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   Chapter 15 Bite You Down To Your Bones

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Lola had fixed her appearance and was looking like a whole new person by the time she returned to the filming site.

There was no sign of Jacob anywhere.

She must have kicked him really hard.

"Ryan, what brings you here?"

she asked in surprise upon spotting her friend.

"I just happened to be nearby."

Why did all men come up with the same excuse? Couldn't they come up with something new and unique?

"I heard that Jacob is also here, is that right? Did he come to bother you? Did he do anything to you?" Ryan's voice was low and calm, although his expression looked worried.

Lola tried to remain calm. "No way, what can he possibly do to me? I made a fool of Fiona, so he came with the intent to get even with me. I drove him away though."

"That's good then. You're about to finish your work, right? I'll pick you up for dinner. Jane would also come..."

"Oh okay then! Please wait for me for a moment."

Lola hurried back to the set to finish the shoot with Ivan. Still, it was already dark when the crew started to wrap things up.

"If you don't mind, can you take me with you?"

Lola and Ryan were headed towards the car when Ivan suddenly came up to them. There was a momentary pause, and when Ryan said nothing, Lola took it upon herself to nod. "But I didn't expect that you would want to have dinner with us," she remarked to Ivan.

"I'm merely looking out for my partner. Don't you notice the countless pairs of eyes watching us? Look, your fans over there are all staring. If you leave alone with Director Ryan, some unsavory news might circulate in the media tomorrow. No, I don't think we even need to wait until tomorrow. You'll probably hit the headlines by tonight."

Lola mulled this over, and had to agree that Ivan's thought process was reasonable. While she didn't really care much about the rumor mill, it was still preferable to steer clear of being the subject of gossip. She nodded her assent.

"Since you have so much time, I think you'd better come with me!"

Jacob appeared out of nowhere and was suddenly looming over Lola.

Her hackles rose immediately, along with her temper. "It appears that the kick from earlier was a little light," she said, raising her chin to meet his glare.

"You..." The man's jaw tightened, and he instinctively moved to cover his lower body. "Just try again if you dare!"

"Hmm?" Lola gave him a bright smile. "What do you mean Mr. Jacob? Try what?"

"Well, if Jacob wants to hang out, then let's just all go together. This is turning out to be very interesting..." Ivan said nonchalantly and even grabbed Jacob's hand. He was about to usher the man to the car when Lola spoke up. "Okay, if he's coming, I won't go. I feel tired anyway. I might as well head home and get some rest."

"Well..." Ryan quickly blocked her. "Lola, please don't. Jane has already arrived. She is waiting for you." The words slipped out of his mouth nervously. It was so difficult for him to catch Lola during her free time; how could he let her go so easily?

The four people stood at the side of the road, locked in a stand-still. Passersby started to glance at them curiously.

"In any case, I won't go with him!"

"What, do you think I want to go with you so badly? Why are you so scared of me anyway? Let me help make things easier for everyone!" Without warning, Jacob dragged Lola towards his own car. She struggled in his grip, tempted to kick him again. She held back, though, because they were in public and a lot of people were around.

Ryan was quick on their heels, determined to take Lola back, but Ivan oddly stopped him. "Well, that's it. Since they already left, I'll stay and have a drink with you instead."

"No, wait. He's going to bully Lola..."

"They clearly have some business to take care of. Why bother them? Let's go on our way, Director Ryan."

Lola had been expecting Ryan and Ivan to come to her rescue, so to see them leave the scene just like that stunned her.

Who on earth was Ivan's friend again?

She was getting more and more baffled by everything that was happening.

Now that they were both inside the car, the two people carried on with their argument.

"Have you fin

ally gone out of your mind, Jacob? Why did you just drag me away in front of so many people? You've been pestering me the whole day! What are you trying to do, exactly? I thought you'd already left, my god, I can't believe you were waiting for me all along! Do you realize you're acting like one of my die-hard fans? People who don't know any better might even assume you have a crush on me!"

"Don't be so full of yourself! How could I have a crush on you, I don't even like you! I didn't come here just for Fiona, but for Grandma as well. And you won't be leaving until you agree to my request!"

They were well in the middle of the road now, and there was little Lola could do except seethe. Jacob was driving. Lola lowered her head and bit down on his arm. Hard.


You... Are you a dog or something? You're even biting people now! You really have changed! Who would ever believe you used to be Louisa?" Jacob forcefully pushed her away.

Caught off guard, Lola was thrown to the car door with a bump and hit her head on the window.

It alarmed Jacob, and he made to lean over to check on her, but stopped halfway.

"Bastard! You are such a bastard, Jacob! If only I could bite you to death! Don't think that I'm at your disposal. Touch me again and I'll bite you down to your bones!" She made gnashing sound with her teeth as she glared and threatened him.

"What, do you like biting me that much? Have you grown fond of it? Because I will willingly give you my arm. Let me see how deep you can bite." He swerved the car to the curb and parked, then raised his arm and thrust it towards her. "Come on then!"

She glared with wide eyes. "Do you think I won't? Fine! Don't you dare dodge if you consider yourself a man!"

Then she did as he had asked and bit him. Hard.

Blue veins started popping from underneath Jacob's skin. He gritted his teeth and stared at Lola in disbelief.

Lola let up when she finally tasted the metallic tang of blood. She sat back on the passenger seat and looked at his wound with satisfaction. "Doesn't it hurt?" she asked, her tone smug.

"Do you really want me to touch you so bad?"

"Excuse me?"

"I have yet to touch you, yet you've practically been dying to bite me. You're trying to seduce me, aren't you?" In all honestly, it didn't really hurt at all. If anything, the bite mark was a little itchy.

Jacob's eyes were drawn to her mouth, where a bit of his blood had made tiny stains. The sight was strangely alluring.

Noticing the direction of his gaze, Lola frowned and swiped at her mouth to erase any traces of blood. "What are you looking at? I'm not in the least bit interested in seducing you!"

He met her eyes and smirked. "But haven't you been seducing me all this time? You knew very well that I hadn't left the beach yet, so you decided to go have dinner with Ryan and Ivan. Didn't you want to piss me off on purpose? I know all your tricks, Lola. You just want to attract my attention!"

Lola shook her head, her expression a mix of bitterness and cynicism. "Hahaha! I've never had to deal with a more ridiculous man than you! Me, seduce you? What a joke! Listen carefully, Jacob, I might as well try to seduce Ryan and Ivan at the same time, but I will never bother trying to catch the attention of such a cold-blooded and ruthless man as you!"

Her words pushed him over the edge, and without a thought, Jacob grabbed her neck and looked down at her with dagger eyes. "How dare you?"

"Let go of me! What I do with my life is none of your business, Jacob! Let me go..."

"No. I'd like to see exactly how you go about seducing a man." Their bodies had tangled with each other at this point, and Jacob kept his hold firmer even as Lola continued to struggle.

A handful of people had now gathered outside the car, drawn by the vehicle's shaking motion. They were all staring with both confusion and suspicion.

"Ah! They're probably having sex inside the car!"

"Who could it be? I can't see clearly through the windows!"

"Oh, look! Doesn't that license plate belong to the Gu Group? This will be big news! Hurry up and snap some pictures!"

"If we're lucky, this might be even Jacob Gu's car!"

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