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   Chapter 9 As You Wish, I Will Seduce Him

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As the sole heir of the Gu Family, Jacob had never taken part in any entertainment activities.

So what was he doing in this ribbon-cutting ceremony?

What happened?

Besides, there had been no news that he would be attending this event in particular!

The media, as well as the other guests, were naturally confused by this sudden turn of events. As such, they all scrambled to take photos as proof for when they ran their story.

Lola's hands clenched into fists the moment she had caught sight of Jacob's face, but she maintained a calm facade. She was wearing a tight white dress that complemented her figure and her complexion perfectly. She stood out among the female stars in attendance.

She moved forward to greet Ivan, then swerved to the side to have a little chat with Celia. She had effectively navigated away from Jacob, not even sparing him another glance after that first one.

Meanwhile, the man walked straight ahead, his face cool and expressionless. He was decked in a tailored fit suit, and everyone turned their heads to watch every step he made.

Jacob realized he had reached the press conference area, and was about to turn away when Fiona popped up from somewhere behind him. "Jacob! You're here! Did you come to see me?"

He gave a small non-committal nod. "The boss here is an old classmate of mine, so I came to have a quick look. I also wanted to see if you're really working hard or not."

"Of course I do! I work hard every day. I'm not relying on our family name to advance, you know. I'm dealing with my struggles by myself."

Jacob's eyes were already scouring the area before Fiona had even finished speaking. He was looking for one particular woman -- Lola. He wanted to see what she was doing, but it looked like he had been caught in another girl's clutches and could not free himself for a while.

He had to endure the interview in this manner, and when that was done, Fiona pulled him aside. "All right, tell me," she whispered. "What the hell are you doing here? You hate these things, don't you? You always refused to attend."

"I was just dropping by."

Though his response was quick, his eyes belied his attention, as they were still wandering all over the place.

"You've changed, Jacob," Fiona snorted with discontent.

"What?" That did grab his attention. The tips of his ears turned red as he shook his head vigorously. "What change are you talking about? Nonsense! I didn't come here to see anyone at all!"

"You've changed because you've started paying attention to the entertainment circle." Fiona shot him a look of suspicion. "What did you think I meant?"

She was ready to grill him, but just then she caught an annoying figure in the corner of her eye. She immediately got furious. "Jacob! Look, it's that woman! Did you know? She's back in the city, and she keeps shamelessly stealing the limelight from me! Oh, look! Now she's trying to cozy up with Celia and Ivan!"

Jacob's head immediately swiveled to the direction of Fiona's gaze, only to be promptly blinded by Lola's bright smile. The problem was, her smile was directed to some male celebrity.

Fiona continued to stew beside him. In the next second, something seemed to have occurred to her, and she raised her head to narrow her eyes at Jacob. "Hang on a second. Jacob, don't tell me you..." But that would be quite an incredible phenomenon. Fiona shook her head and tried to wave the thought away. "No way, that would be impossible. I know you've always detested her. If you had known she would be here, there's no way you would have purposely come."

His ears were full-on burning now, and Jacob cleared his throat awkwardly. "I told you I was just passing by. I didn't come here on purpose."

"I mean, you wouldn't have come if you knew, right?"

"No, of course not."

Jacob's last answer was curt, and he narrowed his eyes almost instantly after speaking before striding away. Fiona immediately stepped forward to follow him, but her agent blocked her way.

"I didn't expect that you and Miss Celia are actually friends. This commercial will be my first project here in China, so please take care of me."

"Oh the entertainment circle here is quite small. You'll run into acquaintances wherever you go. You'll get used to it soon," Ivan said reassuringly.

He had a perfect face, a warm smile, and he was over six feet in height and very eye-catching.

"Ivan is right. You'll adapt to the local show business in no time. After all, you did thrive in the foreign industry, which is much harsher. The Chinese show business should be a piece of cake for you. I believe you'll even do better than me. And don't call me Miss Celia, just Celia will do."

Lola nodded with a smile. "All right, Celia. Why don't we meet up and grab a bite one of these days? Ivan, please give me your contact number as well."

The moment Ivan whipped out his phone from his pocket, an arm reached out to grab his wrist in mid-action. "You shouldn't be giving your phone number to anyone so easily."

Lola frowned at the annoying man who had just shown up. She had been keeping away from him all this time, but he still somehow appeared in front of her. Couldn't he see that she was busy building rapport with her colleagues?

Ivan was surprised to see Jacob. "What the... We haven't seen each other for so many years, I thought you've already forgotten me!"

In all honesty, Jacob did forget that he had been classmates with this popular young star back in primary school. Fortunately for him, he remembered the fact just in time.

Hearing this, Lola had to raise her eyebrows. She turned to Celia and said, "It really is a small circle."

"It looks like Miss Lola wants to hook up with you as soon as she came back from abroad. You're indeed popular, huh? Congratulations."

"Uh... You flatter me." Ivan was definitely caught off guard by everything Jacob had said and done, and he was visibly embarrassed. He looked to Celia for help. 'What is happening here?'

Damn it!

What the hell was Jacob saying?

Did he mean that she was seducing Ivan?

Celia looked back and forth between Lola and Jacob. Though she didn't know the answer to Ivan's unspoken question either, she knew for sure that the atmosphere between the two was strange. So she said a few words to excuse herself and pulled Ivan away with her.

When they were gone, Lola grabbed a glass of wine from a passing waiter in a huff and downed it in one go. "Can you please stop stirring up trouble?"

"Stirring up trouble?" Jacob looked indignant. "And here I thought that you had forgotten your mother tongue after staying overseas for a couple of years. It seems that you still remember it perfectly..."

"Can you stop being so sarcastic, Jacob?" Lola struggled to temper down the fury raging inside her. "What makes you think you can just meddle with my affairs? And why can't I connect with Ivan anyway? I've just come home, I need to make friends and connections! Why the hell can't I get familiar with my project partner? I'm telling you now, don't try to hinder my career!"

"Oh please, I don't have time to waste on hindering your so-called career! I just don't want you to go seducing Ivan. You should know that he is --" Jacob cut himself off abruptly, which only served to anger Lola further.

"Seduce him? Are you serious? Who is seducing him? Did you, in fact, see me actually seducing him?" Her face flushed with rage now. She could put up with most anything, but she couldn't stand this man slandering and humiliating her like this.

She had deliberately lowered her voice so nobody would overhear them.

"I did. I saw it all with my own eyes. You were trying to suck up to him, weren't you? He's been very popular recently after all. Were you planning to initiate a scandal and take advantage of it to hype up your publicity?"

Jacob stepped forward and glared at her, his tone becoming fierce. "You'd better not do anything disgraceful!"

Lola was livid at this point. She wanted to hit him. What did this man think of her?

He had such a dirty and malicious mind!

She took a deep breath to hold fury down. Then she gave him an evil, pointed look, and smirked. "You know what, you do have a point there. You just succeeded in opening up my mind. Ivan is indeed a popular young star, and an excellent choice to have an affair with. The fact that he's so handsome is also a bonus. I personally think that he's the most handsome man in the industry! I don't really have anything to lose in this situation. So I must thank you, Mr. Jacob, for the idea. As you wish, I will seduce him."

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