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   Chapter 17 That Woman Was Not Me

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"Flora, I have to go and deal with this issue. If someone calls and asks after me, just tell them that I am hanging out with some friends, and that woman was not me."

"Where are you headed to? Just make sure to come back quickly. Lily and I are both at your home."

Flora had barely finished speaking when Lola ended the call. Then she quickly dialed another number. "Ryan, where are you right now?"

"Me? I'm in my home."

"Didn't you go to have dinner with Jane?"

"Well, we were supposed to, but Jane had something to deal with at the last minute. So Ivan and I went our separate ways right then and there. Why? What's wrong, Lola? What happened?"

"Okay, please stop asking me questions, Ryan. Just go to the restaurant we've agreed on and take Jane with you, right now. Tell her that I have something urgent to tell you guys and you must come immediately!"

"Okay. We'll be there soon."

After that, Lola called Ivan. When all was taken care of, she checked her appearance in the mirror and glanced at the time. It had been more than two hours since the video had been posted online, and the situation wasn't getting any better. Some people had even started to post blurry photos that were obviously taken surreptitiously, all in a bid to guess who the controversial woman was.

Was it Shirley, whom Jacob had been seen with in public recently? Or was it Jessica, who had been rumored to be in a private romance with him? Or was it perhaps the sweet and lovely Dorothy?

Or... could it possibly be Lola, who had just returned from overseas, and had been seen interacting with him shortly after her arrival?

Some users were even placing bets online, and Lola appeared to have the most bids.

Damn it! She had no idea that Jacob was linked to so many women though?

It looked like he really had been busy. In addition to Ellie, there were also dozens upon dozens of women after him!

"Lola, where are you? I've been getting hundreds of calls already! They are all asking if you're the one involved in the car sex scandal. It's all that the internet talks about, have you seen the news? Just come back quickly so we can discuss how to do damage control. Are you still with Jacob? You must control him. Don't let him... "

"All right already! What do we even need to discuss? All we can do is issue a statement denying these claims. But someone has seen it. Even if we deny it, can those commercial companies easily let me go? I just came back. I can't be careless at all!"

"You're right, but we need to coordinate in order to deliver the solution properly. What are you doing anyway?"

"Flora, I can't afford to gamble when it comes to my career. Other celebrities could just brush off the rumors because they have backing and are already well-established in the industry. As for me, I've barely even made a mark. Any issue, no matter how small and trifling, can destroy me overnight!"

Lola hung up and strode out of the taxi, fearless and determined.

The moment she stepped into the restaurant, Ryan and Jane instantly came over to her and ushered her to a table. Jane took her hands and asked in a trembling voice, "Was that you in the video? You and Jacob..."

Lola returned her friend's tight grip. "It was me, but we didn't do anything like the news says."

"All right, you don't need to explain yourself. Just tell us what we need to do."

"There's someone else we have to meet with..." Lola took out her phone and checked the time before dialing the number again. "Ivan, how long until you arrive? I don't have much time left, you know, hurry up and come here!"

"I'm almost there. You know how horrid these traffic jams can be."

"You have ten more minutes!"

Lola looked at the table laden with various dishes, and turned to Jane. "Eat some, quickly. Or if you can't, then just... throw them away, whatever. We have to make it look like we've been having a meal here for a while. Help me, quick!"

Ryan immediately understood what Lola meant to do, and started to dispose of portions of the food. Jane, on the other hand,

seemed to be in a daze. When a few minutes had passed, she turned to Lola impatiently. "Lola, I don't think your friend will be here any time soon. Let's not waste time and just do it."

"Just wait a little longer, Jane, please. He'll be here."

"Or I can just leave first," Jane mumbled. "I'm sure they are enough help to you." Her face was pale, and she looked like she was still in a trance.

"Please, Jane, you can't leave. Do you have something urgent to do? I mean, if you're busy, then I can't force you --"

"I'm here!"

Ivan sprinted over to them, panting. "Why did you call me here in a hurry ..."

He stopped short, and his expression shifted as though he had just been faced with something he dreaded. He lowered his head awkwardly.

Lola didn't notice Ivan's discomfort; instead, she grabbed his arm and pulled him to the seat beside here. "Good! Everyone is here now! You are all my good friends, so please help me!"

"Don't worry, I know what you intend to do. We just have to spread word that we were having dinner here, so there's no way you could have been with anyone else." Ryan whipped out his phone. "Let's take photos of ourselves and post them on various social media. That's enough proof to clear you of any suspicion."

"Yes, that's exactly what I mean!"

"Well," Jane smiled. "We would do anything for our dear Lola. Let's get right to it."

Ivan smiled as well, and they took up positions, with him standing behind Jane. They took photos,

and Ryan shared the photos with them so they could post different pictures on different platforms.

When the task was finished, Ryan offered to take Lola home, but Jane stepped in. "Spend the night at my place," she said. "There's something I need to talk to you about."

But Lola was exhausted. "Can I take a rain check? Let's do this some other day, okay? I need to hurry back and clear things up with my agent. You know the rumors won't die down easily, we still have a lot of things to take care of. I really appreciate what you all did for me tonight. Thank you so much. I'm so glad I have you guys."

Ryan was like a brother that had always taken good care of her, even in the past.

Jane was like her sister, even though they shared no blood. She had been the only one in the Gu Family, besides Grandma, who had been good to Lola since childhood.

And Ivan... well he was her first partner after coming back from abroad. He was very congenial and nice, true, but he still remained a mystery to her.

Regardless, Lola had some confidence that she would be able to overcome this crisis with their help.

As things were, Lola had to ask Ivan to take Jane home, while she went with Ryan.

They all walked out of the restaurant, and Ivan headed to his car and opened the passenger door, gesturing at Jane. "Please get in the car, Miss Jane."

Jane waved a hand and smiled faintly. "No, thank you. I'll take a taxi home. I shouldn't be imposing on you like this; it would be terrible if you're seen or photographed. Good night."

Right as she turned away from him, a taxi came into view, and she quickly hailed it. She left Ivan without another word.

He remained standing by his car, still holding the door open, long after he watched her go.

Meanwhile, in Ryan's car...

"Lola, what exactly happened between you and Jacob? Are you getting back together?" The confusion in Ryan's voice was unmistakable.

Lola turned to face him, her expression serious. "Ryan, I asked you to pretend to be my boyfriend that day, do you remember? I know this is selfish of me, but I'm hoping that you can continue to pretend as such in front of Jacob. Earlier in the car, I had a big fight with him. That's all it was. Those videos were taken out of context. Nothing happened between me and that horrid man."

"I didn't mean to pry," Ryan said nervously. "I'm just worried about you. And I could see clearly that your return has a profound effect on Jacob..." He paused for a beat. "I mean, if he cares about you, then --"

"There's no way!" Lola interrupted with vehemence.

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