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   Chapter 26 One Night Stand

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What did he mean?

He hated her, but he wanted her body... Was that it?

Jacob raised her chin with the tip of his finger. "That night two years ago, it felt really good for me..."

Lola's heart pounded in her chest. The mere mention of that nightmare made her stiffen like a piece of wood, except that she also grew cold all over her body.

It was in this room and this bed that this man had taken her virginity!

Although she had always regarded herself as his woman and had been looking forward to that day, she never wanted it to happen in such a humiliating way.

Perhaps the pain from that night also sprang from the depth of her love for him.

What she had experienced was absolutely different from what she had expected.

He might have felt good, but it was all terrible for her!

If it were only up to her, she would have preferred to recall nothing from that night. Unfortunately, the nightmares always came.

"Enough! Don't ever mention it ever again, Jacob. You have no right to talk about that night..."

Her voice was trembling.

Noticing the uncharacteristic edge she displayed, Jacob frowned. She was acting very strange.

She looked scared.

Bitterness rose in his heart. He wasn't sure he understood what he felt, but he did have a sense that he had committed a grave sin.

"Why not? Didn't you say that you had forgotten that night? Then I will help you remember. Once you remember, you will realize that I do, in fact, have the right to ask you to do anything." He wanted to drive the point that they had been real husband and wife for one night to her mind. He thought that when that thought sank in, Lola would recognize that she was his woman for the rest of her life.

He was so full of himself!

He probably still saw her as the girl who kept tailing him and expected her to still be willing to follow him around.

It stunned her. What was he trying to do?

He wanted her to recall... Recall what, exactly? How he had tortured her that night?

That mere one night stand? She didn't want to remember any of it.

She stretched out a leg, fully intending to land a kick on him. Before she could even gather enough momentum, he immediately pressed her leg back down with his large hand.

Then his fingers slowly flitted over the length of her leg, sparking every inch of her skin to life.

"Ah..." she groaned, her voice sounding wanton and shameful even to her ears.

"Did you want to use this trick all along? You underestimated me."

"You bastard, Jacob! Let go of me!"

"This leg... Your skin is so smooth right here." Jacob smirked at her. She felt so good to touch.

Two years ago, she had just been a girl, who had not bothered with primping herself in any way. Now she was a woman who took great care of her body, and it showed.

He was not surprised at all. He remembered the touch two years ago. For him, the memory of that night was also very deeply memorable.

To Lola, however, that night was unforgettable without a doubt.

"Pervert!" How could he say those things?

He was not the Jay she had loved at all!

Her eyes widened at the sudden thought. Why did she think that just now?

No. She couldn't call him that anymore.

He was not that man.

Lola struggled under his hold, squirming sideways. Eventually, she bit his arm again.

"Shit!" Jacob flinched and pulled his arm back with a scowl. "Couldn't you have bitten the other arm? This one's still hurting from the last time you set your teeth on it."

"You deserve it anyway!"

Lola quickly scampered to a far corner of the bed, and looked at Jacob warily. "I'm not the Louisa I used to be. I will never let you do whatever you want. If you really force me tonight, tomorrow I will --"

"Do whatever you want."

She stared at him, surprised at his nonchalance. "I'll tell Ellie everything when she comes back."

'Didn't you care about Ellie the most?

Didn't you force me to divorce you for her sake?

Then I will

also use Ellie to keep you in check.'

Even as these thoughts ran inside her head, a deep part of Lola's heart bled horribly.

Jacob's demeanor turned dark and brooding then. "Are you threatening me?" he asked with narrowed eyes.

Lola took a deep breath and nodded firmly. "You wouldn't want Ellie to know that you've been kissing me behind her back, would you? You'd best maintain your distance from me from now on. Otherwise, I won't hesitate to tell her everything that transpired two years ago. I will tell her how you betrayed your love! I'm sure Ellie would be furious with jealousy. And you... would probably hate me to death then."

Her voice broke mid-sentence, and tears pooled in the corner of her eyes.

No, she couldn't cry. She couldn't cry.

She turned away and subtly swiped at her eyes then quickly turned back to Jacob as though nothing had happened.

"Fine. You won, Lola." Jacob stood up angrily and looked at her with disgust. "Just stay put here, and don't get ahead of yourself. I was just bored. I've touched a lot of women; you weren't the first and you definitely won't be the last either. Understood?"

His words dealt a crushing blow to Lola's heart.

She didn't say anything and stared at the man with her red eyes.

"I'm well aware you have a lot of women! As soon as the car sex scandal came out, so many women came forward to claim they were with you that night. Of course, their actions are all to your credit! Still, I advise you not to go too far. If Ellie learns of everything, I'm sure you'll be in big trouble."

"You! Damn you!"

The atmosphere turned cold.

Jacob strode out of the room and slammed the door behind him.

Silence descended upon the bedroom.

Lola curled into herself, holding her legs with her head on her knees.

She really didn't want to cry.

She didn't want to show anyone her cowardice and her pitiful side.

And she never wanted to appear weak in front of him.

She was not the first and would also not be the last?

Was his first Ellie then?

In the past two years, had he always had relationships with a woman? Shirley, Dorothy, or Jessica?

She felt like a dagger was continuously stabbing at her heart, and she finally gave in to the pain and cried silently inside the all too familiar room.

She had waited for one year, two months, and three days for him to come to her on this bed.

She had been waiting for him to look at her with affection as he held her.

But all that came was his cold indifference, his disgust, and a divorce.

As well as endless torture and humiliation.

She had fully intended never to come back here, to this life. In the end, she failed. She was here now, all for the sake of her career. And for the grandmother who had raised her.

But that didn't mean she would repeat the same miserable experience she had had within these walls.

If he got her easily, then what was the relationship between them?

People had no idea about his marriage, and his divorce had also been kept under wraps. To the public eye, Jacob was still a golden bachelor.

As her ex-wife, she had no sense of existence!

She didn't want to have anything to do with him, much less anything physical. If so, what exactly did they have between them? Was she some secret mistress?

He had never wanted her to be his wife. What other position could there be for her?

Lola didn't want to sink herself any lower.

As soon as he had slammed the door shut, Jacob leaned against the door and closed his eyes.

All he could think about was the unnamable expression in Lola's eyes.

It brought him to a loss. That was why he had said those things.

Damn it!

Why did she become so... disobedient?

Louisa was definitely more pleasant compared to her current self.

Lola was the type of woman who could provoke people to anger at the drop of a hat.

He heaved a deep sigh, and cast a last glance at the closed door before moving to another room.

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