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   Chapter 29 A Woman With Malicious Intentions

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In MY Group.

"Mr. Barry, you are a good actor. I have been deceived by you. " Yesterday, the sudden appearance of Barry made Lola realize the conspiracy of Jacob.

Today is her first day in MY Group. So she came to get even with Barry first.

Barry stood up and walked towards Lola, "I'm not acting. What I said is true! I've been paying attention to you since you took part in that talent show abroad! Later on, when I knew that you would come back, I was more determined to sign you! So, I begged boss. Later I knew that you and boss were old friends. It was totally a surprise! "

"I don't believe... It must be his conspiracy. He threatened me that if I didn't do as he said, you would make me disappear in public, wouldn't you? " Asked Lola, raising her eyebrows.

Barry immediately shook his head, "Of course not. How could I make you disappear? Your future is so bright and you are in the rising stage. How could I do that to you for no reason? Am I crazy? Boss has never given such an order! "

Obviously, Lola didn't believe his words, but she didn't want to continue the topic, because she had moved back.

"Mr. Barry, I come here today to discuss a business with you. Of course, it's better for you to make the decision by yourself instead of letting others interfere, okay? " Lola looked at him seriously as if she was gambling.

Barry was interested in what she said, "Oh? What kind of business? Who do you want me to hide from? "

Raising her eyebrows proudly, Lola said, "Of course it's a win-win business. "

At night, a charity dinner was about to begin.

Celebrities and businessmen gathered together.

Holding Barry's arm, Lola elegantly and gracefully walked into the hall, only to find an acquaintance.

Besides Jacob and Fiona, there was another member of the Gu family.

After a quick glance, she quickly looked away, but Barry went straight over.

She let go of her hand and said softly, "Mr. Barry, you can go by yourself. I see an acquaintance. Excuse me. "

She turned around and went to the table where Ivan and Celia were.

"It's you? "

All of a sudden, an inappropriate voice sounded beside her. Lola looked sideways and saw a thin girl with a shrewd expression on her oval face.

Lola seemed to have seen her somewhere.

"Excuse me, who are you?"

"Don't you remember me?" Jessica covered her mouth and smiled. She raised her eyebrows and said, "My surname is Ai, and my name is Jessica. "

It suddenly occurred to Lola that this was one of the actresses who had been rumored to have sex with Jacob before. She won the title of movie queen through a youth movie, and then took part in a big movie. Her acting skills were recognized by the masses and she became a A-list movie star.

Jessica was a popular actress in the film industry.

Why did she have anything to do with Jacob again? And why did she deliberately emphasize her surname?

Sitting next to Lola, Jessica looked her up and down and felt that this woman had indeed changed a lot. She almost couldn't recognize her.

"Hello, I'm Lola." Lola replied with a smile.

Sitting on the other side of Lola, Celia looked at Jessica in confusion. "What's wrong? Did you know each other before? "

"No, I don't."

"Sort of."

The two totally different answers made the whole people in this table embarrassed.

On the other hand, Ivan, who was playing with his phone, didn't seem to notice what was happening here.

Surprised, Lola looked back at Jessica. "Are we... Knowing each other? "

"Yes. But maybe you don't remember. You've been gone for two years. It's not a long time. But as soon as you come back, you make such a big news! " Jessica seemed to mean s


Others might think that what she meant was about returning to develop their business, but Lola subconsciously believed that Jessica knew something.

Did she really know who Lola used to be?

Lola nodded, "There are also a lot of news about Miss Jessica recently. I also pay attention to you. "

"You are not paying attention to me, are you? I'm afraid you are paying attention to others. As for me, I was just wronged. Louisa, you know what I mean. "

She immediately realized that Jessica must have some malicious intentions.

On the other side, Fiona was staying with her mother, Catherine. She pointed at the back of Lola not far away and said, "Look, she is over there! She still pretend to be strong, but in fact, she is a bitch! "

With a frown, Catherine said, "Humph! How dare she come back! "

"Yes! She not only came back, but also bullied your daughter! Jacob still wanted to help her... I am so angry! When grandma was here before, she favored her and asked me to be her sister! I don't want such a sister! "

"I don't want to have a daughter like her! I don't know where your grandma brought this unknown girl here. She insisted on letting her be my daughter! It's enough for me to have you, my precious daughter. Why should this girl have the surname of Gu? "

Catherine felt aggrieved when she thought of the scene that she was forced by grandma. Such an orphan didn't deserve to be her daughter at all!

"Mommy, grandma will come back and decide to let her enter our house again. What do you think we should do? " Fiona was beaten up by Lola and taught a lesson by Jacob. She was not allowed to interfere, but that didn't mean that she couldn't instigate her mother, who was an elder, to help her.

"Fiona, remember, you are the only daughter of the Gu family. No one else can climb up to you!" With a stern look in her eyes, Catherine stared at Lola.

Sitting on the chair, Lola suddenly felt a chill on her back. She didn't want to continue the conversation with Jessica, so she stood up and went to the bathroom.

"Since you're back, why don't you go to see the elders first? You're well-educated!" Catherine suddenly stopped her and said sarcastically.

Lola was stunned. She had seen them just now, but she didn't know how to face them. She had to dodge.

Now, they came to her.

Catherine was wearing a long beige dress. She had been more than 40 years old now, but was well maintained. At this moment, she looked at Lola with a look of disgust and ridicule.

"I came back in a hurry and didn't have time to visit dad and mom..."

"No, I can't bear to hear you call me mom!" Catherine immediately interrupted her, "I didn't have a daughter like you. My daughter is only Fiona! "

Lola lowered her head, lost in thought.

At that time, grandmother took her back to the Gu family and let the second master of the Gu family adopt her as a daughter.

At first, she had called Catherine mother for many years and treated her as her real family member. However, after that matter, she realized that she was just an adopted daughter, and Catherine's attitude towards her was even worse. It was hard to imagine how she had endured the torture of that period of time.

Living under the same roof, she was like an invisible person, sometimes inferior to a servant. Only when grandma was in the Gu family could she have a place. But in other time...

The more she thought about it, the sadder she felt.

But fortunately, she came out of the Gu family.

"Well, Mrs. Gu, since you don't admit it, I won't call you like that. But it seems that what you just said is a little strange. " She smiled slightly with doubt on her pretty face.

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