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   Chapter 13 An Intimate Scene

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The phone call made Lola toss and turn the entire night, and she woke up with dark circles under her eyes the next day.

She had thought she could finally get some decent sleep, but that witch Fiona had interrupted and ruined it all. For that, Lola could, of course, not let the girl go so easily.

"Miss Fiona, let's meet today. I have something important to talk to you about. The address is ..."

Fiona took it as a sign of surrender from Lola. She assumed that the other woman would probably ask details about Ellie, so she promptly went to the place at the appointed time. To her horror, she discovered that the location Lola had given was a messy alley lined with peddlers of all kinds of wares. People from dubious walks of life were coming and going as they pleased. Fiona was wearing expensive clothes and high-heeled shoes at the time, making her stick out like a sore thumb.

'Damn it!' Fiona had been waiting for Lola for an hour now. 'Why hasn't she arrived yet?!'

Fiona had made countless calls to Lola, only for them to go unanswered. At some point she had received a message, which only said, "I'll be there soon. See you."

Meanwhile, at the beach, Lola was walking barefoot along the sand, her white chiffon dress flowing about her. She moved gracefully, in a manner that was sure to turn everyone's heads. A tall figure appeared in the opposite direction and slowly walked towards her. He took her hand as he got closer, and beamed at her.


That scene was okay. Take a break and wait while we set up the next scene."

Ivan glanced at Lola, his brow furrowed in worry. "Why do you look so tired today? You know, if you aren't feeling very well, you only need to say so."

"It's nothing. My body is just adjusting to the difference in time zones. I'll adjust soon." Lola gave him a smile that didn't reach her eyes. "Ah, it's good that we only have two scenes left to shoot. Once this is over, I can finally breather easy and sleep for a whole day. It's about time I relax properly with my sis."

"Sis?" Ivan asked. "Which sister, what's her name?"

"It's my... Just an old acquaintance." Lola couldn't reveal the extent of her relationship with Jane.

It looked like Ivan wanted to ask some more, but they were interrupted by Lily, who came running over, visibly distressed. "Lola, the man from that day just arrived."

"Which man?"

Lola's eyes followed the direction Lily was pointing at, and they immediately locked on to the figure of Jacob.

So Lily had actually recognized Jacob back at the lounge. Did she also remember that he was Jacob Gu?

To her credit, Lily had known that there was something between Lola and Jacob.

At the very least, she presumed them to be old acquaintances.

Lola narrowed her eyes. What was he doing here on set? Did he come for some business matter?

"It looks like someone isn't willing to let go," Ivan said meaningfully.

"Ugh, never mind. Let's pretend we never saw him."

She didn't want to have anything to do with Jacob. Ellie was coming back, for goodness' sake!

Lola grabbed the script and read through the remaining scenes. Soon enough, they were in position and the camera started rolling.

The next scene was an intimate one.

Ivan was supposed to kiss her on the forehead. He held her face just as the script said,

but as they drew closer to each other, they were interrupted by a loud voice. "Hello. Yes, what's wrong? What did you say?"


Who was that? Who the hell is talking? Don't you know that we're in the middle of shooting?"

The director was obviously angry. But when he turned around to find the culprit, he was met with the image of Jacob Gu holding a phone to his ear. The director scrambled to his feet and instantly changed his tone. "Oh, it's Mr. Jacob! I didn't see you there just now."

"I was just passing by," Jacob remarked casually, waving his hand. "I'm sorry for interrupting your shoot." His eyes drifted over to the man and woman who were still in an embrace, and glared.

"No, No. Mr. Jacob, it is fine."

"It looks like we need to shoot this scene again," Lola said to Ivan with a smile.

He returned her smi

le, albeit a bit more smugly. "Good. I'd like to take a few more takes of this scene myself."

Ivan raised his voice so everyone could hear what he said, and even looked towards Jacob on purpose.

A vein in Jacob's jaw bulged, and his lips twitched as he struggled to keep from snarling. "Ivan, my friend. Your acting has really improved, I'm impressed."

"You impress me, too, Jacob. I've always thought of you as a workaholic who never took time off from business. I had never had a chance to see you all these years, after all. But I've been running into you a lot recently, and we can even afford to chat like this. I do believe I will see you more often in the future as well."

Lola frowned at the ensuing development between the men, and she quickly intervened. "Director, I think we should start the second take now."

"Is it all right, Mr. Jacob?" The director, it seemed, only cared about Jacob. It grated on Lola's nerves,

and she pretended not to see Jacob.

But in the next moment, the man in question had stepped forward and promptly pulled Lola and Ivan apart before taking her away.

"Hey! Let go of me! People are watching; what do you think you're doing?!" Lola was on the verge of a panic. Jacob was the heir to the Gu Group, and she was a popular, rising star. What if someone on set misunderstood their relationship?

But Jacob paid no heed to her words. In fact, he barely noticed that people were looking at them. He dragged her over to a secluded part of the beach.

"What the hell are you doing, Jacob? I'm working. What sort of trouble are you trying to stir up this time? Are you following me all this time? People will have the wrong idea!" Although Lola had a ruddy face, she was still exhausted.

"It is not what you think!" Jacob snorted.

"Oh? You're right, that is indeed impossible. How stupid of me to assume such a thing." She shook free from his tight grip to find that her wrist had reddened.

"Why did you do that in front of so many people then? Don't you realize how easy it is to cause a misunderstanding? What the hell do you want this time?"

She had stepped away from him, and Jacob wanted to move closer, but he realized he had no definite answer to her questions. "I came here to see you because... Because you made a fool of Fiona!" he finally spat out. "She called me saying you made an appointment with her. She's still in that dirty place, waiting for you, while you're here leisurely shooting something scandalous with that man! Did you do it on purpose?"

"She was the one who started it. I was merely playing tit for tat. If she didn't provoke me, of course, I would have left her alone. There's no need for you to be in such a fuss, Mr. Jacob. I was just teaching her a small lesson for her own sake. But it's only been a short time since the appointed hour, and Fiona would have had a hard time figuring out the truth. Yet why have you come here so soon?"

Lola had just found a loophole. "Are you sure this is what you came for?"

Jacob rolled his eyes and let out a chortle of derision. "Of course. Why else would I be here?"

"Well you'd better not be wasting your time," Lola sneered. "I heard that someone is coming back. You shouldn't be gallivanting around for trivial things like this."

Jacob thought she was talking about his grandmother, so he only nodded. "Yes, of course. You're right, I'm not that free."

Lola gritted her teeth. "Indeed, Mr. Jacob, so you can leave now. Ivan is still waiting for me, and I need to get back there and shoot our scene!"

She turned away then and headed for the bathroom, only for him to follow at her wake.

She was at the bathroom door when Jacob grabbed her arm again. "Get back? You mean you want to get cozy with him again?"

"That's what the script says! Just shut up and go away! I don't want to listen to anything you have to say!"

"Shut up?" Jacob had, at this point, been pushed past his limits. "Since you want me to shut up so much, let me oblige you!" The next second he was in her face, getting closer and closer until he was kissing her. Hard.

Lola struggled helplessly against him, her eyes wide open. "Hmm..."

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