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   Chapter 11 She Is A Slatternly Woman

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"I don't think you need to attend today's activity. I'll deal with the rest for you. Go back and reflect on yourself!" Jacob knew that if he didn't teach his cousin a lesson, she would be hopeless.

Seeing that Jacob was so angry, Fiona didn't want to say anything more. She looked at him and begged, "Jacob, please, I have come here today. What if there is any bad news about me because I leave early? I promise you that I will never do such a thing again. Don't be angry. "

Jacob said coldly, "Go back right now."

Fiona was most afraid that Jacob would be angry. She took a resentful look at Lola and left dejectedly.

After Calling Barry to deal with the matter of Fiona, Jacob turned around and walked into the hall.

With attractive appearance, Lola was already standing in the center of the stage, surrounded by Celia, Ivan, as well as some other stars and celebrities.

Looking at such a dazzling woman, he had a strange and throbbing feeling in his heart.

She had really changed.

At least she had changed a lot on the surface.

Louisa was like a girl next door. Even if she lived in the Gu family, her appearance was easily ignored. Even many ordinary people did not know that the Gu family had such an adopted daughter.

She was a plain girl, without any makeup, and had a mediocre study. She was kind and timid. There was only one thing that she liked very much—singing and dancing.

In addition to pestering him in daily life, she often sang, played the piano and danced at home...

In a trance, he found that he still remembered how flustered she was when he saw her dancing.

He thought he didn't have any memories about her.

Now, with exquisite makeup and beautiful clothes, she had become the focus of everyone, and every move of her exuded her charm.

Maybe no one would believe that she was Louisa.

And her way of doing things had also become another person's. She was no longer weak, and no longer flinching. She even dared to fight and was not afraid of anybody and anything.

Jacob chuckled. If she was pestering him now, it would be difficult for him to get rid of her

After the activity, Flora called out to Lola, "Lola, there is a dinner party tonight..."

"What dinner party?"

"There is a director wanting to invite you..."

"Flora, have you forgotten that my feet are injured?"

Lola said with a gentle smile. She solved the trouble easily. She looked around and wondered if that man had left.

He must have left.

That's great.

She didn't want to see him again. How could she see him everywhere!

But for he had done something bad to her before, she would have doubted if he had pestered her on purpose.

She sneered. How could it be possible?

"Lola, what are you thinking about? Did you hear what I said to you? " Seeing that Lola was still absent-minded, Flora pulled a long face and said, "Here are the contract and materials. Have a look. I've decided to choose this MY Group, it is promising. "

Hearing that, Lola came to her senses and said curiously, "Didn't you say that both AT Media and HY Media have the intention to sign me? Why do you choose this one? "

"AT Media is too limited. It only conducts business about TV series. As for HY Media, although it is the top media company, it is too traditional and miscellaneous. There are too many superstars in it. Even if you go in, you may not be able to get attention. But MY Group is different. It has an international background and lacks of famous star to make it strong. So once you go there, you will be valued. I did it for your sake, and MY Group has very attractive remuneration, and it is the most advantageous one among these companies. "

Lola waved her hand and stopped Flora. "Since you have made up your mind, sign it. It is good that it has an international background... But... "

Why did she feel uneasy?

Lola went to the bathroom to fix her makeup. But she ran into a man and a woman by accident as soon as she came out. "Damn it... Wel

l... "

It was Jacob... With a less well-known female star!

She was stunned.

Looking at their entangled hands, her body stiffened.

As soon as Jacob saw her, he put his arm around Shirley's waist and said, "It doesn't matter. You don't have to apologize. "

Seeing the behavior of Jacob, Shirley was immediately elated. She leaned in his arms with a sweet smile and said, "Honey, do you want to drink something with me after I finish my work? Last time, I didn't... "

Jacob immediately reached out his hand to stop Shirley, "Shush. It will lack of mystery to say it out By the way, Miss Lola, would you like to join us? It will be interesting if we play together. "

Lola's face turned red, she didn't know if she was angry or provoked by their explicit words. "No, thanks. I have no interest in playing with you. I have a dinner party to attend tonight. "

After saying that, Lola turned around and was about to leave, but Jacob immediately rushed to her to grab her arm, and said in a cold tone, "What dinner party?"

"Of course some directors want to invite me to have dinner and drink something. There are so many companies want to cooperate with me. What's up, Mr. Jacob? Do you also want to go to the dinner party? " She frowned. She just wanted to fight back and let him know that she didn't have free time to drink with him, but why did he seem to be a little angry?

Was he angry that she interrupted him and Shirley?

Jacob paused for a while and said word by word, "You mustn't go!"

"What? You are not my agent. Why do you order me? You are so strange. " Lola frowned and felt a little pain in her arm. "Let go of me!"

Shirley was a little confused. Even she was so stupid that she could tell that the atmosphere between them was a little strange. She leaned against Jacob and said, "Honey, let's go. Why do you care about her? She is a slatternly woman, just let her go."

"What are you talking about?" Lola snapped, "Who is the slatternly woman? According to the current situation, you are the one you are talking about, right? "

Shirley's pretty face turned red. She was about to raise her hand to slap Lola, but was stopped by Jacob. "Don't quarrel with her..."

"I advise you to learn to be smart, Miss Shirley. This Mr. Jacob seems to be romantic, but in fact he is ruthless. " With a smile, she bypassed them and went straight away. While she met another person.

Ivan, who had been watching them all the time, was a little stunned. Seeing that Lola was walking towards him, he said, "If you are going to have dinner with director tonight, I can be your escort. "

Lola was surprised, she didn't know why Ivan would help her. "Thank you. "

"Miss Lola, you are so good at seducing others! You can't wait to attend the director's dinner as soon as you come back. And there is a young handsome man being your escort. If you have self-esteem, you won't do these. Yesterday, your escort was Ryan, but today is Ivan. I don't know who will be the next tomorrow! " The voice of Jacob came from behind, which could always make Lola angry.


"Well... Miss Lola just comes back from abroad, so she doesn't know much about the situation in China. As a gentleman and her friend, it is not a bad thing to be her escort. Jacob, as a friend, I advise you not to drink too much. It's bad for your health. "

After saying that, Ivan took Lola's hand and left.

Looking at their backs, Jacob was very angry. As soon as Shirley approached him and was about to say something, Jacob pushed her over and said, "Get out! Don't pester me next time, or I will terminate the contract with you. "

After taking a few steps, Lola said to Ivan, "I'm not going to attend the dinner..."

Hearing that, Ivan smiled, "Oh... I see. Did you say that on purpose just now? "

She looked embarrassed and shook her head. "Not on purpose. I just said it casually. "

"Don't be so stubborn. I know everything. "

Lola was stunned and frowned. 'What does he know?'

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