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   Chapter 18 Empty Apartment

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"I know for a fact that the bad blood between Jacob and I will never change. He just keeps pestering me because... well, Grandma is coming back." Lola looked out the window pensively.

Ryan nodded. "I see. If you need any help, you can call me any time. I'll be there right away. I will never let Jacob hurt you again."

"Thank you, Ryan," Lola smiled bitterly. "You've truly helped me a lot."

When she entered her apartment, she was met with Flora and Lily nervously wringing their hands. They jumped to brief her of all the online developments regarding the issue.

"The tide has really turned after you posted those photos."

"Look at the trending search topics, Lola. Your name is next to Ryan's, Ivan's, and Jane's. Now those netizens all know that you four are good friends."

"Your fans have also been working hard to defend you, and now that these pictures are out, it looks like even those who were convinced that it was you in that car are switching sides. Even some of Ivan's fans are singing your praises..."

Lola waved a hand and sighed. "Yes, I knew this would happen. So what are they saying about the video now?"

"Well since you have witnesses and proof, nobody is mentioning you anymore. Now the bets are all placed on Shirley." Lily did most of the explaining, her eyes glued to her mobile screen the entire time.

Lola thought back on the time she had bumped into Jacob and Shirley, and nodded. It seemed that the odds were in her favor, and Shirley would soon be identified by the public as the woman in the car. Lola was sure Shirley would be overjoyed.

When the huff had died down, Flora sent Lily out of the room and looked Lola square in the eye. "What is wrong with you? What's the relationship between you and Jacob Gu?"

"He's just an acquaintance from long ago. There's no other relationship to speak of besides that. You don't have to worry about it. Look, it's late. You and Lily should head home."

"Well, that had better be true. Even if you are dating him, you should know better and keep it a secret! Keep in mind that you are still in the middle of rising to the top."

Lola rolled her eyes impatiently, itching to throw them out of her apartment.

When they finally left, Lola took a long shower. She was just getting ready for bed when she received a call from Jacob. "So you think you can wriggle out of this in this way? You know you're lying to the world, right?"

"What, are you saying that I should just let the world misunderstand the truth? People don't give a damn whether I had sex in the car with you or not, but I would end up being called a hussy later on. It's not like I had a choice. This is all your fault."

"It must have slipped your mind, though, that I can easily counter your claim with a simple public statement?" It was a threat, and Lola could practically see the side smile that came with his low voice.

Her hand clenched into a fist and she narrowed her eyes. "What the hell do you want? You want to destroy me?"

"Don't be nervous... The night has grown so late. Why don't you come to my villa so we can discuss this more... thoroughly?"

"You! You're incorrigible!" To think that he would grow to be this shameless in a matter of two years.

"Why are you so scared of me? Haha. All right, I won't beat around the bush with you. If you don't want me to expose you, take all your things and move into my villa tomorrow. If you don't, I will personally come and help you pack." Jacob ended the call before she could utter a response.


Hey! Jacob, you bastard!"

Damn it all to hell!

Lola threw her phone on the bed in exasperation.

Moved back into his villa?

Impossible! She didn't want to!

When morning came, Lola locked the door behind her and reported to work early. In the wake of last night's issue, a lot of reporters were waiting for her on site.

She took great c

aution, since she was supposed to be in a variety show today. Not only was it the first variety show she participated in after returning, but also the most popular one in China.

"Lola, were you really with Ivan last night? You've just met and now you're having dinner together. Are you two that friendly?"

"What's your relationship with Director Ryan?"

"Miss Jane Yin is Jacob Gu's cousin. Since you're close with her, you must know Jacob as well, right? Witnesses saw you leave with him last night! How long have you known each other? What kind of relationship do you have?"

"Listen everybody." Lola looked around and smiled at the media people. "What happened yesterday is very simple. Mr. Jacob Gu came to me yesterday to clear a little misunderstanding I had with Miss Fiona Gu. We immediately went our separate ways after settling matters. On the other hand, even before I went abroad, Director Ryan, Miss Jane, and I have already been best friends. And since Ivan and I were partners for one of my first projects since my return, we've naturally become good friends as well. We are all friends. Please don't misunderstand. I'm still starting out in this industry, so I will have to count on you very often."

The reporters seemed to accept her explanations, but they couldn't resist digging some more.

Lola, however, didn't give them any more chance. She quickly excused herself from filming and left the scene.

She went directly to the dressing room, only to enter into another battlefield.

It had never occurred to her that she would have to face another enemy in this variety show.

"Lola, how dare you come here?" Fiona spat out through gritted teeth as Lola approached. She was visibly fuming, and even raised a hand, poised to slap Lola. Luckily, her agent stopped her.

The poor agent had no idea why Fiona was constantly out to get the newcomer. Lola wasn't even her direct rival, so why did Fiona hate her so much?

Flora, who had been walking behind Lola, was just as baffled. "Why do you keep offending Miss Fiona?" she whispered.

"I didn't offend her. It's she who always wants to make trouble." Lola immediately turned on her heel, not wanting to argue with either Flora or Fiona at the moment. "Let's go to another room."

"Don't walk out on me, Lola! What, are you scared? Are you satisfied after playing that trick on me yesterday? Ha! I'm telling you, you're absolutely courting death today."

"What do you mean?" Lola had pivoted so quickly she became a blur of motion. She grabbed Fiona's hand and squeezed hard.

The other girl flinched, and struggled to break free of the grip. "Did you think you can get away with the scandal just because you colluded with a few other people? You are the woman in the video, aren't you? People have no idea what you're capable of, but I am. I know clearly --"

"Shut your mouth! Watch your mouth, Fiona Gu, and don't act so recklessly! I will sue you for slander! You say you know the truth, but why don't you go and ask your cousin directly? See what he'll tell you."

"Sue me then! You'll get into trouble in today's show anyway! Humph!" Fiona pushed Lola with great force and strutted out of the dressing room.

Damn it!

She and Jacob were both pains in the ass!

"Flora, please do me a favor. Fiona will likely say something she shouldn't in the show later. You must prepare in advance and inform the production team to edit her out and never broadcast it to the public."

Flora agreed, but she still harbored a great curiosity over the relationship between Lola and Fiona. She made up her mind to ask Lola clearly in the future.

Lola got dressed. She was about to go to the stage when Lily called.

She had sent the girl to her apartment to get something, was there anything wrong?

"Bad news, Lola! Your apartment... It's empty! Everything here is gone!"

"Wha -- What?!"

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