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   Chapter 20 Are You In Love With Her

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"What? My cousin would never do such a thing. You're lying, Lola. Jacob hates you so much. Didn't he kick you out in the first place? Why would he even take you back?"

Shock was visible in Fiona's face. To her memory, Jacob had never once expressed any interest in this woman. He had never been nice to her either, especially after they had gotten married.

She refused to believe that Jacob would go so far.

Lola raised her eyebrows. "Then, like I said, go and ask your cousin. I am also rather curious, you know. Why does he keep bothering me like this? If I didn't know any better, I might have thought that he's had a change of heart and by some miracle wanted to get back together with me! But the tables have turned, and I am now the one hiding from his constant pursuit. If you would be so kind, Fiona, please do help me convince your cousin to leave me alone."

Lola turned to leave, but she remembered something else. She looked back at Fiona and flashed her a smile. "By the way, your cousin made a promise that you wouldn't make any trouble for me again. If you pull another one of your tricks, I won't hesitate to take it up to him personally. Then Jacob and I will have even more contact, won't we? If this keeps going, I just might really move back in..."

"You! You cunning bitch! You're really something else! I hope you get what you claim you want, and never enter into the Gu Family again!"

Lola sneered at the girl. "I won't go back even if you all beg me on your knees!"

After she dealt with Fiona, the rest of the shoot proceeded smoothly. Fiona didn't pick on Lola anymore; instead she made a call to Jacob once the shoot was over.

"Jacob, are you in love with her?"



“……” His brow furrowed as he pondered the sudden words in silence. "What are you talking about?"

"If you aren't, then why are you forcing her to move back in to your villa? Are you really just doing this for Grandma?"

"Yes, of course. It's all for Grandma's sake."

"Why don't I believe you? You hated her so much in the past, and went to great lengths in order to drive her away. Why are you trying so hard to get her back now?! Besides, Grandma's recovery is going well. She's not as fragile as you think."

"That's enough, Fiona. Leave the matter alone and remember what I told you. Don't involve yourself in whatever business I have with her. Just focus on your career! I have a meeting to attend now. Bye."

"But Jacob! You -- Hello?"

Fiona glared at her screen in frustration. How could Jacob hang up on her like that?

And why was he adamant that she stayed out of his affairs with Louisa?!

As things dwindled down on set, Lola went online to scout comments in various forums. It looked like no one was suspecting her to be involved in the car sex incident anymore. Instead, more and more rumors about Jacob were springing up.

Her agent and assistant were standing behind her at the time, and Lily could not help pulling Flora to the side. "Flora, are you aware of the relationship between Lola and Jacob Gu? Is it a romantic one, or..."

"Listen, whether your assumptions are correct or not, you can't ever mention them out loud. Just pretend you know nothing. Now go and take Lola's clothes. We're leaving."

"All right." When the girl had left, Flora sidled closer to Lola. "You need to pay careful attention to your behavior in public," she whispered. "You might have been able to solve last night's predicament, but this little feud you have with Jacob is like a ticking time bomb! I don't even know exactly what --"

"If you really want to know, you can go and ask him."


"Don't say anything more. I know you'll end up reporting everything to him anyway, won't you? Since you're so curious, just go ahead and ask him when you next make contact. He knows everything there is to know."

Flora's face froze. In fact, last night when she talked on the phone with that man, he told her not to worry about Jacob.

He knew everything, just like Lola said.

Although Flora was curious, she couldn't dig deeper.

Lola stood and walked up to he

r agent with an expression of mild disdain. "Just do whatever he asks, Flora. I won't treat you bad. I'm leaving. I have to shoot a commercial this evening, I'll see you then. I'm on my personal time right now."

Lola proceeded to change into casual attire, and she put on sunglasses and a cap. She was about to leave the room when Flora hurriedly stopped her.

"Where are you going? At least tell me in case I need to contact you."

"He didn't let you monitor me all the time, did he? Flora, something happened to my home. I have to deal with it. Otherwise, it will be bad if it is on the news."

Flora eventually learned from Lily that Lola's belongings had been moved out of her place.

"Who do you think is powerful and influential enough to be able to do such things?" the assistant asked.

"Who do you think?"

Noticing that the agent didn't seem to be in a good mood, Lily continued on with caution, "You know, Flora, I've always felt that the relationship between Lola and Mr. Jacob Gu is something unusual. Moreover, I've personally witnessed him pestering Lola several times."

"What happened? Tell me in detail, and don't miss a thing!"

Lola took a taxi straight to the Gu Group. Despite being familiar with the place, she had only come here a handful of times in the past.

Few people knew that she was an adopted daughter of the Gu Family. She was just another average girl, even at school.

Hence, no one in the Gu Group knew who she was.

"Miss, do you have an appointment?"

Lola lowered her head beneath her cap. "No. But you can just tell Jacob that the woman whose stuff has been stolen by him is here. He'll see me for sure."

"I'm sorry, Mr. Jacob is currently in a meeting and is very busy throughout the day. I'm afraid he doesn't have time to see you."

"What meeting? I need to get inside and speak with him."

The receptionist stopped her at once, looking her up and down. In her experience, the people who came to see Jacob were all in suits or formal clothes, but this woman dressed casually. She also seemed to be hiding something.

Avoiding the receptionist's eyes, Lola turned and fled in a hurry.

She tried calling Jacob, but his phone was still powered off. She couldn't get through.

Damn it!

What kind of meeting was he occupied with? He stole her things just like that and now he was busy with some business meeting?

She had been waiting in the corridor for an hour now, and he had not turned on his phone at all. She couldn't wait any longer, and rushed inside. "Hey, miss, you can't go there!"

She didn't expect that Jacob would be coming out from the same direction, and they ran into each other. Literally.

Jacob managed to reach out and catch the woman before she fell. Her familiar scent drifted over to him.

It was her!

Lola was also stunned. Cocooned inside his arms, she blinked several times until she saw the expression on his face.

"Mr. Jacob, this lady insisted on seeing you..."

Jacob smiled and waved a hand. "I see."

Lola finally came to her senses and pushed him away. Unfortunately, her cap fell from her head in the process.

She nervously pushed her sunglasses more firmly against the bridge of her nose. It was good that her hair was long and lustrous, as it served as a curtain that hid her face from onlookers. She quickly grabbed her fallen cap.

The people and staff present were watching them curiously, especially since Jacob was acting a little strange.

"I didn't expect you to come and see me. Why are you in such a hurry?"

"It seems that we need to find a place to talk." There were so many eyes here.

Jacob smirked. "Then let's go to my meeting room. Please bring two cups of coffee over. I will be having a discussion with Miss --"

"No, thanks! There's no need to occupy the meeting room. I'll have a cup of coffee with you downstairs." Lola loathed having to come here in the first place, but this had to be done in order to solve the matter at hand.

"If you don't want to go to the meeting room, then how about coming to my house and having a long conversation with me there?"

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