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   Chapter 21 I Will Punish You

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Lola was so angry that her chest heaved violently. She pursed her lips and shook her head. "Mr. Jacob, you must be joking. I want to talk about business."

"Then let's go to the meeting room and discuss business." Jacob was acting nonchalant, but she knew he was never going to relent to her.

She hated him so much that she gritted her teeth. He was deliberately making things difficult for her. In the end, she had no choice but to follow him into the meeting room.

This was better than going to the villa anyway.

Once inside, she threw her cap aside and looked him in the eye. "Why did you take my things, Jacob? I've made it clear to you on the phone. If you want to make a scene, just piss me off."

Jacob sat down and leisurely met her gaze. "I think you're misunderstanding something. Didn't I tell you last night? And here I thought you came today in order to go home with me."

"That place is your home, not mine!"

His expression did not change. He knocked on his desk with his knuckles and raised a sardonic eyebrow. "If that isn't what you came for, then there's nothing else I can do for you."

Lola's face flushed and her body trembled with anger. "You know why I'm here! You took my belongings without my permission! I demand that you restore my apartment to its original condition right this moment!" Lola took deep breaths and tried to calm down. She had to be calm whenever she faced Jacob; otherwise she would lose the game.

"Demand? Well, Louisa, you will always be the same old Louisa. You might think you've become a new and improved woman now, but you can never order me around. Don't speak of this anymore. Your things are all in my villa. If you don't return there, then I just might send someone to kidnap you tonight and tie you up. What can you do to me?"

Lola's eyes widened. He was being unusually domineering. If things continued like this, she would really have no choice but to go back with him.

"Didn't you just want us to act in front of Grandma? Why are you going this far? I won't go back there! I don't want my things back either, you can keep them. I will never give in to you! Oh, and another thing, Jacob. I've covered up last night's incident. Now the world knows that nothing was happening between us, so I hope you can do your part and keep your mouth shut. If you reveal anything to anyone about my involvement, then you can forget me even considering helping you lie to Grandma!"

"If there's nothing between us, what are you afraid of? Why don't you just go ahead and explain the truth to the public? That we were just... Doing some strenuous activity in the car."

"Shut up!" This time, the reddening of her face was due to a mix of anger and shame. "Don't make things up!"

"Lola, you don't have much of a choice now. I have too many things to threaten you with. If you want, we can discuss this calmly. But if you refuse to cooperate with me, then I'm not sure if you can bear the consequences."

The man knew that she put great value in her career. How could she let others destroy it?

He was sure she would compromise.

Although she was no longer Louisa, he still had ways to control her.

"What can I do to make you let me go? I left two years ago just as you wished. Why do you persist in making things difficult for me even now?"

Damn it!

She did what he wanted two years ago.

She signed the divorce papers, left the city she had lived in for nineteen years, and flew abroad by herself to embark on a harsh life. It was thanks to those hardships that she had garnered ac

hievements for herself, and now she was a popular star.

And yet he still wanted her to be obedient to him!

What should she do to make him satisfied?


Lola didn't want to lose everything she had now. She had endured a lot of difficulties to get this far. She mustn't give in to Jacob.

"Do you really want to know?" His eyes darkened as he rose from his seat and walked to her.

"Yes, just tell me what you want. What should I do to make you satisfied?"

If he was satisfied, maybe he would finally let her go.

She took a few steps back unconsciously until she was up against the wall. "What if," the man said, "I just want you to obey me?"

Lola frowned and narrowed her eyes. His words made her nervous, and she couldn't shake the sense that there was something strange in what he had said.

The atmosphere suddenly became quiet and ambiguous.

What did he mean?

Would he be happy only when she became the same obedient Louisa?

But... Didn't he hate Louisa?

Lola was fully aware that Jacob -- the heir of the Gu Family -- liked a woman named Ellie, who could no doubt match his status.

And Louisa had never measured up at all.

She hurriedly moved away from him, wary of his intentions. She took a deep breath to steady himself. "Well, I have something else to do, so I should leave now."

"What is it?"

He knew she was running away, so he reached out to physically stop her. "Why do you keep hiding from me? I'm not a bad guy."

Lola was stunned. He was so much worse than the average bad guy.

And he was very difficult to deal with to boot.

He pressed her against the cold wall, and she looked up at him with unease. "Please let me go, Mr. Jacob."

"I don't like you calling me Mr. Jacob." His gaze seemed to grow deeper as a sly little smile danced on his lips. "Call me like you did in the past."

Like before?

Lola's eyes widened. It had been two years, right?

What did she call him then?

How did Louisa address Jacob?

She didn't remember the nickname at all.

"Don't tell me that you have already forgotten." Despite his question, it was obvious that he wasn't convinced she had forgotten. Somehow, in the course of the past couple of years, he had missed the pet name she had given him.

"I don't remember..." She denied and put her hand on her chest. His proximity was a little suffocating.

"Come on, sweetie. If you make me happy, maybe you can get what you want." His hand had moved to caress her cheek, leaving a tingle at the wake of his fingers.

Lola swallowed.

She felt his entire presence surrounding her, and it was getting harder to breathe. She just wanted this to be over as soon as possible.

"Call me by that name! Just like before, just speak it out."

His tone had become less gentle and a little threatening, but she still couldn't say what he wanted to hear.

She pursed her lips, her supple cheeks turning an alluring shade of pink.

There was turmoil in her eyes. She could not say the word at all.


She had called him Jay for many years. At one moment, she had also wanted to call him hubby, but she had been too shy to open her mouth. So she had kept calling him Jay.

The love she had hidden in her heart for so many years had only belonged to Jay.

But now, she couldn't say that name out loud.

"If you don't do as I ask, I will punish you." He lifted her chin slightly, his eyes screaming seduction.

She averted her gaze. "What are you going to --"

Jacob grabbed her chin and kissed her lips, effectively cutting her off.

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