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   Chapter 11 Just Some Slut

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"There's no need for you to be present for the rest of today's event. I'll deal with it on your behalf. Get yourself home and reflect on yourself." Despite himself, Jacob was aware that if he didn't teach his cousin a lesson, she would become a hopeless case in the future.

Realizing just how angry he was, Fiona deemed it wise to keep her silence. She did glance at him, though, and after only a moment, started begging. "Jacob, please, I came all the way here. What if people presume the worst for my leaving early and they start to spread bad rumors? I promise you that I will never do such a thing again, so don't be mad at me."

"Leave right now," Jacob answered coldly.

Fiona had always been scared of Jacob when he became furious. Casting a last, resentful look towards Lola's direction, she turned and left dejectedly.

Jacob made a call to Barry to make arrangements regarding Fiona's sudden exit, then he walked into the grand hall.

Lola was already the center of everyone's attention, and she was flanked by Celia and Ivan. A handful of other celebrities were also flitting about around her.

She dazzled him. Vaguely, he became aware of a strange, throbbing feeling in his chest.

She really had changed.

At least she did on the surface.

In the past, Louisa was like the lousy girl next door. Despite being part of the Gu Family, her presence and appearance were easily ignored by most. Nobody even knew that the family had an adopted daughter, except perhaps close acquaintances of the Gus.

Louisa was a plain girl who had never worn any makeup. She was timid. She was kind. And the only things she had seemed passionate about were singing and dancing.

In addition, Jacob guessed, to pestering him daily, she had often sung, had often played the piano, had often danced on her own.

He could still remember how flustered she had been when he had accidentally walked in on her while she was dancing.

He thought he didn't have any significant memories of that girl. It appeared he was wrong.

Now she donned beautiful clothes and prettied herself up with exquisite makeup, and no one could take their eyes off her.

Nobody would probably believe him if he revealed that this woman before them was Louisa.

Her way of doing things had also changed. She was no longer weak, no longer flinching at the slightest rise in his voice. On the contrary, she now stepped up to him and parried with him at every turn. She didn't seem afraid of anyone or anything.

Jacob chuckled softly to himself. If Lola thought to pester him this time around, it would be much more difficult to get rid of her.

As the event dwindled down, Flora called out to Lola from the side. "Lola, you have another dinner party tonight."

"What dinner party?"

"There's a director who wants to meet with you, and he has extended the invitation."

"Flora, have you forgotten that my feet are injured?"

Lola said with a gentle smile. She could just solve this minor nuisance easily with that excuse. She looked around briefly and wondered if that man had already left.

She didn't see him, so he must have gone.


She didn't want to see him again. Why did she keep bumping into him everywhere?

But for he had done something bad to her before, she would have doubted if he had pestered her on purpose.

She sneered. How could it be possible?

"Lola, what are you thinking about? Did you hear anything I just said?" When Lola only gave her an absent look, Flora pulled a face. "Here, the contract and all the other documents from MY Group. Read through them. They made a promising offer, so I chose them among all agencies."

That finally pulled Lola back to her senses. "Didn't you say that both AT Media and HY Media were planning to sign me?" she asked curiously. "What made you decide on this one?"

"AT Media is too limited. It only focuses on TV series. As for HY Media, although it is the top media company, it is too traditional in its ways. They also have a lot of superstars under them already. If you sign with them, there's no guarantee that you'd be able to land projects right away. MY Group is different from those two. It has an international background and doesn't have a roster of famous stars to raise the banner of the company. Once you sign with them, they will place great value on you. I chose this company for your sake; MY Group has a very attractive remuneration arrangement. They presented the most advantage among all the agencies."

Flora looked like she was about to expound some more, so Lola waved a hand to stop her. "You've already made up your mind, so let's just sign with them. It's true that their international connections present good opportunities. Still, though..."

Why did she feel uneasy about this?

Lola headed to the bathroom to retouch her makeup. As soon as she walked out, however, she promptly r

an into a man and a woman. "I'm... sorr..."

It was Jacob. Of course. And some B-grade actress!

Lola froze in shock.

Especially when she caught sight of their entangled hands.

As for Jacob, the moment he had recognized Lola, he put his arm around Shirley's waist. "Never mind this," he said to Lola. "You don't have to apologize."

Shirley brightened up and snuggled into his embrace. She gave him a sickeningly sweet smile. "Honey, would you like to grab a drink with me after I'm done here. Last time, I didn't get to..."

Jacob immediately reached out to stop Shirley. "Shush. Saying it out loud takes away the mystery. By the way, Miss Lola, would you perhaps like to join us? I'm sure it would be interesting if we all play together."

Lola could feel her face redden, although she wasn't sure if she was angry or embarrassed at this very suggestive exchange. "No, thanks. I have no interest in playing with you. I have a dinner party to attend."

She turned in her heel then, and made to walk past them when Jacob pounced on her and grabbed her arm. "What dinner party?" he demanded, his tone bordering on dangerous.

"Well, some director invited me for a meal and a drink, as to be expected. There are a good number of people that want to cooperate with me, you know. Why? What's this, Mr. Jacob? Do you maybe want to go to the dinner party as well?" At the back of her mind, Lola was a little confused. In the beginning, she only mentioned the dinner party in order to make it clear that she didn't have time to waste on him, but how did things come to this. And did Jacob look a tad furious?

Oh, was he angry that she had interrupted his rendezvous with Shirley?

A couple of beats passed, and when Jacob spoke again, he spat out the words succinctly. "You. Must. Not. Go!"

"What the hell? You are not my agent. How dare you order me around? You're a very strange man, Mr. Jacob." Lola flinched when she felt his grip tighten around her arm. "Let go of me!"

Shirley looked back and forth between them, visibly distressed. Even she wasn't so stupid to not recognize the strange dynamic between Lola and Jacob. She sidled up next to him and stuck his other arm against her body. "Honey, let's get going. Why do you care about her anyway? She's just another slut, just let her go."

"What did you just say?" Lola snapped. "Who is the slut? If one looked closely at this scene, then that term would definitely refer to you. Am I wrong?"

Shirley's pretty face flushed. She raised a hand and was obviously aiming to land a slap on Lola, but Jacob stopped her. "Don't pick a fight with her."

"I advise you to be smart about this, Miss Shirley. Mr. Jacob here might seem romantic and debonair, but he's utterly ruthless beneath the surface." She gave them another smile, then effectively shook off Jacob's hold and walked away from them. And instantly ran into another person.

Ivan had been watching them for quite some time, and to say that he was stunned at what he had witnessed would not be an exaggeration. He met Lola halfway as she approached. "If you're going to have dinner with a director tonight, I can be your escort."

Lola felt a measure of pleasant surprise. She didn't know Ivan would help her. "Thank you, I'll gladly accept your offer."

"Miss Lola, you really are good at this game of seduction! You've practically been itching to cozy up with a director as soon as you came back. Now, you even managed to catch a young and handsome man in your trap! Have you no sense of shame or self-esteem? You were all chummy with Ryan just yesterday, and now you're quick to jump over to Ivan. I wonder who would fall into your clutches tomorrow!" Jacob's angry tirade rang through the corridor. He always knew how to light Lola's fury somehow.


"Well... Miss Lola has just returned so she needs someone to help her get familiar with the local show business scene. As a gentleman and her friend, I would love to be that someone, even just for a day. And as your friend, Jacob, I would strongly advise you not to drink too much. It would ruin your health."

After calmly interfering, Ivan took Lola's hand and ushered her out of the corridor.

That last glimpse of them holding hands drove Jacob to the edge. When Shirley attempted to get close to him again, he forcibly pushed her. "Get away!" he barked. "Don't bother me again, or I will terminate your contract."

Meanwhile, Lola and Ivan had just barely escaped Jacob's immediate vicinity when she pulled at his hand. "I'm not attending that dinner."

"Oh," Ivan smiled. "I see. So everything back there... Did you say that to anger him on purpose?"

"Well, not exactly." Lola gave him a look of embarrassment. "It was just a casual remark."

"Oh, come on. Don't be so stubborn. I figured everything out."

Lola's eyes widened in horror. 'What does this guy know?'

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