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   Chapter 26 One Night Stand

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What did he mean?

He hated her, but he didn't hate her body... Was it?

Jacob raised her chin and said, "That night two years ago, it seemed to feel good for me..."

Lola's heart was beating fast. Thinking of the nightmare that night, she was stiff like a piece of wood, and cold.

It was in this room and this bed that this man took her virginity!

Although she had always regarded herself as his woman and had been looking forward to that day, she didn't want it to happen under his body with that kind of humiliation.

It was just because how much she loved him that night that she felt so painful.

What she had experienced was totally different from what he had experienced.

He felt good, but she felt terrible!

She never wanted to recall anything, but it gave her nightmares all the time!

"Enough! Don't say it again, Jacob. Don't mention it again. You have no right to mention that night... "

Her voice was trembling.

Noticing the abnormality of her body, Jacob frowned slightly, as if she would be very unnatural as long as he mentioned that night.

She looked scared.

A sense of bitterness rose in his heart. He couldn't tell what it felt like. He just felt as if he was a sinner.

"Why can't I mention Didn't you say that you had forgotten? Then I will help you remember. As long as you remember, you will know that I have the right to ask you to do anything. " He wanted her to remember that they were husband and wife for one night, then she was his woman for the rest of her life!

He was so domineering!

In Jacob's eyes, she was still the girl who followed him closely. How could she turn a blind eye to him?

Lola was shocked. What?

He wanted her to recall... Recall what... How he torture her that night?

That one night stand? She didn't want to remember.

She arched a leg and tried to kick him, but was pressed down by his big hand.

The man's hand slid gently over her legs, stirring up every inch of her nerve

"Ah..." The woman groaned and made a shameful voice.

"Do you want to use this trick? You underestimated me... "

"You bastard! Jacob, you are such a bastard! Let go of my leg! "

"This leg, It's more slippery. " The man raised the corners of his mouth with an evil and attractive smile. It felt better.

Two years ago, it was still a girl's touch, but now, it seemed to have been more carefully taken care of.

He was not surprised at all. He remembered the touch two years ago. For him, the memory of that night was also very deeply memorable.

For him, it was memorable, but for her, it was unforgettable.

"Lecher!" How could she say that!

He was not Jay at all!

Thinking of this, she suddenly widened her eyes. What was she thinking about?

No She couldn't call him that anymore.

He was not.

Her legs were controlled by him, and her hands were also tightly grasped by him. Lola had to do the same thing again, turning sideways and biting his arm hard.

"Shit!" Jacob frowned and got his arm back. Can you bite other arm? It is hurt still last time. "

"You deserve it!"

Lola quickly ran to a corner of the bed and looked at the man vigilantly. "I'm not the Louisa I used to be and let you do whatever you want. If you really forced me, tomorrow I will... "

"Just do what you want..."

She stared at the man and said, "I'll tell Ellie what happened when she comes back."

Don't you care about Ellie the most?

Didn't you force me to divorce for her?

Then I will use Ellie to force you.

Although Lola thought so, there was a deep corner in he

r heart, bleeding horribly.

As soon as she finished her words, Jacob turned around in a gloomy way. Squinting his eyes, he asked, "Are you threatening me?"

Taking a deep breath, Lola nodded, "You don't want Ellie know that you kissed me behind her, do you. Then you should stick to your bottom line. Otherwise, I would tell her everything two years ago and let her know that you had betrayed your love! At that time, Ellie would be jealous and angry And you are probably hate me to death. "

She said in a sobbing voice, with tears in the corner of her eyes.

No, she couldn't cry. She couldn't cry.

She turned around, wiped her tears secretly and looked at the man as if nothing had happened.

"Okay. Lola, don't be so self-righteous. I don't hate you. I just don't like you with no reason! " Jacob stood up angrily and shook his hand in disgust. "Just stay here. I'm just bored. I've touched a lot of women. You're not the first and not the last one, understand?"

Lola's heart was crushed.

She didn't say anything and stared at the man with her red eyes.

"I know you have a lot of women! As soon as the car sex incident came out, so many women came to recognize themselves as your women. It was all your credit! But I advise you not to go too far. If Ellie knows it, you will die miserably. "

"You Damn it! "

The atmosphere dropped to freezing point.

Jacob turned around angrily and slammed the door.

The bedroom returned to silence.

Lola curled up aside, holding her legs and lowered her head deeply.

She didn't want to cry.

She didn't want to show her cowardice and pitiful look anymore.

And she didn't want to be weak in front of him.

She was not the first and also not the last one?

Is the first one Ellie?

In the past two years, had he always had relationships with woman, Shirley, Dorothy, or Jessica?

It was like a needle pricking her heart, which was bleeding. She cried silently in the familiar room.

Two years ago, in this room, she waited for him for one year and two months and three days, waiting for him to come to this bed and gently hold her

She was waiting for him to look at her affectionately and crushed her into his body

But what came next was his indifference, his disgust, and a divorce agreement.

And endless torture and humiliation.

She had thought that she would never come back in her life, but in the end, she surrendered to his power. She came back here for her career, for her grandmother.

But she didn't want to repeat the same miserable experience.

If he got her easily, then what was the relationship between them?

People didn't know when he got married, and their divorce also hided very well. Others thought that Jacob was a golden bachelor, but they didn't know that he had such a marriage.

As her ex-wife, she had no sense of existence!

Now, she didn't want to have any physical entanglement with him. If they were together, then what was it? Lover?

Even being his wife was detested by him. What else could she do?

Lola didn't want herself to be so humble.

Walking out of the room, with a gloomy face, Jacob leaned against the door and closed his eyes.

All he could think about was the complicated expression in Lola's eyes.

The look in her eyes made him at a loss, so he said something like that.

Damn it!

Why did she become so... Disobedient.

Compared with her used to be, Louisa was more pleasing.

But Lola could make people spit blood!

He sighed deeply, looked at the door, and then turned to another room next door.

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