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   Chapter 27 On Their Wedding Night

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More than 1000 days ago, she was still Louisa.

The romantic and luxurious wedding room was full of joy, and even the air was filled with happiness.

Everything was happiness red. She was also wearing a tight cheongsam, and the girl's figure was quietly changing.

Looking at the longan and lotus seeds on the bed meaning to have a lovely baby early, Louisa blushed slightly.

Grandma's words were still in her ears.

"I let you have your marriage certificate in a hurry and couldn't hold a luxurious wedding. I'm sorry to make you suffer." Grandma looked at her beloved granddaughter kindly.

"Grandma, I'm very happy now." Louisa said with flushed face. "It was like a dream to marry Jay. I don't care about the wedding. I only care about Jay... "

"Silly girl, he didn't object to the wedding. Besides, he was rude to you first. He said he should be responsible and then he should marry you. Besides, I have regarded you as my granddaughter in law for a long time. "

Mrs. Gu was a successful businesswoman. She had been in the business world for many years. Even though she retired, her prestige was still there, and the Gu family respected and loved her.

However, her love for this adopted daughter, sometimes even exceeded her love for Jacob.

Louisa still had doubts, "But Jay seems unhappy. "

"It's just a spur of the moment thought. You have to be patient. As for men, they should always be tamed. You should remember that you will be his wife in the future. You should care about him and love him Jacob loves you. Trust me. "

Louisa came to herself and smiled happily when she remembered what her grandmother had told her.

He had her in his heart, otherwise how could he agree to marry her.

Grandma was right. Jay was just cold outside. He didn't know how to express his feelings. She wanted to let him know what love was with her truly love.

The villa was decorated with colorful lights. The room was also covered with a layer of dim yellow and ambiguous light.

Louisa came out of the bathroom and changed into a red lace pajama. Her slightly open collar faintly flashed a little glory.

She bit her lips nervously and looked at herself in the mirror, thinking that she would marry Jay tonight.

From now on, she would be Jay's woman.

Feeling so excited.

There was no happier night than today.

However, she had been waiting for three hours. It was not until early in the morning that the servant sent Jacob back.

Because of Mrs. Gu's order, the servant left their villa without hesitation and went to another small house next to the villa, on standby.

Jacob went upstairs in a daze and remembered that tonight was his wedding day.

Get married?

He had never thought that he would marry a woman at such a young age.

And it was Louisa.

That girl was so hard to deal with. She didn't want to be an adopted daughter at all. She put all her methods on him and wanted to be his wife!

Humph, in her dream.

Jacob walked to the door of the bedroom and kicked it open. A loud bang startled the woman sitting on the bed.

"Ah! Jay, you are back. " Louisa stood up gracefully, with a smile on her face and a pair of bright eyes staring at him. It seemed that she had thousands of words to say.

Jacob frowned slightly. He was even more unhappy when he smelled the fragrance that shouldn't have existed in his bedroom.

"What are you doing?" His tone was cold and alienated, as if he was questioning her.

Louisa smelled the alcohol on Jacob and said in nervous "I... I'm waiting for you. "


ooking at the clothes she was wearing, his eyes became dark and obscure. Jacob snorted coldly, walked around her, picked up a document by the table, turned around indifferently and closed the door.

She was stunned and stood still.

She didn't know what was going on in front of her. Jacob came to the room just to take the documents?

Then What about tonight?

She sighed deeply. She felt a little frustrated and sad, thinking that she must have offended him somehow. But she didn't know what was wrong.

She remembered that her grandmother had told her to be brave and take the initiative, so she plucked up the courage and walked out of the room.

If she hadn't misheard, Jacob had entered another room, so she knocked on the door and walked in.

But there was no one in the room except for the document. They could only hear the sound of water in the bathroom.

He was taking a shower!

Louisa with blushing face, listened to the sound from the bathroom, feeling that she was getting closer and closer to Jay.

She quietly walked to the bedside, took off her slippers and went to bed with extreme excitement...

Her heart was beating so fast as if it was going to jump out.

She wanted to sit here and wait for him to see her face at the first sight when he came out, and then...

When Jacob walked out of the bathroom, he saw a girl lying on the bed.

He frowned and snorted.

When he was about to turn around and leave, he heard a sneeze from behind. He turned around and saw her huddling up. Her thin pajamas seemed to be unable to block the coldness.

The night was cold. He walked to the window and closed it.

Then he frowned, walked to the bedside and looked at her hesitantly.

The girl had snow-white skin and was lying on the bed seductively, seeming to be waiting for something.

Unconsciously, he lifted the quilt beside him, as if he was going to do something.

But before the quilt fell down, the girl suddenly opened her eyes and stared at him without blinking.

Jacob was stunned. He shook off the quilt subconsciously, pulled her up and pushed her aside mercilessly.

Louisa, who had no time to react, was thrown away by Jacob and fell to the ground.

The cold touch woke her up. She looked up at Jacob in surprise and said pitifully, "Jay..."

"Who let you in here! Are you really stupid? I've already hidden in this room from you, but you can't wait to climb into my bed! I have given the bedroom to you. You can live there if you want. Anyway, wherever I live is the same! But don't get too far... "

Surprised, Louisa stood up and held his hand. "Jay, I'm not going to take your bedroom. We are married. "

"Don't touch me!" Jacob frowned and took a few steps back.

Such an action had greatly hurt the heart of Louisa. She did not know how she had offended him.

"Don't do this, Jay. I am scared. I thought we should sleep together tonight Why? "

Hearing this, Jacob was even more furious. He suddenly lifted the girl's delicate body and went straight to the wedding room.

Louisa was scared to death. Being held by him made her heart beat faster, but his eyes were sharp and cold.

She thought she would piss him off and have a hard time tonight.

However, Jacob just threw her on the bed like throwing garbage and went out without saying anything.

Louisa was confused. She jumped off the bed with her bare feet and ran out. When she arrived at the door of Jacob's room, she heard him locking the door from inside.

She froze.

She went back to their wedding room in a daze.

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