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   Chapter 28 Will Brother Live With Sister

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The night was dark and cold.

It was in this room that she spent her first wedding night.

Closing her eyes, Lola felt that everything was still vivid as if it had happened yesterday.

It was like a scar that hadn't been completely healed. After it was removed, new wounds appeared.

She knew that she shouldn't think of the past.

But sleeping in this room seemed to force her to recall!

Looking at her luggage, Lola was also arranged in this room by Jacob. It could be seen how sinister his heart was.

After thinking for a while, Lola got out of bed, sorted out her things, walked out of the bedroom and randomly picked a room to live in.

In fact, the whole villa, except for the biggest and most luxurious bedroom as the wedding room, the other rooms were roughly the same in layout. Although it was not as big as that one, it was almost the same as the one she lived in her apartment

After cleaning up for a while, she went into the bathroom to wash away her tiredness.

During this period, when Jacob returned to his room, he was restless and paced up and down. For some reason, he was resentful and uneasy.

He went downstairs again, trying to find some wine to drink. But when he walked out of the room, he noticed an empty room with lights on.

He was suspicious and walked over quietly.

Through the crack of the door, he saw a busy figure.

Wearing a loose and casual T-shirt, Lola cleaned up everything, picked up the hair dryer to dry her hair, and then jumped onto the bed.

The day was finally over.

"Lily, pick me up at the gate of my apartment tomorrow. as usual."

"Lola, are you okay? Your voice is so hoarse. You didn't go back to the apartment today, so you are Really together with Jacob..."

"Don't ask what you shouldn't ask. I have nothing to do with him. I just need to act temporarily. I'll take it same as other shootings. But it will last for nearly a week. You must arrange it well at this time and don't let anyone notice anything. "

After hanging up Lily's phone, Lola turned off the light, lying on a strange bed, exhausted.

Almost at the same time, Jacob stepped back and returned to the room, but his anger did not decrease.

He seemed to have guessed the reason why she moved to another room at once, and he was even more angry when he heard her say that it was just like one of her shootings.

How could Louisa become so stubborn.

On the early morning of the second day, Lola got up early and hurried downstairs with her bag. She smelled a familiar smell!

She shouted to the downstairs in surprise, "Daisy!"


It never occurred to Lola that she would meet Daisy again. Daisy had been taking good care of her in the Gu family. Later, she followed Lola to the villa and was in charge of her daily life.

However, two years ago, she left without saying goodbye to Daisy after singed the divorce agreement.

"Daisy, I miss you so much. I really want to eat the breakfast you cook. Come and sit down. Let's eat together. "

With tears in Daisy's eyes, she said excitedly, "I heard from Mr. Jacob that you were back yesterday and asked me to take care of you again. I thought it was a dream. It's really you. Louisa, how have you been these years? Have you suffered a lot? "

It was the first time that someone had asked her if she had suffered She fe

lt sad and uneasy.

"I'm fine now." The word Fine meant everything.

Daisy was very clear about what happened between Louisa and Jacob, but she didn't know what method he had used to make Louisa come back. It seemed that the relationship between the two had also changed.

"I have been missing you since you left without saying goodbye. Even if there is any conflict, you shouldn't have said nothing Mrs. Gu doesn't know what happened between you and Mr. Jacob. But now, it's good that you're back. I'll cook delicious food for you, just like before. Don't leave again. "

Lola couldn't deny it. She just felt that she did not know how to explain it to Daisy. She nodded and said, "I really miss your cooking..."

"I've been waiting for you to come back. After you left, Mr. Jacob ordered us to keep it the same. So look, is it the same as before? "

Although Lola understood what she meant, she felt a little sad. "Why? "

"I guess Mr. Jacob is missing you. The day you left... "

"How could you miss me?" Lola smiled awkwardly and shook her head.

Daisy's eyes widened. "Of course he miss you! After you left, Mr. Jacob was very sad, so he moved out from here and didn't come back for last two years! But as soon as you came back, he also came back. He asked me to prepare breakfast for you this morning. Louisa, I have a pair of bright eyes. "

Daisy held her hand and said earnestly.

She frowned and bit her lips. Her cheeks turned unnaturally red.

But on second thought, no, the reason why he didn't live here in the past two years was probably not because he was sad He didn't want to see anything related to her.

Lola knew that he wouldn't have come to her place if it weren't for Grandmother.

Her mind was in a mess. After having breakfast and saying goodbye to Daisy, she took a taxi back to her apartment.

In order to prevent the paparazzi from following her, she came up with such a idea to let Lily pick her up at her apartment.

However, Lily was very gossipy. She kept asking her questions about Jacob all the way. At last, Lola had no choice but to say, "He is... A brother. "

"Brother?" Lily didn't seem to believe it. She raised her voice, "As a brother, will he take away his sister's luggage and live with her?"

In the GR Consortium building.

Jacob got out of the car and walked slowly towards the elevator.

Suddenly, a group of reporters jumped out from nowhere, "Mr. Jacob, don't you have anything to say about the car sex incident?"

"Miss Dorothy has already denied that she is the heroine of the incident. Is it Jessica or Shirley?

"Mr. Jacob, please answer my question. Does it have anything to do with you that Shirley suddenly goes abroad to study?"

"Yesterday, someone said that you had an ex-wife. Is that true? Who is your ex-wife? "

Jacob waved his hand. At first, he didn't seem to care about reporters and walked straight forward. But when he arrived at the elevator, he heard the last question.

"I don't have an ex-wife." The man smiled and looked at the cameras mysteriously.

This was all he said from beginning to end, and then someone stepped forward to block the reporters.

Lola, who was waiting on the shooting set, saw the video online and her fingers were almost pinched breeding.

What did he mean by 'no ex-wife'?

Did he think she was dead?

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