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   Chapter 14 I Like The Smell Of Your Lipstick

Requited Love: Rise Like A Phoenix By Moonlight Characters: 6319

Updated: 2020-04-30 19:56

"Damn it!" With her eyes wide open, the woman pounded the man's back with her hands in panic, but in vain.

His breath invaded her whole body.

She felt limp and numb all over her body.

Damn it! What was he doing?

Did he know what he was doing!

Why did he bully her again and again?

Thinking of this, a touch of firmness flashed through her eyes. She resisted more and more violently, and her body kept twisting in order to get rid of him.

The man pressed against her body tightly, and his eyes were full of strong strength. He was looking at her charmingly and threatened, "Try it again."

His low voice seemed to be full of eagerness for her, but his tone was full of strength that could not be ignored.

Not knowing the reason, the warning words of Jacob suddenly made Lola who was wiggling in front of him stop moving.

She stood there still, with a trace of panic in her clear eyes.

Try it...

What else would he do!

Her hands changed from beating his back to grabbing his shirt. She grabbed it tightly.

Trembling all over, she could only make a muffled sound. She wanted to struggle, but he tightly held her waist.

The man held her face in his big hands, making her unable to escape.

She began to indulge herself in his simple kiss.

This feeling really scared her.

How could it be...?

She tried to push the man in front of her away, but his kiss was like poison that she could not resist.

It made people poisoned.

In a daze, she gradually lost her mind.

After a long time, he finally let her go

Jacob let go of her lips but didn't let go of her body. He still maintained an intimate distance from her.

"Bastard! You bastard, Jacob! "

Before Lola could reach out her hand, her hands were pressed down by him and were tied behind her.

Looking at her exasperated look, he reached out his hand to hold her chin and got close to her lips. "It tastes good. I like it. Remember to use this lipstick next time. "

Lola's face became redder and redder, "Do you know what you are doing? "

"Of course I know."

"How can you... Do this to me! "

She used to expect to be closer to him, but no matter how she tried to please him, he didn't care about her at all, let alone kissing her.

While the only time he touched her made her so scared!

But now, it would only make her feel sick!

"Why not? You can kiss with an unknown man in order to make money, why can't you just practice kissing with me? " The man said domineeringly and ruthlessly.

Lola shook her head angrily and escaped from the control of his big hand. "No! It is just my work. It's a normal thing. Who do you think you are? You are really a stranger! "

"Am I a stranger? I'm your... Your... "

"Who are you? Who do you think you are? " She stared at the man with her bright eyes, waiting to see what he could say.

"I'm you, ex husband." Jacob said word by word.

"As you said, ex husband. What kind of relationship is that? It's all over. How can you... Let me go! Why don't you let me go! Jacob, tell me what kind of reason you have to grab me! "

She was about to explode!

"You should thank me

for helping you train!" He raised a corner of his mouth with an evil and attractive smile. "In case you don't have kissing experience and become timid. "

"You bastard! Who told you I have no kissing experience? I have more experience than anyone else! Don't look down upon me. I've dated a lot of boyfriends abroad in the past two years. Let alone kissing, even for... "

The man's eyes were fixed tightly, emitting a sense of hostility. "What is it? "

'damn it! '.

She couldn't stop blowing.

"Even for the sex between men and women, I also never stopped." Said Lola defiantly, raising her eyebrows and smiling.

'She had never stopped... Is that true? '

Obviously, he didn't believe her, but what if she really... Damn it!

He still didn't believe that she would do that thing with others!

Didn't she only love him?

How could she change her mind in two years?

He had never taken Ryan seriously. A few years ago, Louisa had never had a crush on Ryan, let alone now. He didn't believe that she had someone else in her heart!

The man was furious, the blue veins on his face popped out, and he exerted force on his hands. "You... You never stop... I don't believe that! "

"Yes. Have you ever stopped sex? Where is your Miss Ellie? " Her eyes were bright and a little red.

Hearing this, Jacob frowned. 'Why did she suddenly mention Ellie?'

"Of course we are good. Very good. "

Lola pursed her lips and didn't say anything. She looked at the man without blinking. The man also sensed the coldness all over her body.

"What's up? Are you unhappy to see us live a good life? Are you jealous? Does it mean that you still care about me and love me? Louisa... " The man smiled and corrected himself, "Oh, no, you are Lola. "

Her face became paler and paler, and her eyes gradually became a little moist. She felt sorrowful and angry in her heart. She gritted her teeth and lifted her leg hard.


Lola glared at him, "You bastard, Jacob! Let me tell you, I don't love you anymore. Not to mention being jealous. Don't even think about it! I, Lola, won't cry for you, let alone be jealous because of you! If you touch me again, I won't spare you! Go away! "

She turned around angrily, but a tear fell quietly when her back was against him.

Damn it! This man was so hateful!

At this time, Lily rushed over. She looked at Lola's face in confusion, because her eyes were filled with tears and her lips were very red and swollen...

Obviously, they had gone through a fierce battle.

"Lola, are you okay?"

With her back to Jacob, Lola said stubbornly, "I'm fine! Let's go! "

After taking a few steps, Lily couldn't help but remind her, "Lola, let's go to the bathroom to fix your makeup... Your face... "

When Lola stood in front of the mirror, she saw that the lipstick in her lips had been ruined.

Tears rolled down her cheeks.

Lily silently took a few steps back, without looking at Lola, but her heart was full of doubts.

"Lily, you know what to do. Don't say a word to others, okay? "

"Don't worry, Lola. I know what to do. Well, someone comes to visit you... "


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