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   Chapter 19 Your Background

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Empty? What did that even mean?

"I don't know what happened, but all your things are missing! Clothes, shoes, and all other personal belongings. I can't even find the sunglasses and documents I came here for." She could tell that Lily was on the verge of tears. "Lola, what should I do?"

She was alarmed, too. But then she remembered something... a threat from last night. She ended the call with Lily and dialed another number.

"What are you doing, Lola? They're all waiting for you!" Flora came over to get her.

"I have something urgent to deal with. It will only take a minute." Lola turned from her agent and shouted at the phone, "Hey, you bastard! What the hell did you do?! Give me back my stuff!"

"Oh, so you found out? Didn't I make myself clear last night? Because I thought you understood perfectly."

"Bastard! You broke into my house without permission. I'll sue you!" She moved to a corner, her face flushed with anger.

Jacob only chuckled, his voice smug. "Do you have any evidence to back your claim? When the police come to me, I'll just go ahead and tell them that my ex-wife gave me the key to her apartment."


Shameless, hateful man!

Watch what you're saying! Who the hell is your ex-wife?" Lola lowered her voice, growing anxious by the second. "Did you think I will cave in easily once you transported my things to your house? You're delusional! I will never set foot in that place again even if I have to go penniless! Just sit and wait for me to sue you for breaking and entering and theft."

"Be my guest. Call the police right now and have them arrest me. That's a sure way to let the public know exactly what your relationship with me is. We both know I'm not the one who will get in trouble once the truth comes out. I'm actually rather concerned you might not have any face to show to the world later on."

Lola was so overcome with fury, she felt she might collapse.

"Don't get reckless, Jacob! I'm busy right now, but you can expect me to get even with you when I'm through with this project."

She had no choice but to put this matter aside for the time being. She rushed over to the set.

She was only a few minutes late, but she could tell that a number of people were unhappy about it.

"She's so arrogant even if she just came back from the abroad." "She thinks too highly of herself when, in fact, she's just another internet celebrity. She just happened to have a good following, and now she thinks she's so popular!" "Humph, those fans are probably shut-in boys in the middle of puberty. She doesn't even compare to other celebrities who are on a star actor level." "It's so disgusting!"

Fiona was sitting on her spot with her head held high. She looked as haughty as ever.

For her, she was far above most of the other celebrities here, especially compared to the one who had made her debut abroad. That didn't even count as a breakthrough. After all, she had been born into a prestigious family. She belonged to the upper crust, and in the future, she would also conquer the global industry.

The guests who participated in the show were more or less veterans, albeit only in the local scene. Naturally, they had their misgivings and preconceived biases against a newcomer who seemed to be showing off. They were all slated against Lola before the show even started.

"I'm sorry, I had to take a very important call," Lola explained to the crew, her tone neither humble nor arrogant. She spoke as if it were only a matter of fact. "It was from the chief editor of San Weekly Magazine, and he personally asked me to do an interview. It would have been rude for me to ignore it. I'm really sorry."

Her words caused a buzz among the crowd. After all, it was widely known that the chief editor of the magazine in question rarely ever called celebrities in person.

Fiona, however, snapped, "So what if he called you? It's not such a big deal, and it's certainly no excuse for you to waste our time! There are a lot of us waiting for you --"

"I deeply apologize for the delay. Please allow me to treat you to afternoon tea in order to make up for it," Lola said, but then she turned to look straight at Fiona. "Now, Miss Fiona, if you keep berating me like this, the show will only be delayed much further. How about we start now and you can rail against me all you want afterwards?"

Everyone nodded in agreement, leaving Fiona to glare silently.

Over the course of the shoot, one of the hosts directed the attention over to Lola. "As we al

l know, you were born in this city. There have also been speculations that you grew up as the adopted daughter of a rich family. Can you tell us more about your background?"

Lola turned pale ever so slightly, and she twisted her fingers awkwardly. They had been over this before, so why was the host putting emphasis into this subject again.

In the corner of her eye, she saw Fiona smirk and roll her eyes smugly. So that was it. This was another one of her tricks.

"My background isn't really that interesting, are you all so curious about me? I'm just another orphan child."

"Lies!" Fiona interjected all of a sudden. "How can you say that you're an orphan, lying to our audience with a straight face! It's wrong of you to deceive them like this!" Fiona had even walked up to Lola and grabbed her hand. "Why don't you just tell us the truth? Don't hide anymore."

Knowing that the girl's provocation was a trap, Lola reached behind Fiona and pinched the flesh in her back. "Do you know so much about me? How can you accuse me of lying so easily?! If there's something you want to say, then just go ahead and say it. Everyone can see for themselves whether I'm lying or not."

The ball was now in Fiona's court.

Lola knew that Fiona would not divulge the truth so easily either. Now that the choice was in the girl's hands, she wanted to see how Fiona would deal with her own scheme.

Lola glared coldly at Fiona, her piercing gaze unwavering.

Fiona seemed to hesitate for a moment before gritting her teeth. Just as she opened her mouth to say something, Lola moved her hand from Fiona's back to her shoulder, and squeezed. "As it turns out, I've actually known Miss Fiona Gu for a long time. She has always complained that I never contacted her in all my years abroad, which is why she's obviously so angry with me. It's not that she's out to get me in particular, please don't misunderstand. She is merely throwing a tantrum."

The crowd were quick to pick up on the strange atmosphere between the two women, and they more or less understood what was not being said. As expected, no one interfered.

Unfortunately, Lola's words appeared to have triggered something in Fiona, who had paled. She instantly exploded, and screamed. "Who is throwing a tantrum?! What the hell is wrong with you, Lola?! You lied! You're a liar, and you deserve everything that's coming to you!"

The expression on Fiona's face alarmed the host, and he finally sensed that something was definitely not right here. The girl seemed to be taking everything to heart. He immediately gestured to the director, and they called to cut the scene.

Lola flashed a smile to the crowd. "It looks like Fiona got too emotional just now. That did seem childish, didn't it?"

The host looked mortified. "You must be tired. Why don't you take a break, and let's resume in half an hour?"

Lola didn't need to be told twice, and she immediately walked off the stage. Fiona followed close behind her. "Stop!"

Lola pivoted, grabbed the girl's hand, and dragged her to an isolated area. She slapped Fiona's hand away as soon as they were alone. "That's enough already! No more tricks! What the hell are you going to do next, huh? Do you want the world to know who I am so badly?"

"I just wanted to humiliate you in public! I don't want to be associated with you any more than you do with me! You don't have the guts to reveal it anyway. I know that for a fact. You care about your fans so much! I wonder what they would think when they find out you're a divorcee who was abandoned by the Gu Family? Do you think they'll remain loyal to you?"

Fiona gave her a satisfied, cruel smile. She knew Lola would be miserable if that happened.

On the contrary, though, Lola seemed unperturbed by the prospect. "While it's true that I don't know for sure how my fans will react, I do know that if you somehow accidentally expose me with just the tiniest slip of the tongue, your dear cousin would never let it slide. You know this as well, don't you?"

"You! What are you even saying? Like I said, I don't want to even be associated with you!"

"I'm just cautioning you. If you dare to mess with me again, know that Jacob won't spare you! Oh, and by the way, there's something I forgot to mention. Your cousin has broken into my apartment and moved all my belongings back to his villa without my permission! Since you have so much time in your hands plotting and scheming, why don't you take some to tell him clearly not to pester me anymore!"

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