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   Chapter 25 You Can't Get Rid Of Me

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"Relationship... What do you want me to say?"

"Didn't you say that you and Ryan are... You two are..." Jacob's eyes twinkled. "You wanted to seduce Ivan to create a bit of gossip, didn't you? Did Ryan allow you to do that?"

Frowning, Lola tipped her chin high and proud. She had deliberately told Jacob about seducing Ivan as a joke. Of course she wouldn't do such a thing.

He had obviously misunderstood.

But she didn't want to enlighten him either.

"None of it is any of your business."

She didn't remember him to be so meddlesome in the past.

"I don't care anyway." He took another sip of wine.

Confused, Lola looked around. Despite wanting to ask him something, she couldn't speak out loud.

The atmosphere became a little cold.

Jacob was going crazy, itching to know exactly what was going on between Ryan and Lola. He also wanted to know what she had experienced in the past two years, but his pride and self-esteem prevented him from asking anything.

Lola was so stubborn, too!

Ryan was just an ordinary director,

while Ivan was just a handsome young man whose only trump card was his good looks!

Neither man could compare to him!

"If you want to get ahead in the industry so much, why bother seducing a stranger? Why not... Seduce your ex-husband?" Jacob had approached her, and he asked his question in a low and hoarse voice.

Lola unconsciously took two steps back, but she didn't notice the chair behind her and tripped over it.

He strode forward in an instant.


Lola blinked, fully expecting to make hard contact with the floor. Instead, she found herself wrapped in Jacob's arms.

It was as though time had frozen.

Her mind was in a mess.

Did he want her to seduce him?

Lola swallowed and licked her lips. She must have misheard.

As Jacob held her soft body, his eyes lit up. "Oh, are you getting on with the seduction already?"

"Ah..." Lola pushed the man away in a panic and swiveled around, breathing heavily. "I have no plans to seduce you."

Jacob picked up the wineglass next to him, lowered his head and smiled. "Well, if you don't want to accept the drink I poured, I could just feed you directly myself..."

Before Lola could figure out what he meant, he pulled her over and locked her in a tight embrace. In the next moment, his mouth was on hers. The strong smell of wine came over her.

His overbearing action was too much for her, and the wine was making her a little dizzy.



In her eyes, it was as if the world had suddenly burst into a thousand colorful flowers.

She softened in his arms.

Jacob grunted as he supported her body

. After a long while, he broke the kiss and came up for air. He glanced at her, a satisfied expression in his face. Then he drank another gulp of the wine...

And dove into her mouth again.

The fact that this place was exactly the same as two years ago had now flown out the window of Lola's mind.

Jacob picked her up and walked them over to the large bed. "Louisa," he whispered against her lips as he settled her on the mattress.

She immediately came to her senses then, and her eyes were wide open with horror as the entire situation dawned on her. She pushed him away with all her strength.


But she saw the overwhelming desire flashed in Jacob's eyes, and she found herself drawing closer once again.

Nonetheless, a small part of her still wanted to escape. Not that she could do much since Jacob kept a firm grip on her slender waist. And then, he began to fondle her body.

"You seduced me first. Now you want to run away?"

She struggled to get up, but was controlled tightly by him to lie on the bed. She had to resist and said, "When did I seduce you?"

Narrowing his eyes, Jacob bent down and planted another kiss on her lips. When he pulled back, he licked his own lips. "That's how you did it."

Lola stared at him, dumbstruck. She remembered that she had indeed, at one point, licked her dry lips out of habit. Did this man actually consider that as a method of seduction?

Did he perhaps think that she was doing this on purpose?

"You are such a bastard!" She scowled at him. "Let go of me!"

"Bastard? You weren't thinking that back when I was kissing you. Am I mistaken?" His gaze smoldered, an ever-burning furnace that lured anyone with the promise of hot passion.

Much as she hated it, Lola kept drawing close, only to jump back at the last minute. And then she would edge nearer again.

"Who do you think you are? What does it have to do with you if I hook up with other men anyway? No matter what happened between us, it's all in the past now! We're already divorced, Jacob!" She shot him a venomous look.

Damn it! He was so pompous and overbearing. Why had she ever been attracted to him before? No matter, at the present... She hated him so much!

Even if he was her ex-husband, how could he touch her without any scruples whatsoever? Why did he keep bullying her?

Was it because she loved... Because she had loved him long ago?

"Divorced? Even if we are divorced, you were brought up by the Gu Family. You owe us! Do you think you can get rid of me simply by changing your name? Do you think you can run from the Gu Family that way? I'm telling you now, what you think is impossible!"

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