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   Chapter 19 May I Know Your Identity

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Empty? What do you mean?

"I don't know what happened. All your things are missing! Clothes, shoes, and all the personal belongings. I can't find the sunglasses and documents you asked me to take. " Lily was so anxious that she was about to cry. "Lola, what should I do?"

Lola was also very anxious. Suddenly thinking of the threat last night, she immediately dialed the number

"Lola, what are you doing? They are waiting for you! " Flora came over and reminded.

"Flora, I have something urgent to deal with. Just a minute." Lola turned around and raised her phone, "Hey, what the hell are you doing! Get my stuff back! "

"Did you just find out? Didn't I tell you last night? I thought you knew, so left the door open for me. "

"You bastard! You broke into my house without permission. I'll sue you! " She said through gritted teeth and sneaked to a corner.

The man chuckled and said proudly, "Do you have any evidence? If the police find me, I will tell them that my ex-wife gave me the key. "


What a shameless man!

"Watch your mouth! Who is your ex-wife? " She lowered her voice and said anxiously, "Do you think I will cave in by getting my things to your house? No way! I won't go back even if I have no money! Just wait for me to sue you for stealing. "

"Okay. Call the police and ask them to arrest me. Then everyone will know your relationship with me. I'm not the one to worry about. I'm just afraid that you won't be able to go outside after the exposure. "

Lola was so angry that her face turned red and she was about to collapse.

"Don't act rashly, Jacob! I'm busy now. I'm going even with you when I finish my work. "

Lola had to put aside this matter for the time being and went back to the work site quickly.

But she was only a few minutes late, and some people were unhappy.

"She are so arrogant and high-maintenance as soon as she come back She really think herself as somebody! In fact, she was just an internet celebrity. With relatively more fans, she really thought she was popular! Humph, those fans are just some homeboys. She is not even a star to some level? It's so disgusting! "

Sitting on the chair, Fiona raised her arrogant head and looked steadily forward.

For Fiona, those young idols that had made their debut abroad were not presentable. Unlike her, she was born in a noble family. She always took a high class path, and in the future, she would also take an international European style, not a small Internet celebrity!

Most of the guests who participated in the show were domestic veterans. Naturally, they were not convinced by the fact that a newcomer who had just started her career got much to show off. They all condemned Lola for her high-maintenance behavior.

"I'm sorry. I just answered an important phone call. The chief editor from San Weekly Magazine personally asked me to do an interview, so I had to answer it." Lola explained to the crowd in a neither humble nor pushy manner. I'm sorry. "

Hearing the phone call from the chief editor of the San Weekly Magazine, the crowd stopped talking. After all, not everyone could get the call from the chief editor in person.

Fiona gritted her teeth and said, "It's no big deal to call you. Anyway, you can't waste our time! Let so many people wait for you... "

"I'm sorry for the delay. So today's afternoon tea is on me " With a slight smile, Lola turned to look at Fiona, "But if Miss Fiona keeps pestering me like this, it will take more time. How about we start as soon as possible and you can against me after we finish shooting?"

Everyone nodded in agreement. Fiona glared at her and said nothing.

During the shooting, a host began to change the topic to Lola. "We all know that you wer

e born in this city. It is said that you are the adopted daughter of a rich family. Can you tell us your background?"

Lola's face turned pale and pinched her fingers awkwardly. They had gone through the process before. Why did the host mention this at this time?

When Lola turned around again, she saw the smug smile on Fiona's face. She knew that this must be a conspiracy of her!

"I don't have any mysterious background. Are you all curious about me? I'm just an orphan... "

"Lola, how can you lie to us that you are an orphan? It's not right for you to deceive everyone like this! " Fiona cut in, walked to Lola and grabbed her hand. "Why don't you tell us the truth? Don't hide anymore."

Sensing that Fiona was deliberately doing something bad, Lola pinched Fiona's body with her fingers and stared at her. "Do you know something about me, otherwise how can you say that I'm lying! If you want to say something, just say it. Then everyone will know whether I am lying or not."

Lola gave the ball to Fiona.

Lola had also made up her mind that Fiona wouldn't tell the truth. The reason why she said these words was to stop Fiona so she let Fiona to speak and wanted to see how she would deal with it.

Her gaze went straight at Fiona, emitting a cold light.

Fiona gritted her teeth and was about to say something, but was stopped by Lola holding her shoulder. "In fact, I have known Fiona for a long time. She has always complained that I haven't contacted her abroad in the past two years, so she is angry with me. Don't think that she deliberately aims at me. She is just throwing a tantrum on me."

All the people present had sharp eyes and understood the fierce conversation between the two people. Naturally, they would not interfere in their topic.

Hearing what Lola said, Fiona's face turned pale. She immediately flared up and shouted excitedly, "who is childish! What's wrong with you, Lola! You lied! Why did I do it on purpose? You deserve it! "

As soon as the host saw the expression on Fiona's face, the host knew that something was not right, besides what Fiona said was still so serious. He immediately gave a hint to the director, and the director called out to stop shooting.

Lola immediately smiled and looked at the crowd, "Miss Fiona is too excited now. What a child."

The host looked embarrassed. "I think you must be tired after shooting. Have a rest first and then continue in half an hour."

As soon as the host finished speaking, Lola walked off the stage. Then, Fiona followed closely behind, "Stop!"

Lola turned around, grabbed Fiona's hand and walked straight to a place where no one was around and then shook off Fiona's hand and said, "That's enough, Fiona. No more kidding! What the hell are you going to do next? Do you want the whole world to know who I am? "

"I'm not kidding. I just want to make you looking bad! We both know that no one wants to reveal our relationship! I know you don't have the guts. I just know it because you care so much about your fans! What if your fans know that you are just married woman and also abandoned by our Gu Family? Do you think they will turn their back and against you? "

Fiona smiled evilly. In her opinion, Lola would be miserable.

Lola nodded, "I don't know if my fans will against me or not, but I know if you accidentally reveal my identity Your brother will never let you go, you know? "

"You Why do you say that I don't want to speak out because I don't want to have anything to do with you! "

"If you dare to mess around again, Jacob won't spare you! By the way, I forgot to tell you that your brother has moved all my luggage back without my permission! If you have time, tell your brother not to badger me anymore! "

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