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   Chapter 35 I Will Spare Her Reputation

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The flickering flashlight shone on the people on the stage.

"Last night, I had a quarrel with Lola because of private affairs. I said something that I shouldn't have said. Lola was just too angry that she slapped me. But soon we made up. "Standing in front of the media reporters, Fiona pretended as if she was acting.

"I don't know who followed us to take such a video, but there is no problem between us. The misunderstanding has been solved. I hope you can let go of Lola and don't attack her. As her good friend, I am also very sad."

Lola walked up to her and said, "I was too impulsive and angry that day. I'm sorry. "

"It doesn't matter. It's all my fault. I didn't wake up until you slapped me."

Everyone was fooled by their words. They had thought that Fiona would come here to confront with Lola today, but they didn't expect that they would end up like this?

The reporters came forward one after another to ask questions, all about the previous relationship between the two of them.

In the end, she had to pretend to be her friend.

But it took them a long time to get rid of the reporters.

With a livid face, Fiona told Lola unwillingly, "Don't think that we'll make up like this. Let me tell you, you and I have never been friends. Humph, let's wait and see. "

Looking at her receding figure, Lola smiled slightly. She never thought that the two of them could become friends, even without Ryan.

They had been at odds since childhood.

As soon as the press conference was over, Lola left from the underground garage with Lily. Lily frowned and seemed to be dissatisfied with something. "Lola, I've finally found the evidence to prove that Fiona has hurt you again and again. Why did you have to discuss so much with her and let her say those words? As long as you put the videos on the table, others will see that she treated you like that, and naturally explain why you slapped her! But now, those reporters have been asking you what had happened to between two of you... "

Lily sighed, "I don't t

to study, and to develop her good temper.

No matter how reluctant Fiona was, she didn't dare to do anything out of line. At last, under the persuasion of Catherine and Jessica, she agreed to dodge for a period of time. That was a later story

As soon as she arrived home, she smelled the good cooking smell. Lola's stomach growled.

With a faint smile on Jacob's face, he walked into the room with her.

"Mr. Jacob, Louisa, you are back! Sit down please. " Wearing an apron, Daisy walked out and pointed at the dishes on the table. "They are all Louisa's favorite."

Sweet and sour ribs, Cola Chicken Wings, braised pork in brown sauce, steamed fish...

Looking at the table full of meat, Jacob touched his forehead, as he liked to eat vegetables.

However, Lola was so happy that her eyes were shining. She rushed to the table and almost drooled. "Daisy, you love me the most."

Then she reached out to pick up a rib and licked her lips, "HMM..."

Daisy stepped forward and patted her on the hand. "Hurry up. Wash your hands first."

She smiled sweetly and ran to the bathroom quickly.

Seeing her dance away like a gust of wind, Jacob was stunned. It seemed that he hadn't seen her smile so happily since she came back.

Just like the silly Louisa before.

He hadn't come to his senses for a long time.

Daisy smiled with relief.

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