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   Chapter 30 Teach Her A Lesson

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Catherine pulled a long face and said, "How could it be inexplicable! Even if I don't admit you, it doesn't mean that you don't own the kindness of the Gu family anymore! You left without saying goodbye in the past, but now came back and was rude! Don't tell anyone that I raised you. It's a shame to my reputation! "

Hearing this, Lola smiled, "Well, then I respect you as my aunt. It's not that I'm impolite. After I came back, I asked Jacob to send my heart to the Gu family. Maybe he didn't want to convey it for me? Or someone in the Gu family took my gift and threw it away angrily? I think it's all possible, but I have expressed my intentions and kindness. By the way, have Fiona received my present, right? I gave her a bottle of perfume, but she knocked it over. "

Hearing what Lola said, Catherine was a little confused.

"It's not a big deal. You just sent us away with some gifts. Do you think our Gu family is a beggar?

"How about I visit you in person? I guess you will pour tea all over my clothes and then drive me out. " Lola raised her eyebrows and said lightly with a smile.

In an instant, Catherine remembered the scene that Louisa went back to the Gu family to see her and was driven away by her just after Louisa got married.

"It seems that you still remember it clearly."

"I don't dare to forget it."

It was one of those things that could remind her to stay awake.

With a cold snort, Catherine said in disdain, "You should remember clearly the favor the Gu Family has given to you! Well, since you don't want to go back to the Gu family, then don't go back again. Jacob is also living a good life now. Now that you has divorced, don't bother him anymore. "

Hearing Catherine's order, she had no choice but to smile helplessly. She spread out her hands and said, "Mrs. Catherine, it's not me who's pestering, it's him who's pestering me."

Catherine sneered and said meaningfully, "He's pestering you? Ha ha, what are you talking about! The person who in the Gu family hates you the most is Jacob. How could he pester you! You are dreaming! "

Yes, he was the one who hated her most in the Gu family.

But now, he had to make himself sick.

"Then you should ask Jacob. Who knows what he is thinking about?"

"I warn you, don't appear in the Gu family again. We don't want to see you! Now that you had changed your name, you are not Louisa anymore! No one will welcome you. This charity dinner is held by the Gu family. If you have nothing else, you'd better not shown up anymore. And this time, when Mum comes back, Jacob will tell her that you two have divorced. Just give up. "

Catherine said maliciously.

It seemed that Catherine didn't know what Jacob had done.

If she knew it, she would probably be furious.

"Mrs. Catherine, my name is Lola now. If you need anything, just inform my agent. This is my agent's card. " She took out the business card from her bag and smiled, "Then I'm not going to accompany you."

As she spoke, she turned around and walked into the bathroom before Catherine's face turned pale.

Fiona held Jessica's hand and walked out from a corner to Catherine's side. They had heard all their conversation just now.

"Bitch, why is she so arrogant?" Fiona said cruelly.

"I didn't expect that Louisa would become like this. I didn't believe you when you said to me." Jessica was much calmer than Fiona, standing upright with her arms around her chest.

Catherine laughed suddenly "No matter how much she have changed, she still don't deserve our family name! Fortunately, she

has a clear picture of herself that she did not use the name of the Gu family to swagger around! Fiona and Jessica, from now on, you two support each other in the entertainment circle. Remember to step hard on her! "

Fiona revealed Jessica's arm. "She is far from Jessica. Fiona is the best actress now! She even doesn't deserve to be compared with me! Mommy, don't worry. "

"Yes, I have never regarded her as my opponent." Jessica smiled. Her opponent was only Ellie.

How could Louisa be compared with her?

"How can she come here to make a fool of herself? I have an idea. I can teach her a lesson. " Fiona said mysteriously.

As expected, when Lola walked out of the bathroom, she didn't see Catherine again. She breathed a sigh of relief.

She didn't want to have any contact with the Gu family, but the Gu Family insisted on showing their existence in front of her.

She walked to the door and squinted at a figure. Then she took out her phone and dialed a number.

"Come out. I'll wait for you on the rooftop upstairs."

After a while, Jacob went outside and went to the roof.

A gust of cold wind blew her body and her hair was fluttering. Jacob was somewhat absent-minded.

"Why don't you go home and say, but come here? Aren't you cold? " He laughed and thought she deserved it as she didn't wear much clothes and came here in the cold wind still.

Lola turned around and held her chest tightly. "You said you didn't have an ex-wife in the daytime! Do you think I'm dead? "

"Do you want me to tell the reporters that I have an ex-wife called Lola?" It was not until Jacob walked in that he saw her face flushed in the wind.

Just to avoid others and come here in such code wind? She was out of her mind.

Lola pouted, "Then you can't say that you don't have an ex-wife in that tone. Never mind. I come to you not for this matter, but for Mum... Mrs. Catherine came to me and warned me not to appear in the Gu family again. I think you should deal with this before Grandma comes back. Otherwise, even if I act with you and hide it from Grandma, I'm afraid we can't hide it from her. "

"You don't need to worry about that. They won't talk nonsense."

"Why not? She just told me that you was going to tell the truth of our divorce when Grandma came back. Is this what you said not to worry about? If you can't ask others to act with you, then don't come to me! "

"Grandma will be back the day after tomorrow."

Lola's eyes twitched. "So tomorrow is the last day. If you can't handle it well, I'll move out immediately. No more acting, okay?"

In fact, she didn't want to lie to her grandma, so she still hesitated.

"I said you don't need to worry about! You just need to act well and don't worry about anything else! Listen to me, okay? Or you just wait and see how to be forced out of your loved career? "

"Don't frighten me with that" she gritted her teeth. "I'm not a child anymore."

He chuckled, "In my eyes, you are just like a child."

It was the little girl who was thoughtless back then.

"Well, since you said you could handle it well, I'll wait and see. But tonight, please let your family stay away from me. Leave me alone. I have something very important to do... "

When she turned around and was about to leave, the man turned around and grabbed her thin arm. He felt her coldness and wanted to take off his clothes for her.

But in the end, he gave up.

"What is it?"

She pushed his hands away. "Everything is important to me. Don't disturb my work!"

Then she left without looking back.

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