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   Chapter 28 Will Brother Live With Sister

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The night was dark and cold.

It was in this room that she had spent her first wedding night.

Lola closed her eyes, the memory of the past still vivid in her mind, as though it had all happened only yesterday.

It felt like a wound that had never completely healed, and even after the skin mended itself, new wounds surfaced.

Lola knew she should no longer dwell on the past,

but being in this damn room was forcing her to recall it against her will.

Seeing all her belongings littered inside the room, she knew in an instant that this was Jacob's doing. His sinister heart was in full display here.

After a moment of pondering, she finally got out of bed and sorted out her things. Then she walked out of the accursed bedroom and picked another room in random, fully intending to spend her days there.

As things were, all the rooms in the villa were similar in size and layout, except for the huge and luxurious master bedroom. Now while they were comparatively smaller in size, the rest of the rooms were more or less the same as the one she had in her apartment.

Once she was done tidying her things, Lola headed to the bathroom to wash her tiredness away.

Meanwhile, Jacob had returned to his room feeling restless, and he kept pacing back and forth. For some reason, he was resentful and uneasy.

He finally decided to go downstairs in search of some booze. While he was walking down the hall, however, he noticed the light coming from an otherwise empty room.

Suspicious, he approached it quietly.

He peered through the crack in the door to see a rather busy figure inside.

Wearing a loose and casual shirt, Lola finished up putting things in order. She then picked up her hair dryer to dry her hair, and jumped onto the bed after that.

The day was finally over.

"Lily, pick me up at the gate of my apartment tomorrow as usual."

"Lola, are you okay? You sound hoarse. You didn't come back to the apartment today, so... so you must really be with Jacob Gu..."

"Don't ask what you shouldn't ask. I have nothing to do with him, this is just a temporary arrangement. I just need to put up an act. I'll take it as just another one of my acting projects. It's going to last for over a week though. Please take the necessary precautions during this time and make sure nobody notices anything amiss."

Lola ended the call then and turned off the light. She lay on that strange bed, exhausted.

At that same time, Jacob walked stealthily back to his room, his anger flaring even more than before.

He could hazard a good guess as to why she had instantly moved to another room. Added to that was her mentioning that this was just another acting project for her. He was furious.

How did Louisa become so stubborn?

Lola got up early the next day and came downstairs with her purse in hand. A familiar smell wafted in the air and greeted her.

"Daisy!" she shouted in happy surprise as she bounded the rest of the way.


It had never occurred to Lola that she would ever be reunited with Daisy. The latter had been one of the handful who had taken good care of her while she had stayed with the Gu Family. Daisy had later come with her to the villa after the marriage, and had been in charge of Lola's daily needs.

But two years ago, she had signed the divorce papers and fled from this place without saying goodbye to Daisy.

"Daisy, I miss you so much. I'm really craving the food that you make. Come and sit down, let's eat together."

There were tears in the other woman's eyes as she spoke excitedly. "The young master called me yesterday saying that you were back. He asked me to take care of you again. I thought it was all a dream, but it's really you! How have you been these years, Louisa? Did you go through a lot of hardships?"

It was the first time that someone had asked if she had had a hard time; it made her sad and uncomfortable at the same time.

"I'm fine now." That single word "fine" held a wealth of meaning behi

nd it.

Daisy was quite aware of what had happened between Louisa and Jacob, but she had no idea what methods he had employed in order to make his ex-wife come back. It seemed like the relationship of this couple had also changed into something else.

"I've missed you since you left without even saying goodbye. No matter what happened then, you should have at least said something. Mrs. Gu has no idea about what transpired between you and the young master either. But it's good now that you're back. I'll cook you delicious food just like before, so don't leave this time."

Lola didn't know how to respond, didn't know how to explain the circumstances to Daisy. So she only nodded and said, "I really did miss your cooking."

"I've been waiting for your return. After you left, the young master ordered us all to keep the villa in the same condition. Look, isn't everything the same as before?"

Lola knew exactly what Daisy meant, but instead of feeling happy about it, she only felt even sadder. "Why though?"

"I guess the young master has been missing you. The day you left --"

"That's ridiculous," Lola smiled awkwardly and shook her head.

Daisy's eyes widened at her words. "Of course he missed you! He was devastated when you left, and he even moved out of here and never came back these past two years! As soon as you returned to the country, however, he also made arrangements to move back in here. He especially asked me to prepare breakfast for you this morning. I have rather keen eyes when it comes to matters like this, Louisa."

Daisy was earnest as she took the other woman's hand.

Lola, on the other hand, frowned and bit her lips. A faint hint of a blush tinged her cheeks.

But on second thought, Jacob had probably left for a whole other reason rather than being sad at her departure. He had most likely not wanted to see anything that was related to her.

Lola knew, too, that he would never have approached her on his own if it weren't for Grandmother's sake.

She didn't know anymore, her mind was a mess. She ate her breakfast and said goodbye to Daisy, then took a taxi back to her apartment.

She had insisted that Lily pick her up from her place in order to evade the paparazzi.

Unfortunately, Lily was an active gossip, and she kept asking questions about Jacob all the way to their destination for the day. At some point, Lola had no choice but to give the girl something. "He is... a brother of mine."

"Brother?" It was obvious that Lily didn't believe her. "Why would a brother take away his sister's belongings and force her to live with him like that?" she insisted in a raised voice.

Meanwhile, at the Gu Group building,

Jacob got out of his car and slowly made his way towards the elevators.

All of a sudden, a bunch of reporters pounced on him, seemingly out of nowhere. "Mr. Gu, do you have anything to say regarding the car sex scandal?"

"Miss Dorothy has already denied that she was the woman involved in the incident. Then was it Jessica or Shirley with you at the time?"

"Mr. Gu, please answer my question! Miss Shirley has suddenly gone abroad, and her agency says she intends to study there. Does her departure have anything to do with you?"

"It was mentioned yesterday that you have an ex-wife. Is this true?" "If so, who is this ex-wife of yours?"

Jacob only waved his hand and kept walking. He managed to reach the elevator without saying anything, but then he heard the last couple of questions.

"I don't have an ex-wife." He gave them a small, mysterious smile and looked at the cameras pointedly.

That was all he had to say to these media people before someone from security stepped forwards to block and send them away.

At the time, Lola was waiting for her turn to shoot on set, and she saw the video of the ambush interview online. Her fingers gripped her phone so tightly their tips turned white.

What did he mean by saying he had no ex-wife?

Was he treating her as though she were dead?

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