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   Chapter 12 The Woman In His Heart Was Coming Back

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"Lola, are you familiar with Ivan?" Flora asked as they set out on their way home.

Her agent did see Ivan escort Lola to the car. She shook her head. "We just met today."

But that parting remark of his was a little strange.

What did he know, exactly?

"Well it looks like he cares about you a lot." Flora looked like she was pondering something. In the next moment, she tuned to look at Lola square in the face. "Lola, Ivan is a very hot item right now. It would definitely be best that you grow close with him."

"What do you mean?" Lola frowned. "Look, whatever thoughts might be running in your head, just forget it. I won't even consider resorting to that kind of method to establish a foothold in the industry. At least not for now."

"It isn't such a bad way to do things. Think of it as a marketing strategy. Besides, I haven't even asked you to do anything, to be exact."

Lola tuned the other woman out as she entered the back seat of the limo to change her dress.

Flora didn't feel embarrassed. She didn't continue but answered a phone call.

"If you have nothing else to do later, come with me."

"What is it now? Didn't I already cancel the dinner? Stop arranging such meetings for me anymore!"

"It's nothing like that. The boss from MY Group asked to discuss the contract with us tonight. He's sent the address already. We can just change our clothes and head there straight away."

Feeling the stirrings of a headache coming, Lola opted for some casual sportswear. "You're so cruel, Flora," she commented. "You won't stop until I'm exhausted, will you? I have a commercial shoot at 4 A.M. tomorrow and here you are, telling me to go see a boss instead of getting some beauty rest. Of course I'm coming with you; it's not like this could be pulled off with just one of us anyway.

I don't believe you are not tired."

However, Flora did have more energy than her.

Lola ended up changing again, this time into a simple dress. When they arrived at the restaurant, the boss from MY Group was already there, and he was none other than Barry Lu.

"Miss Lola, I must say, I am a big fan of yours. I've been paying attention to your developments overseas, so I wanted to sign you as soon as you came home."

Lola was quite taken aback by the man. Barry was should she put it? He was in absolute earnest.

"Thank you for your kindness."

Throughout the dinner conversation, Lola's mind drifted in and out, and she didn't pay much attention to the terms of the contract. The benefits they were presented with were indeed very tempting, but she couldn't shake off this strange feeling about Barry Lu.

It was already one o'clock in the morning by the time they finished, and Lola found herself dozing off inside the car. Just before she finally gave in to sleep, she said firmly, "Find a good time and sign that contract."

Flora nodded. "Understood. I will make another appointment with Barry soon."

Meanwhile, Barry drove straight to a villa somewhere in the upper crust of the city. He let himself in and headed to the study. "Mr. Jacob, things are as good as settled. Flora has just made an appointment for the contract signing."

Jacob turned to him with a satisfied smile. "Well done. You'd better set up the earliest date possible. She can never escape my grip after this."

"But sir, why did you want to sign Lola Ming so badly? Do you know her?" Confusion was evident in Barry's face.

Jacob narrowed his eyes, and his smile somehow took on a sinister glint. "Of course I know her."

"Really? Is that true?" Barry was grinning in oblivious bliss. "I'm really a big fan, you know! It's so fortunate that we're signing her. Mr. Jacob, you can entrust Miss Lola to me. I will definitely make her super famous!"

"Famous? Did I ever say that's what I want?" Jacob said coldly, his voice suddenly taking a low tone.

"What do you mean? Sir, then what did you do all this for?"

"Well, it's up to her if she can succeed in the local entertainment industry or not." Now Jacob sounded a bit pensive.

It had not escaped Barry's notice how his boss had been acting strangely in recent days. Jacob had intervened out of nowhere and pressured him to get Lola to sign with them as soon as possible, even going as far as offering the star conditions that were practically disadvantageous to the

company's part. If he didn't know better, he would have thought his boss had personal, ulterior motives.

Just before the sun broke into the sky, Lola rose from bed and rushed to the studio. She had been doing a lot of rushing back and forth lately, her injuries in her feet weren't getting any better. It flustered even Lily, who had been a constant companion in all the projects. "Lola, I think you still need to rest. You can't handle so much work all at once."

"Don't worry. I've already been checked by a doctor. I can manage at least until this one's over. Just hurry up, Lily. It's almost time for us to go inside."

The first person Lola saw in the studio was Ivan, and the two quickly jumped into a discussion of the shoot's details.

This first project that she landed after returning to China was a famous beverage brand. She was lucky enough to grab the opportunity in the first place, so the fact that she got along well with her co-star was definitely a bonus.

At some point, Ivan took notice of the discomfort she felt in her feet, and he went to great lengths to be considerate of her.

When it was time for a short break, Lola could not contain herself and finally asked, "Yesterday, you said that you know something. What did you mean, exactly?"

Ivan shot her a helpless little smile. "It's like I said; I know everything."

Her eyelids twitched at his reply. "Yes, yes, but what is it that you know? Don't act coy with me, I'm getting scared."

"Oh, you have nothing to be afraid of. I won't say anything. Nothing will come out of my mouth no matter what."

"You... Just what are you talking about?" She couldn't bring herself to believe that Ivan could possibly have known anything.

Maybe he was a classmate of Jacob's from primary school, but so what? Did Ivan ever meet her before?

No, that was impossible. For as long as she had known him, Jacob had never had any close friends, even from his childhood. Besides, Lola was practically nonexistent during her entire stay with the Gu Family, so there was no way Ivan would even have heard of her.

"You and Jacob. I know about your relationship. Someone told me about it..." Ivan chose that moment to drift off into a few seconds of silence. "But it isn't Jacob. He and I are just ordinary old friends."

What, someone told Ivan?

Lola spent the whole shoot wondering just who that person might be. When work was finished, she politely declined Ivan's invitation to dinner and immediately went back to her apartment to get some rest.


She was exhausted.

But this was much more bearable than her time abroad.

At least now she could afford a good sleep.

At least she thought she did. Apparently, there was still someone who didn't want her to retire at ease.

"Louisa! No, Lola. I already told you not to bother my cousin! You know Jacob never loved you! He abandoned you! And there's no way he could possibly love you this time around either!"

"Miss Fiona Gu. You're calling at this very late hour just to tell me this?"

"Jacob is on my side! He was just afraid that your bad habits might rub off on me, but I'm telling you now: I will never let you step over me! I am a member of the Gu Family, and you are nothing more than an orphan! That's what you'll always be!"

"You've gone too far, Fiona!"

"Humph, I'm just warning you. It won't be easy to mess with me again. Oh, and by the way, I have some more news to share with you. Ellie will be back soon. My cousin has been waiting for her all these years, as you well know. Don't cry and kneel down to me then!"

Fiona immediately ended the call after that. Lola, on the other hand, entered a trance.

Ellie Ye was coming back?

Was it true?

A chill crawled up Lola's spine and danced along her fingertips. She recalled that horrible night, and how Jacob had called that other woman's name directly into her ears. It was like living through a nightmare while she was still wide awake.

It seemed like she could never get rid of that nightmare.

She didn't know how or when she fell asleep, but all of a sudden, she awoke with a sob. There was no one there, and she was alone in an endless darkness.

The woman who had been in Jacob's heart all along was finally coming back to him.

He must be overjoyed.


He must be going out of his mind with joy.

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