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   Chapter 17 That Woman Is Not Me

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"Flora, I have to deal with it. If someone calls and asks you, tell him that I went out for dinner with friends. That woman is not me."

"Where are you going now? Come back quickly. Lily and I are both at your home. "

Before Flora could finish her words, Lola hung up the phone. Lola quickly dialed another number. "Ryan, where are you?"

"Me? I'm at home... "

"Didn't you go to have dinner with Jane?"

"We haven't gone yet. Jane has something to deal with. Then I separated with Ivan. What's wrong, Lola? What happened? "

"Ryan, stop asking! Go to the restaurant we've agreed on and take Jane with you right now. Tell her that I have something urgent to tell you guys and you must come here! "

"Okay. We'll be there soon. "

Then she called Ivan. After all was done, she checked her looks and the time. It had been more than two hours since the video was posted online, and the situation was getting worse and worse. Some people even took some blurry photos, and more and more people guessed who the heroine was.

Was it Shirley that Jacob contacted with in public recently, or Jessica contacted with in private, or sweet and lovely Dorothy?

Or Lola, who just came back from abroad and knew Jacob in a few days?

There were even gambling on the Internet, and Lola, was the most suspected person!

Damn it! She didn't know that Jacob had so many gossip girlfriends?

It seemed that he had been busy in the past few years. Not to mention Ellie from far away, there were so many female stars in the country who went after him!

"Lola, where are you? I have received millions of calls! They are all asking if you are the heroine of the car sex incident. Now the Internet is full of news. Have you seen it? Come back quickly and we need to discuss how to deal with it. Are you still with Jacob? You must control him. Don't let him... "

"All right! What can we discuss when I go back? It's just a statement of denial. Someone has seen it. Even if we deny it, can those commercial companies easily let me go? I just came back. I can't be careless at all! "

"You are right. But we have to solve it together. What are you doing?"

"Flora, I don't dare to gamble on my career Others could ignore the gossip because they have backgrounds and are capable of. As for me, I just came back and haven't gained a firm foothold. Any trouble can destroy me! "

Bright and determined, Lola hung up the phone and walked out of the taxi.

As soon as Lola arrived at the appointed restaurant, Ryan came over with Jane. Jane held Lola's hand and asked in a trembling voice, "Is that you in the video! You and Jacob...

Lola held Jane's hand and said, "it's me, but we don't have that..."

"Well, you don't need to say anything more. Just tell us what we should do." said Jane worriedly.

"We have to wait for someone else..." Lola checked the time on her phone and dialed the number again "Ivan, how long will you arrive? I don't have much time left. Hurry up!"

"Almost. You know there is a traffic jam..."

"I'll wait for you in ten minutes!"

After hanging up the phone, Lola looked at the table full of food and quickly said to Jane, "Eat some quickly. If you can't eat it, just throw it away. Make it seems that we have eaten for a long time. Help me quickly. "

Ryan understood what Lola meant at once and started to do it, but Jane was in

a daze. A few minutes later, she looked at Lola and said impatiently, "Lola, I think he won't come back soon. Let's finish it now and leave. Don't waste time."

"Jane, please wait a little longer. He will arrive soon."

"Or I'll leave first. They can do it well." Jane said in a trance with her face slightly pale.

"Please, Jane, you can't leave Do you have anything to do? If you are busy Then you... "

"I'm coming!"

With a man's voice, Ivan quickly rushed over. "Why did you call me here in a hurry ... "

The voice of Ivan stopped abruptly, as if he had seen something terrible, and he lowered his head awkwardly.

Lola didn't notice anything. She grabbed Ivan and sat down. "Well, everyone is here! You are my friends. Please help me! "

"Don't worry. I know what you mean. Just tell others that we had dinner here and you didn't see anyone else." Ryan took out his mobile phone and said, "Take a selfie and post it on microblog. With our evidences, no one will suspect you!"

"That's exactly what I mean."

Jane smiled, "Well, we can do anything for Lola. Let's do it. "

Hearing this, a smile appeared at the corners of Ivan's mouth. He stood behind Jane. The four of them took a selfie.

After taking the photo, Ryan posted it on microblog, then forwarded by Lola, then followed by Jane and Ivan.

When all this was over, Ryan was about to send Lola back. Taking Lola's hand, Jane said, "Lola, go to my place tonight. I happen to have a lot to talk to you."

Lola was very tired. "Jane, how about another day? I have to go back and tell Flora. As you know, it's not that easy to get over this rumor. There are still a lot of things to deal with, but thank you all for what you have done for me tonight. I just came back from abroad. I'm very careful with every step I take. But fortunately, you guys are here with me. "

Ryan was her senior and always took good care of her.

Jane was her sister. From childhood to adulthood, besides Grandmother she was good to her in the Gu Family.

Well Ivan, is her first partner when she came back from abroad. He was very congenial but also mysterious.

With their help, Lola should be able to overcome the crisis.

Lola had to ask Ivan to send Jane back, and Ryan sent Lola back to the villa.

After walking out of the restaurant, Ivan opened the door and said to Jane, "Get in the car, Miss Jane."

With a faint smile, Jane waved her hand and said, "No, thanks. I can take a taxi home. No need to bother you, Mr. Ivan. It will be terrible if you are seen or photographed. Bye. "

Then Jane turned around, take a taxi and left.

Ivan kept his original posture and didn't move for a long time.

In Ryan's car.

"Lola, what happened between you and Jacob? Are you get back together?" Ryan asked in confusion.

Lola immediately turned around and said seriously, "Ryan, I asked you to pretend to be my boyfriend that day. I hope you can always help me like this and pretend to be my boyfriend in front of Jacob! I just had a big fight with him. Those videos were taken out of context. Nothing happened between him and me. "

"I didn't mean anything else." Ryan said nervously, "I'm just worried about you I can see that your return has caused a big blow to Jacob... " After a pause, she said tentatively, "If he cares about you, then..."

"No way!" Lola interrupted at once.

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