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   Chapter 16 The Headline Tonight - Having Sex In The Car

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"Don't touch me, Jacob! You are so hateful!" When Lola was entangled with him, she noticed the sound outside the car from the corner of her eyes. She quickly withdrew her hand and hit the man's body. "Stop! Hurry up! "

Jacob also let her go. Seeing what was going on outside, he said casually, "Why do you want to leave? What are you afraid of?"

She noticed that some passers-by had already taken out their phones to take photos, and it was impossible for her to run out at this time and to be photographed. She could only hide herself in the car. "Nonsense, Jacob, can't you see that they are taking photos outside? Do you want people to see me with you? "

"So what? Anyway, you have to go back and continue to act in front of Grandma with me. If your identity is known by the public, you can't hide, can you? "

"You You threatened me... "

"If Grandma didn't come back, do you think I would be willing to be with you?"

"Hurry up and drive away! Let's get out of here first! " She lowered her body and said in a soft tone, "Let's talk about it after we leave here, okay?"

The man smiled gently, "Then you just sit tight."

After a while, the car stopped at the seaside. Jacob pulled her out of the car. The night was as cold as water, and she wrapped herself tightly.

"Don't waste your time, Jacob. I don't want to go back there anymore. No matter what you do, I won't agree."

"Why? Are you so afraid of acting in front of Grandma? Louisa, the Gu family has raised you for many years. Is this how you repay them? If Grandma can't stand it, I won't spare you! "

Leaning against the car, Lola smiled bitterly. "I only remember that Grandma raised me up. It's not the Gu family... "

"You Such ungrateful. It seems that you only remember Grandma and forget how I treat you... "

"I'm not ungrateful! The Gu family abandoned me first Don't you remember? Jacob, you asked me to get out of the Gu family, and now you are going to take me back for Grandma. Do you really think I am a slave of the Gu family and can be at your beck and call? I'm not that cheap and I don't want to live that kind of life anymore. It's impossible for me to go back again. As for Grandma, I will explain myself. Jacob, don't waste your energy. Do you just want to torture me by taking advantage of this? "

"I didn't..."

She suddenly turned around and looked at him seriously. "I'm no longer a silly girl. I'm not that naive. What I need to do now is to focus on my career. The unrealistic love in the past has long gone away from me. "

"Do you really love your so-called career so much? Do you think you can fight against me as a star? Don't overestimate yourself. In my eyes, you are still the same unremarkable woman as before. "

"Yes I'm nobody. So please don't bother me, Mr. Jacob. Ellie is coming back. The woman you love is coming back to you, isn't she? You've been waiting for her for such a long time. Do you want to act with me in front of Grandma but without telling Ellie? "

Hearing this, Jacob didn't say anything and frowned.

She looked at his strange and obscure expression and suddenly opened her eyes wide. "Ellie Does she know about us? "

"It's none of your business..."

"She You These years you haven't... " Lola smiled bitterly. He was right that it had nothing to do with her. Why did she care so much?

"If Ellie comes back, you'd better explain everything to her. This kind of game is not fun. Stop it. Don'

t get yourself into trouble. "

Then she left without looking back.

The street lights on the side of the road pulled Lola's shadow long. The man looked at her and could not help but sigh.

He was not even sure what he was doing.

To torture her and see her suffer?

Not really.

Ellie was coming back, but... It seemed that he was not ready to face it.

Waking all the way with wearing high heels and feet injured, Lola finally took a taxi. When she was about to close her eyes with sunglass on she received a call from Flora.

"Lola, were you with Jacob just now?"

"Flora, what's wrong?"

"Tell me, is that woman you?"

"What woman? I just separated with him."

"Oh my God! Something bad happened. Look at the news online. You will know what happened after you click on the video. "

Lola's heart skipped a beat. She opened the page with her trembling hands. Her intuition told her that Flora's voice sounded very dangerous.

"Having sex in the car"!

Sure enough, the phone slid down from her fingertips and fell to the ground.

She picked it up in a hurry and continued to read the comments.

"The car was bought by Jacob recently!"

"Who is the woman with Jacob? She is so lucky! "

"Jacob is handsome and rich. Which Internet celebrity this time? Having sex in the car! It sounds so exciting! "

"Is she Lola? I just saw Jacob take her away on the set. "

When she saw this comment, her voice was about to jump out, and even this one was liked by many people and quickly spread.


Are you trying to kill me, Jacob?

She couldn't imagine what would happen if the news came out tomorrow as she was the heroine of the car sex?

Her career and her future were all ruined!

All her efforts would be in vain because of a movement of Jacob.

Looking at the endless stream of people outside the car, Lola couldn't help putting on her sunglasses again. Two drops of tears slowly fell down from her eyes.

She wouldn't be defeated so easily.

She had come to life two years ago, let alone now. Even if she was the only one in the world, she would not give in.

"It seems that you are calling to ask me about the news on the Internet..."

"Jacob, what do you want to say? To show off? Do you really want me to be pointed at and scolded by others? Look at the comments online. None of them said anything about you, but cursed me! Why did they only scold women when something happened! But you, the one who started it was completely unharmed! "

She felt it was unfair. Not to mention that nothing happened between them, even if Even if the car sex incident was real, why did the netizens scold her only!

"How could it be my fault? It was you who had been moving all the time..."Jacob said

"Shut up!"

Lola shouted at the man on the other end of the phone, which made the driver confused.

"Am I wrong?"

"Jacob, I warn you, don't talk nonsense! My career destroyed equates killing me. If you want me to die, just kill me! I promise you, as long as you shut up, I will carefully consider what you have asked for. Otherwise, both sides will suffer losses! "

She put down the phone and suddenly felt powerless.

Lola didn't know if what she had said could threaten him, but she had no other choice. If Jacob told the media that he was with her, she would be doomed no matter if there was any sex happened in the car.

No one believed that they were just "fighting", not having sex.

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