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   Chapter 16 Sex In The Car

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"Don't touch me, Jacob! You are such a hateful man!" Lola had somehow gained a sense of the buzz that was going on outside the car, and she scrambled to free herself from him. "Stop! Let me go, quickly!"

Jacob did as she asked and glanced through the window. "What is it?" he asked casually. "You want to leave? Why, what are you afraid of?"

Lola noticed that some of the onlookers already had their phones out, taking pictures no doubt. It was clearly impossible for her to run out and flee in this situation. She had no choice but to stay in the car. "Stop spouting nonsense. Can't you see the people outside taking photos? Do you want us to be seen together?"

"So what if we were? You'll have to get back with me and pretend in front of Grandma anyway. If people start to see us with each other, it would only be that much easier to convince Grandma."

"You... Are you playing mind games with me now?"

"Oh please. If Grandma weren't coming back, do you honestly think I would willingly follow you around?"

"Just hurry up and drive away already! We need to get out of here first." She sank into the seat in an attempt to make herself smaller, and even her voice became softer. "Let's talk about it after we leave this place, okay?"

Jacob gave her a gentle smile. "Then buckle your seat belt and sit tight."

A while later, the car stopped at the seaside. Jacob opened the door for her and helped her out of the vehicle. The night was chilly, and Lola wrapped her arms around her body tightly.

"Stop wasting both of our time, Jacob. I don't want to go back, to you or to that house. I won't agree no matter what you do."

"Why though? Why are you so scared of putting up an act in front of Grandma? Louisa, the Gu Family has raised you for many years. Is this how you repay us? If anything happens to Grandma when she finds out the truth, I won't spare you!"

Lola leaned back against the car and smiled bitterly. "I only remember Grandma raising me up though? It never was the whole Gu Family to begin with."

"You! How ungrateful. All you remember is Grandma, did you forget how I treated you?"

"I'm not ungrateful at all! The Gu Family abandoned me first. How about you, Jacob, do you not remember? You demanded that I get out of the family. Now, you're demanding me to come back, just to lie to Grandma? Do you really see me as some sort of slave to the Gu Family, someone who is constantly at your beck and call? I am not that cheap! I refuse to live that kind of life. It's impossible for me to go back to the family. As for Grandma, I will explain everything to her myself, so stop wasting your energy. Or is it perhaps that you take pleasure in torturing me by milking this situation to your utmost advantage?"

"I didn't..."

She swung to him then and shot him a serious look. "I am no longer a silly, naive girl, Jacob. What I intend to do now is focus on my career. My unreasonable yearnings for an unrealistic romance have long been in the past. They are now far, far away from me."

"So you love this so-called career of yours so much? Do you expect to be able to stand up to me as some famous celebrity? You think too highly of yourself. In my eyes, you are still the same unremarkable woman as before."

"Oh, yes, sure, I'm just a nobody. Which is why you should stop bothering me, Mr. Jacob. Ellie is coming back. The woman you love is coming back to you, isn't she? You've been waiting and pining for her for such a long time, and yet here you are, bullying me into pretending to be your wife. Did you even tell Ellie any of this?"

Jacob frowned and said nothing.

Lola took in his shuttered expression and widened her eyes in surprise as realization came over her. "Ellie... Does she even know about us?"

"That's none of your business."

"She... You! These years, you've never once..." Lola smiled derisively. He was right -- it indeed had nothing to do with her. Why did she care so much anyway?

"Once Ellie comes back, you'd better explain everything to her. This kind of game is no fun at all; just stop it already. Don't blindly jump into trouble."

With that, Lola turned and walked away.

The street lights on the side of the road illuminated her depar

ting figure, casting her long shadow on the pavement. Jacob could only sigh as he watched her go.

He wasn't sure what he was even doing.

Did he want to torture her as she had accused, to see her suffer?

Not really.

It was true that Ellie was coming back, but... It seemed that he was not ready to face that particular music.

After walking a good distance with injured feet on high heels, Lola finally hailed a taxi. She settled comfortably on the back seat and put on her sunglasses. She was just about to close her eyes when her phone rang. It was Flora.

"Lola, were you with Jacob just now?"

"Why, what's wrong?"

"Tell me, was that woman you?"

"What woman? I just parted ways with him."

"Oh my God! Something bad happened. Look at the news online. You'll know what I mean when you see the video."

Lola's heart suddenly picked up pace. She open her web browser with trembling fingers. Her intuition detected a hint of danger in Flora's voice just now.

"Sex in the car!"

Sure enough, the phone slid from her hold as soon as she read the headline. It hit the car floor with a thud.

She entered into a daze for several seconds before she was finally able to think straight again. She quickly grabbed her phone and scanned the comment section.

"That car was acquired by Jacob Gu recently!"

"Who is the woman inside the car with Jacob? She is so lucky!"

"Jacob is handsome and rich after all. Which internet celebrity could it be this time? Having sex in the car! It sounds so exciting!"

"Could it be Lola? I saw Jacob take her away from the set."

The moment Lola read that last comment, she almost screamed. It had been liked and shared by a lot of users.


Are you trying to kill me, Jacob Gu?'

She couldn't even imagine what would happen to her if news came out tomorrow saying that she had been the one involved in that controversial car sex.

Her career and her future would all be ruined!

Her efforts all these years would all go down the drain, and it only took one single action from Jacob.

Lola glanced outside the car window and saw the many people littering the streets they were passing by. She put her sunglasses back on unconsciously, even as tears streaked silently down her cheeks.

She refused to bow to an easy defeat.

She had managed to pick herself up over and over again in the past two years; she should be able to do so again this time. Even if she were to face the whole world by herself, she would never give in.

"It looks like you're calling for the news on the Internet..."

"Jacob, what do you want to say? To show off? Did you want me to be the center of a scandal so much? Do you enjoy the thought of me being pointed at and slandered by others? Look at the comments online, none of them is saying a bad word against you! All they do is curse me! Why do they only blame the women in such scenarios, I wonder? Why do they leave you, the detestable bastard who started it all, scot-free?!"

It was all too unfair. The news were all false, of course, but even if a sexual incident had indeed happened, why was it that she was the only one being bashed by the netizens?!

"How is this my fault? You were the one who kept moving around inside the car, causing it to shake!" Jacob retorted.

"Shut up!"

Lola yelled at her phone, earning her a flinch and a glance from the baffled driver.

"Am I wrong?"

"I'm telling you, Jacob, enough with all this nonsense! The destruction of my career is as good as my own death. If you want me to die so bad, just come and kill me outright! Listen to me, as long as you don't stoke this fire, I will reconsider the favor you asked of me. But if you so much as insinuate something to the public, I promise that both you and I will suffer losses!"

She ended the call then, feeling powerless.

She had no idea if her words had even reached him, if he considered them to bear weight at all, but she had no choice. If Jacob decided to reveal to the press that he was indeed with her inside the vehicle in question, she would be doomed, regardless of whether sex had occurred or not.

Lola knew very well that no one would believe they were just arguing inside that car.

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