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   Chapter 23 Come Home With Me Tonight

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With surprise, Lola said, "Why is the termination fee so high? Don't lie to me. "

However, the man sitting there was calm and there was no sign of lying in his face. He just glanced at her indifferently and said, "Didn't you read the contract carefully? If you terminate the contract for no reason, you won't be able to find a new company in a short time besides the termination fee. Do you think you can continue to live if you offend the Gu Family? "

"You... You are really mean. " She gritted her teeth and pointed at him with anger.

At this time, Barry, who was standing outside the door, looked excited and his eyes lit up. "It's so exciting! "

The secretary passing by was very confused, holding a pile of documents. "Mr. Barry, is Mr. Jacob in the meeting room? There is an urgent document that needs him to deal with... "

"Don't worry. Just put it there. Mr. Jacob has something very important to do. "

Looking at the evil expression on his face, the secretary was confused. She wanted to eavesdrop at the door, but was pushed away by Barry.

"Go ahead. Get down to business. Don't disturb him. As long as I'm here, no one is allowed to enter! "

He must firmly protect the reputation of his boss!

After driving away other people, Barry bent over the door and quietly listened to the sound inside. He was nervous as well as disappointed.

Lola, the goddess in his heart was finally captured by his boss!

Such a beauty belonged to a heartless... A successful man!

At the same time, the atmosphere in the meeting room was a little cold. To be exact, Lola was emitting cold air all over her body.

"Will you stop bullying me as long as I agree to act in front of grandma?" She walked slowly to the man and looked straight at him with her watery eyes.

Jacob smiled. He finally won the battle with her in the first stage.

"I have never bullied you. Did I do something to hurt you, Lola? "

"Haven't you? You kissed... Me just now... "

Wasn't it a kind of bullying?

"What I want you to do is to act in front of grandma and make her rest assured. If you agree, I will never interfere your career. " This was his promise.

Lola's heart was beating fast. She didn't know if she could trust him this time.

"Does grandma really stay here in a few days?"

"Of course! Do you want to pretend it forever? "

The man raised his eyebrows and took a meaningful glance at her face. "Even if you want to pretend forever, but I don't..."


Clenching her fists tightly, Lola refused to compromise and said, "I'm just trying to solve your problem as soon as possible. You'd better not delay my work! "

"Grandma will only stay for a few days, maybe two or three days, maybe one week. Then she will fly to Switzerland. "

"Okay! I promise you. I will continue to play the role of Louisa, but you have to promise me that you won't leak it out and no one else will know it. Otherwise, my identity will be exposed... "

"Don't worry. In many people's eyes, I'm still a golden bachelor. That marriage is equal to nothing. Except for the Gu Family, no one knows that you and I..."

"Yes, I'm relieved."

Lola interrupted him quickly, feeling a little disappointed. She took up her sunglasses and said, "I have promised you, now you can move my luggage back. Please inform me when grandma comes back. "

Then she turned around and was about to open the door, but she was directly hugged from behind by the man.

All of a sudden, she stiffened.

She loosened her hand which gripped the doorknob.

The warmth from her back made her heart beat faster and her ears turn red.

She had never been hugged by men like this before.

Lola swallowed deeply and murmured shyly, "Let me go... What are you doing? "


nce you want to act, of course you have to get familiar with the script in advance." The man whispered in her ear. His hot breath hit her neck, making her tremble all over.

"Please don't... There is someone outside. Please pay attention to your behavior, okay? What script? I don't know! "

"No one will break into my place. What are you afraid of? " He held the woman in his arms and smelled her fragrance, which belonged to her.

In the past, he had never been close to Louisa, but in his memory, she had the fragrance of milk like a baby. But now... It seemed that she became more feminine and charming.

Yes, she was a woman now.

Her femininity was enough to seduce him.

"Are you crazy?"

"I'm not crazy. Lola, you should act realistically. You have to get familiar with the script and your identity as soon as possible. You are my wife. Of course you should live with me... " The low and hoarse voice was right beside her ear. Her heart was in a mess and her mind was blank.

"Live together?" She repeated his words word by word, and then bit her lips tightly.

The man straightened her body with his hands and looked down at her. "Yes. Only when we live together can we make Grandma believe us. Otherwise, grandma will think that we have separated from each other. If so, all our previous efforts will be wasted. Come home with me tonight. "

"Come... "

She looked at him blankly and didn't know what she felt.

Come home?

Was that her home?

No! It wasn't!

At last, Lola pushed the man away with all her strength and opened the door. She almost bumped into Barry who was unable to dodge. With a red face, she wore the sunglasses and left the Gu consortium.

Looking at the back of Lola who fled in a hurry, Barry raised his eyebrows at Jacob and said, "Boss, I'm here for lunch with you, but it seems that you're full now..."

"You almost ruined my plan! "

"I've made up for my mistakes. I've been guarding the door for you."

Jacob stared at him and said nothing.

The negotiation with Jacob was completely against her original intention, which made her upset.

So in the afternoon's shooting, Lola was absent-minded and soon noticed by Flora.

"Is the matter settled? Have you taken your luggage back? "


Looking at her expression and reaction, Flora guessed that she failed, "If you can't handle it well, I'll go..."

"Flora, this is my private affair. You don't have to intervene. " She seemed to remember something. "Have you finished signing the contract?"

"Yes, Mr. Barry has informed me that I will be responsible for your work in the future. The foreign business is still going on as before. "

"We should put the establishment of studio on the agenda as soon as possible. You should get ready..."

"Studio? So fast? " According to their plan, they needed to wait a little longer.

"No, it's not fast, I'm going to set up a personal studio as soon as possible, subordinating to MY Group, so you have to help me prepare. " Said Lola firmly.

"But Mr. Barry..."

"You just need to do what I ask you to do. I will deal with Barry. Soon, we will get what we want. "

Although Flora didn't know what Barry would think of the studio, she believed that Lola must have a solution since she was so confident.

"Lola, Flora, we get a problem! " Lily ran into the lounge in a panic and pointed at the door, gasping for breath.

Lola smiled and said, "Lily, calm down. Speak slowly. "

"It's... It's Shirley, she says she wants to get even with you! "


"Lola, how could you offend Shirley? Why does she come to you? " Flora frowned and rubbed her forehead. Lola had just come back to develop, but why there were still so many troubles.

Lola was indeed a troublemaker.

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