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   Chapter 23 Come Home With Me Tonight

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With surprise, Lola said, "Why is the termination fee so high? Don't lie to me."

But Jacob remained calm; he didn't look like he was lying at all. He gave her an indifferent glance. "Didn't you read the contract carefully? If you terminate the contract for no reason, you won't be able to find a new company unless you pay the termination fee. Do you think you can continue to live freely once you offend the Gu Family?"

"You... You're really mean." She gritted her teeth and pointed at him with anger.

Barry was standing right outside the door, and he could not help overhearing the conversation from inside. At this point, his eyes lit up with anticipation. "It's so exciting!"

A secretary was passing by, holding a pile of documents. She looked at the man with a confused expression. "Mr. Barry, is Mr. Jacob inside the meeting room? There is an urgent business that he needs to deal with."

"Don't worry. Just put it there. Mr. Jacob is currently taking care of something important."

The look of mischief in Barry's eyes only confused the secretary further. She stepped forward to eavesdrop on what was happening, but was forcibly pushed away by Barry.

"Go ahead, get back to work. Don't disturb him. As long as I'm here, no one is allowed to enter!"

He must firmly protect the reputation of his boss.

After driving away other people, Barry bent over to the door and quietly listened in on the conversation happening inside. He was nervous as well as disappointed.

Lola, the goddess in his heart, was finally captured by his boss!

For such a beauty to belong to a heartless -- no, a successful man!

Meanwhile, the atmosphere in the meeting room had grown cold. To be exact, Lola's aura was so chilly it permeated into the air.

"Will you stop bullying me as long as I agree to act in front of Grandma?" She slowly circled the table to look Jacob square in the face. Her eyes had become misty.

Jacob smiled. He finally won the first stage of battle against her.

"I have never bullied you. Did I do something to hurt you, Lola?"

"Haven't you always? You even kissed me just now..."

Wasn't it a kind of bullying?

"What I want you to do is to act in front of Grandma in a manner that assures her. Once you agree, I promise never to interfere with your career." He intended to keep his word.

Lola's heart was beating fast. She didn't know if she could trust him this time.

"Is Grandma really staying for just a few days?"

"Of course! Why, do you want her to stay forever?"

The man raised his eyebrows and gave her a meaningful look. "You might want to pretend forever, but I'm not sure I..."


Lola clenched her fists tightly. "I just wanted to make sure that we solve this problem of yours as soon as possible. You'd better not disturb my work!"

"Grandma will only stay for a few days, maybe two or three, or a week. Then she will fly to Switzerland."

"All right, fine. I agree to your request. I will continue to play the role of Louisa, but you have to promise me that you won't leak it out and no one else will know. Otherwise, if my identity is exposed..."

"Don't worry. As far as the public knows, I'm still a golden bachelor. The marriage between us amounts to nothing. No one outside the Gu Family is even aware --"

"Yes, and that gives me great relief.

Lola interrupted him quickly, feeling a little disappointed. She picked up her sunglasses and said, "Now that that's settled, kindly move my belongings back to where you took them. Please contact me when Grandma comes back."

Then she turned around and headed to the door. She was reaching for the knob when Jacob suddenly embraced her from behind.

She stiffened instantly.

The hand that landed on the door knob grew limp.

The warmth from her back made her heart beat faster, and her ears turned red.

She had never been hugged like this before.

Lola swallowed deeply and murmured, "Let me go... What are you doing?"

"Since we need to act in the future, of course we n

eed to get familiar with the script in advance," Jacob whispered in her ear. His hot breath hit her neck, making her tremble all over.

"Please don't... There are some people outside, mind your behavior! And what script? Stop talking nonsense!"

"No one will come in without permission, what are you so afraid of?" He held the woman in his arms and breathed in her unique scent.

In the past, he had never been close to Louisa. But he remembered that she had always smelled like baby milk. Things were different now. Now she carried a more feminine, more alluring scent about her.

Yes, she was definitely a woman now.

And she was succeeding in seducing him without much effort.

"Are you crazy?"

"I'm not crazy. Lola, you should do your part and act realistically. You have to get familiar with the script and the character you will play as soon as possible. You are my wife. So naturally, you need to come and live with me." His deep voice was right beside her ear, and her mind blanked out even as her heart beat even faster.

"Live with you?" She repeated his words, biting her lips as she did.

Jacob straightened and turned her body around so she was facing him. "Yes. We can convince Grandma more effectively if we live together. Otherwise, she would quickly realize that we have already separated. Our efforts would be pointless then. So come home with me tonight."

"Come home..."

She looked at him blankly and didn't know what she felt.

Come home?

Was that place her home?

No! It wasn't!

Lola finally pushed him away and immediately yanked the door open. She almost bumped into Barry, who dodged just in time. She fled the Gu Group, her flaming red face hidden underneath her disguise.

After watching her run away, Barry turned to raise his eyebrows at Jacob. "Boss, I was supposed to bring your lunch over, but it looks like you're already full."

"You almost ruined my plan!"

"I've made up for my mistakes, okay? I've been guarding the door for you."

Jacob just stared at him and said nothing.

Setting an agreement with Jacob was the complete opposite of what she had gone there for, so Lola was naturally upset.

She was preoccupied with it for most of the afternoon's shooting, and Flora quickly took notice.

"Is the matter settled? Have you taken your things back?"


Judging from Lola's expression and her lack of reaction, Flora could tell that the star had failed. "If you can't handle it, then I'll go and --"

"These are my private affairs, Flora. You don't have to intervene." Then Lola looked to have remembered something. "Is the contract now a done deal?"

"Yes, Mr. Barry has informed me that I will be responsible for your work in the future. The foreign business is still going on as before."

"We should put the establishment of a studio on the agenda as soon as possible. Make the necessary preparations."

"Studio? So soon?" Based on their previously laid out plans, they would have to wait a bit longer before taking this step.

"No, in fact, it couldn't come soon enough. I want to set up my own personal studio as soon as possible, a subordinate to MY Group. So you need to gear up and be ready." Lola's tone was firm.

"But Mr. Barry..."

"You just need to do what I ask you to do. I will deal with Barry myself. It won't be long until we get what we're aiming for."

Although Flora didn't know what Barry would think of a separate studio, she believed that Lola must have a solution since she was so confident about the matter.

"Lola, Flora, we have a problem!" Lily ran into the lounge in a panic and pointed at the door, gasping for breath.

"Lily, calm down," Lola smiled. "Speak slowly."

"It's... It's Shirley. She says she wants to get even with you!"


"Lola, did you offend Shirley? Why is she coming for you now?" Flora frowned and rubbed her temples. Lola had barely settled in since her return. So why were they encountering so may problems already?

Lola was indeed a troublemaker.

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