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   Chapter 10 Reunion

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Hearing this, Jacob was furious. He grabbed Lola's hand and pinched it hard. "Say it again?"

"I won't say it a second time. The only thing I can say to you is "Thank you"! Thank you for thinking so much about my career! " Lola smiled sweetly, but cursed Jacob eight hundred times in her heart.


With anger all over his body, Jacob gritted his teeth and looked at her. "You are so eloquent, which makes me look at you with new eyes!"

"No thanks!"


Jacob and Lola just stared at each other, but in the eyes of others, the atmosphere was a little strange.

After Fiona was free, she wanted to settle accounts with Lola. Only then did she see that Jacob was standing next to Lola!

"Jacob! What are you doing? " Fiona immediately pulled away their hands, stood in the middle of them, and looked fiercely at Lola. "What do you want to do again? Do you want to... "

Fiona looked around and kept silent. She immediately dragged Lola to the backstage. Lola rubbed her hands, frowning and said impatiently, "Are you two done? I have work to do later. Don't you have any other things to do?"

"Louisa Gu, how dare you say that..."

"Well, Miss Fiona, have you forgotten that your surname is Gu, but mine is not. When I was a child, you said that I was not the member of the Gu Family. So, please call me Lola, and don't ever call me Louisa again... "

"Yes, Miss Lola. Since you left, why did you come back? And why bother my brother, Jacob? Don't forget that you were dumped by my brother. You can't get back together! No way! "

Hearing this, Lola felt a little distressed.

Soon, she suppressed it.

"Hahaha Fiona, you're kidding, right? I've only been back for two days and I've been busy with my work. And I'm also curious why I can always see Mr. Jacob in my workplace Miss Fiona, you should ask your brother. "

Lola fought back at the right time, and her beautiful words stunned Fiona.

"What do you mean, Lola? Do you mean that my brother comes to your workplace to pester you while he has nothing to do?" Fiona looked at her with a twisted face.

Lola smiled and raised her eyebrows proudly. "That's what you said. I didn't."

Embarrassed and angry, Fiona looked at Jacob and said, "Jacob, look at her! She slandered you, shameless! My brother doesn't want to see you. He hates you the most! It was you who played tricks! "

"You know clearly who is playing tricks!" All of a sudden, Lola's face darkened. She took a step closer to Fiona and said in a domineering tone, "Don't think that no one knows what you have done. I know everything!"

Hearing this, Fiona felt a little guilty. She unconsciously grabbed Jacob's arm and said, "What the hell are you talking about? I did nothing. Don't put others in the wrong! Jacob, look at her. She is bullying me again. She always disguised herself as nice person! In the Gu Family, she pretended to be weak, but actually bullied me behind your back! I was often bullied by her. "

Lola was shocked. It was unreasonable!

Who on earth act one way in the open and another way in secret? Who on earth bullied her secretly?

For the sake of the Gu family, Lola didn't care about what Fiona had done, but it didn't mean that Fiona could talk black into white, full of lies.

"Fiona, do you want me to tell everything you have

done? Okay then, I'll have a talk with you. And Jacob, you listen as well. " She pointed at Jacob, who was still stunned by calling his name. He nodded and said, "I'm listening."

"I don't want to tell how you used to act one way in the open and another way in secret in the Gu Family before. But don't try to slander me. I didn't do anything wrong in the Gu Family. Let's put aside the past. You disliked me on the first day I came back. You wanted me to lose face, didn't you? You wanted me to make a fool of myself on my first show by doing something bad behind my back! Don't think that no one knows what you have done, but I know... "

"What nonsense are you talking about? I don't know!" Fiona immediately interrupted her and shouted with a guilty conscience, "I didn't do anything to you. It's your bad luck if something happens to you! Maybe... Maybe it is you who have offended too many people... "

"Fiona, who else can I offend besides you? I just came back. Only you would do such a thing to hurt me. "

"Is that you, Fiona? You did something in her shoes, didn't you? " Jacob frowned and snapped, "Even if you have a problem with her, how can you do such a thing!"

"I... Jacob, don't believe her... "

"Don't be silly. What benefits will you get from her? You can't play such a trick at your age! Do you know that you are the daughter of the Gu family? You shouldn't have done such a thing! " In the eyes of Jacob, Fiona was just a little girl. Although she was only one year younger than Louisa, she had always been treated as his little sister.

"Jacob, are you on her side? I did that because she stole my job! And you blame me... I should be the one who played the finale, not her. She suddenly said she wanted to go back! She was just a popular Internet celebrity. She really thought she was a big star! Jacob, she picked on me first, okay? I'm so wronged. Who can comfort me? She's just slightly injured now. There's no need to make a fuss! "

Fiona didn't take it seriously. Her tearful look almost softened Jacob's heart.

"Jacob, you have seen with your own eyes how your sister talks black into white. At first, I didn't even want to mention it. For the sake of the Gu Family, I can't do anything to you either, but you still take the initiative to come up? It was her fault, but all blamed on me now? I'm more popular than you. It's the organizer's business to arrange the finale. If you have any objections, you can argue with them. Don't use those tricks against me! Let me tell you, Fiona, this is the last time. If you dare to hurt me again, I won't show mercy! Even if you are a member of the Gu family, I will punish you! "

Frightened by the imposing manner of Lola, Fiona stepped back behind Jacob. Fiona shrank, but seemed to be intimidating. "Why are you so arrogant? You are just a star. Do you still want to oppose the Gu Family?"

"That's enough, Fiona. Stop talking." Jacob scolded Fiona harshly. Then he looked at Lola and said, "It's Fiona's fault. I'll be responsible for it."

Lola rolled her eyes. She knew that Jacob loved his cousin very much, so he would protect her.

Without saying anything, Lola turned around and left.

Looking at Lola's back, Jacob felt inexplicably irritable.

It seemed that her eyes were mocking him, which made him very uncomfortable.

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