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   Chapter 12 The Woman In His Heart Is Coming Back

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"Lola, are you familiar with Ivan?" On their way back, Flora asked.

Lola remembered that Flora saw Ivan escort her to the car. Lola shook her head and said, "We just met today."

But what Ivan said was a little strange.

What did he know?

"But he cares about you so much." Flora seemed thinking something. She looked at Lola and said in a deep voice, "Lola, Ivan is very popular right now. It's better for you to be close to him..."

Hearing that, Lola frowned and asked, "Flora, what do you mean? If you have any other thoughts, just forget it. For the time being, I will not consider using that kind of method to fight for my position. "

"This was not bad. It was just a marketing strategy. And I didn't ask you to do anything... "

Lola didn't listen any more. She went back to the back seat of the limo and changed her dress.

Flora didn't feel embarrassed. She didn't continue but answered a phone call.

"If you have nothing else to do later, come with me."

"About what? Didn't I cancel the dinner? Don't arrange those things for me anymore! "

"Not that. It's Mr. Lu from MY Group, asked us to talk about the contract tonight. We have been informed of the location just now. We can change our clothes and go there right away... "

Feeling a headache, Lola just changed into a casual sportswear. She poked her head over. "Flora, you are so cruel. You won't stop until I'm exhausted, will you? I'll shoot the commercial at four o'clock tomorrow morning, and now arranged to see Mr. Lu. Okay, I'll go with you. You have to come with me anyway. "

I don't believe you are not tired.

However, Flora did have more energy than her.

Lola put on a simple and casual dress again. Lola and Flora arrived at the appointed restaurant and saw MY Group's Mr. Lu, who was Barry Lu.

"Miss Lola, all I have done because I'm your big fan. I have been paying attention to your overseas development, so I want to sign you as soon as you come back. "

Lola was a little surprised. Mr. Barry was really, how to put this... So enthusiastic.

"Thank you for your kindness."

During the whole dinner and conversation, Lola was absent-minded. Although the benefits they offered were very attractive, she felt that the Mr. Barry was a little strange.

It was already one o'clock in the morning when they finished. Sitting in the car, Lola felt sleepy. With her eyes closed, she suddenly said, "Find a time to sign the contract."

Flora nodded, "okay. I will make an appointment with Barry. "

On the other side, Barry drove to a villa and entered a room. "Mr. Jacob, things are almost done. Flora has just made an appointment to sign the contract. "

Jacob turned around and smiled, "okay. Then you'd better hurry up and sign her as soon as possible. I don't believe that she can escape from my control"

"But Mr. Jacob, why did you personally want to sign Lola who just came back? Do you know her? " Barry asked in confusion.

Jacob narrowed his eyes and smiled evilly, "Of course I know her."

"Really? You really know her? " Barry smiled happily, "I'm really her big fan. It's so good to sign her! Mr. Jacob, you can entrust Lola to me. I will definitely make her more famous! "

"Famous? Who said I wanted to make her famous? " The man said coldly.

"What do you mean? Mr. Jacob, don't you do this for... "

"It depends on her own choice whether she wants to be famous or not." Jacob said thoughtfully.

In the past few days, Barry felt that Jacob was very strange. Jacob suddenly intervened and asked Barry to sign the contract

with Lola as soon as possible. And Jacob also proposed such a rich condition to let Lola join. If Barry didn't say that he was her big fan, people would think that Barry had any intention for Lola.

Before dawn, Lola yawned and rushed to the studio. She rushed to the studio every day without a stop, and there was no time to cure her foot injury. Lily, who was beside her, was a little flustered. "Lola, I think you still need to rest. You can't handle so much work."

"Don't worry. The doctor has checked. I will manage to hang on till it is over. Hurry up, Lily. It's time for us to go inside. "

At the first glance Lola saw Ivan. The two of them discussed the details and began to shoot.

The first spokesperson she got after returning home was the famous beverage brand. Lola had signed together with Ivan and got along very well.

Noticing the discomfort on her feet, Ivan took care of her all the time.

During the break, Lola couldn't help but ask, "You said yesterday you know something. What do you know? "

With a helpless smile, Ivan said, "I know everything."

Her eyelids twitched. "I know you know the things, but what it is? Don't be so mysterious. I'm scared by what you said. "

"Don't be afraid. I won't say anything. It won't come out of my mouth no matter what happened. "

"You... What are you talking about? " She didn't believe that Ivan could know anything.

Was he Jacob's classmate from primary school? So Ivan had met her?

But it was not possible. As far as she knew, Jacob didn't have a friend, even from primary school. Besides she had a very low sense of existence in the Gu Family at that time, so Ivan shouldn't even know her existence.

"You and him. I know your relationship. Someone told me... "He stopped smiling and kept silent for a few seconds." but it's not Jacob. He and I are just ordinary friends. "

Someone told him?

With this question, Lola spent the whole day shooting. After finishing the work, she politely refused the invitation of Ivan to dinner and immediately went back to her apartment to have a rest.


Lola was really tired.

But it was still a little better than when she was abroad.

At least, she could have a good sleep.

But someone didn't want her to sleep at ease.

"Louisa! No, Lola. I tell you, don't try to badger my brother as soon you come back Jacob didn't love you and already abandon you back then, and now he doesn't love you either! "

"Miss Fiona, You call me at such late time and just to tell me this?"

"Jacob is on my side. He was afraid that I would learn something bad from you, but I tell you, you will never step on me to get what you want. I am the daughter of the Gu Family, and you are always a humble orphan! "

"You've gone too far, Fiona!"

"Humph, I warn you. It won't be easy to mess with me again. By the way, I have another news to tell you. Ellie will be back soon. My brother has been waiting for her all these years. You know that. Don't cry and kneel down to me then! "

After saying that, Fiona hung up the phone. Lola was in a trance.

Is Ellie coming back?

Is it true?

Lola felt a little cold all over her body. Thinking of that night, the name that the man had called in her ears, entangled her like nightmares.

Lola couldn't get rid of that nightmare.

She woke up crying. There was no one around her but endless darkness.

But now, the woman in Jacob's heart was finally going to come back to him.

He must be very happy.

Very happy.

The kind of happiness that would drive him crazy.

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