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   Chapter 25 You Can't Get Rid Of Me

Requited Love: Rise Like A Phoenix By Moonlight Characters: 4839

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"Relationship... What do you want to say? "

"Didn't you say that you and Ryan are... You are... " Jacob's eyes twinkled, "You want to seduce Ivan to create gossip, don't you? Does Ryan just pretend to be deaf and dumb? "

Frowning, Lola stood straight. She deliberately told Jacob that seducing Ivan was just a joke. It was impossible for her to take action.

Obviously, he had misunderstood something.

But she didn't want to explain.

"It seems that it's none of your business."

She didn't remember that he was so meddlesome before.

"Of course I don't care." He took another sip unconsciously.

Confused, Lola looked around and wanted to ask him something, but she couldn't say it out.

The atmosphere became a little cold.

Jacob was driven crazy and wanted to know the relationship between her and Ryan. He also wanted to know what she had experienced in the past two years, but his pride and self-esteem prevented him from asking.

Lola was so stubborn!

Ryan was just an ordinary director.

Ivan was just a handsome young man who made money by his appearance!

No one could compare with him!

"If you want to get the position, why do you seduce a stranger? Why not try to... Seduce your ex-husband? " The man suddenly approached her and asked in a low and hoarse voice.

Lola unconsciously took two steps back, but she didn't notice the chair behind her and tripped over all of a sudden

In an instant, the man strode forward.


She blinked and thought she would have an intimate contact with the floor, but she lied in the man's arms.

Time froze at this moment.

Her mind was in a mess. Seducing him?

Did he want her to seduce him?

Lola swallowed deeply and licked her lips. She must have misheard.

Holding her soft body, Jacob's eyes lit up. "Are you seducing me?"

"Ah..." In a panic, Lola pushed the man away and turned around, breathing heavily. "I didn't mean to seduce you. "

Jacob picked up the red wine next to him, lowered his head and smiled. "If you don't want to drink my wine, I'll feed you myself..."

Before Lola could figure out what he meant, she felt that the man pulled her over, tightly hugged her, and fed her wine with his mouth. A strong smell of wine suddenly came to her.

The overbearing and forceful action rudely attacked all her willpower. The pungent smell of alcohol made her a little dizzy.



The whole world seemed to be filled with colorful flowers, sprinkling around her.

She softened.

With disordered breath, Jacob supported her body with all his strength and let her go after a long time. He seemed to be satisfied with her expression and drank another glass of wine...

Then he fed her again.

The room now was exactly the same as that two years ago, but she had no time to care about it at the moment.

He put her on the spacious bed and whispered, "Louisa..."

At this moment, the woman suddenly came to reason, opened her eyes wide to see the situation she faced now, then she pushed him away with shyness and strength.


A strong desire flashed in Jacob's eyes, and the woman was suddenly attracted by that light.

Lola wanted to escape, but was clasped by Jacob on her slender waist. He began to fondle her body.

"You seduced me first. Now you want to escape? "

She struggled to get up, but was controlled tightly by him to lie on the bed. She had to resist and said, "When did I seduce you? "

Squinting his eyes, Jacob suddenly bent over and kissed the woman's red lips. He got up and licked his lips, with a smile at the corner of his mouth. "That's how you seduce me. "

She was shocked. It occurred to her that she really licked her dry lips unconsciously. Was it so-called seduction?

Did he think that she do this to seduce him?

Looking at the man's red eyes, Lola frowned and bit her lips. "You are such a bastard! Let go of me! "

"Bastard? You didn't say that before... Isn't it? " He stared at the woman with his bright eyes, as if trying to lure her into an abyss of crime.

It was an abyss. She jumped into it and jumped out again.

"Who do you think you are? What does it have to do with you that I seduce other men? No matter what happened in the past, it has gone! I have already divorced with you, Jacob! " She looked up at the man and said fiercely.

Damn it! He was so bossy and imperious. Why did she think he was so handsome and cool before? But now... She hated him so much!

As an ex-husband, how could he touch her without scruple? Why did he like to bully her?

Just because she loved... Loved him before?

"Divorced? Even if we have divorced, you are brought up by the Gu Family. You owe us! Do you think by changing your name, you can get rid of me? Get rid of the Gu Family? Let me tell you, no way! "

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