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   Chapter 32 Remember, I'm Her Husband

Requited Love: Rise Like A Phoenix By Moonlight Characters: 6917

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When Jacob was pushed out, Lola still had a lingering fear.

Last moment, his eyes seemed to be going to eat her up, ambiguous temptation, and the next moment, they were full of cruelty and cruelty, as if to kill her.

After taking the medicine and having a rest, Lola went out, only to find that he was still guarding at the door.

After making sure that there was nothing wrong, Jacob turned around and left.

Lola felt his strange behavior, but she didn't have time to think too much. She immediately turned around to look for Director Mo, only to find that he had already left.

She was frustrated.

Edward Mo was the top Chinese American director. Countless best actors and best actresses were made by him. As long being a part in his movie, they would be famous. Now it was the first youth pure love movie. If she could get the leading role, it would be her first hit domestically.

In fact, she didn't have much confidence in it. After all, the standards of audition for Edward have always been different from other directors, and he had a very high standard for acting skills. She was popular overseas, but she didn't have any outstanding works

However, she had to have a try. What if the dream came true?

Disappointed, Lola was not in the mood to stay at the dinner party anymore. After saying goodbye to Ivan and Ryan, she was about to leave with Lily.

"Someone must be crazy about being popular, throwing herself at the director! Did you see that, Jessica? " When Lola just walked to the door, she saw Fiona's hand holding with Jessica standing in front of her and Lily.

"Fiona, don't talk too much. You might cause trouble if you talk too much." Jessica said with seemingly kindly reminder as she nudged Fiona.

With a pale face, Lola pretended not to hear them and said to Lily, "It's too noisy here. Let's go."

"Hey, don't go! Don't you have any interest in acting after the director left? " Fiona stepped forward to block her way and frowned slightly. "I can give you a good suggestion..."

"Well, don't say that, Fiona. Lola m

oon as she settled down her, Lola phone rang.

It was four o'clock in the morning. Who would call Lola at this time?

Lily took a look at the screen and found it was a strange number. She answered the phone in confusion.

"Where?" His deep voice seemed to contain great anger.

Taking a look at the sleeping Lola, Lily closed the door and went to the living room. "Who are you?"

"Who are you?"

"I'm Miss Lola's assistant. What can I do for you?"

"Assistant? Where is she? Why didn't she answer the phone? "

"Sir, who are you? If you don't tell me who you are, I can't tell you where she is."

Maybe it was a crazy fan. He had found her phone number and called on purpose at midnight.

"Your name is Lily, right? You will know who I am as long as you ask her to answer the phone." It suddenly occurred to Jacob that Lola had such an assistant.

Lily was not surprised to hear her name. "I'm sorry, sir. If you don't have anything else to say, I'll hang up."

"Wait Her phone should show that I am her... "

He remembered that she had saved his phone number as Jay.

"Sir, it's a strange number. I really don't know who you are." Lily frowned and thought this man was a little difficult to deal with, but it seemed that he had a different relationship with Lola.

With a cold expression on his face, Jacob said gently, "Remember, I'm her husband."

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