man smiled, took back his hand, put his thumb at the corner of his mouth and licked it.

It was a thunderbolt. Lola felt as if she had been struck by a thunderbolt and got an electric shock all over her body.

She kept her posture and didn't blink.

She swallowed deeply and looked at the man's lips, as if tempting her to commit a crime

Jacob raised his eyebrows complacently. Looking at her expression, he felt pleasant and relaxed.

Lola shook her head violently and was determined to wake up. She couldn't be lost or captivated.

"Well, let me tell you very seriously. I want my loss and my reward. Don't make fun of me." She put down the bowl and chopsticks, stood up and went back to the main bedroom.

Daisy had already prepared daily necessities for her

ep on the sofa, and I want to sleep on the bed!"

Jacob lay down leisurely, raised his head with his hands and said lazily, "I'm very tired today, so I want to sleep on the bed. If you don't want to share the bed with me, you can take the quilt and sleep on the sofa yourself. I don't mind."

Gritting her teeth, Lola said unconvinced, "No, I'm also very tired. I'm not going to sleep on the sofa!"

Then she climbed onto the bed and pushed him away with all her strength. As a man, he didn't admit defeat and remained unmoved.

"Get out of here. This is my bed. Don't you want to sleep in the same bed with me? Why are you still here?"


Seeing that she had fought for a long time and her face was pink, he turned over and hugged her in his arms. "I won't leave. I'll sleep on this bed with you!"

With her eyes wide open, Lola felt remorseful, but her body was tightly suppressed by him. "Get down..."

All of a sudden, they made a scene on the bed.

Even in the solid bed, the noisy two people couldn't resist the squeaking sound.

All of a sudden, Lola's phone rang. She panicked to find that they were having a fight. She pushed the man away and sat straight. She picked up her phone with short breath and saw the call on the phone.

It was from "Mr. D".

Her face darkened and the phone almost slipped out of her hand.

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