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   Chapter 9 As You Wish, I Will Seduce Him

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As the only heir of the Gu family, Jacob never took part in any entertainment activities.

But now why did he appear at the ribbon cutting ceremony?

What happened?

There was no news that Jacob would attend the ceremony before!

The audience and the media were all confused. But they wouldn't let go of such a shocking news, so they immediately began to take photos.

After seeing Jacob, Lola clenched her fists, but she looked calm on the surface. The white tight dress she wore brought out her fair skin and beauty. She was not inferior to any other female stars.

In the flashlight, she greeted Ivan and went to have a chat with Celia, without looking at Jacob.

The man in a suit walked straight ahead expressionlessly, attracting everyone's attention.

When he arrived at the interview area of the media, he was about to turn around and leave, but Fiona immediately caught up with him from behind. "Jacob, you are here! Are you here to see me?"

Jacob nodded and said, "The boss here is my old classmate, so I come here to have a look. By the way, I want to see whether you are working hard or not. "

"I work hard every day. I'm not relying on the reputation of our Gu family. I'm struggling by myself! "

As he spoke, he looked around for the woman, Lola. He wanted to go to see what was going on, but he was tightly grabbed by Fiona.

After the interview, Fiona pulled Jacob aside and whispered, "Tell me, Jacob, what the hell are you doing here? You always refuse to attend such activities, don't you? "

"I have explained. I just pass by."

Jacob answered perfunctorily, but his eyes were still wandering around.

Fiona snorted and said discontentedly, "You've changed, Jacob."

"What?" The man's ears turned red and shook his head embarrassedly. "What change is there in me? Don't talk nonsense. I didn't want to find anyone..."

"You've changed. You've paid attention to the entertainment circle." Fiona looked at him doubtfully and asked, "Why?"

As soon as she finished speaking, she saw an annoying figure. Her eyes were burning with anger. "Jacob! Look, it's that woman! You know what? She's back. How shameless she is to steal the limelight from me! Look, she is now fawning on Celia and Ivan! "

Without hesitation, Jacob turned his head. The woman's bright smile came into his eyes, but her smile was to a male star!

Fiona pouted in annoyance. Suddenly, something occurred to her. She raised her head and asked in surprise, "Jacob, are you... Thinking of something incredible, Fiona shook her head repeatedly. "No, that is impossible. You've always been disliking her. If you knew that she was here, would you come?"

With his ears getting redder and redder, Jacob twitched his mouth, cleared his throat and said, "I just pass by. I don't come here on purpose."

"I mean if you know she is here, you won't come, right?"

"Yes, of course."

Jacob nodded. Suddenly, he narrowed his eyes and walked away. Fiona wanted to catch up with him, but was stopped by her agent.

"I don't expect that you and Miss Celia are classmates. My first job here is advertising, please give more guidance to me."

"Entertainment circle is very small. There will be acquaintances wherever you go. You will get used to it soon. " Said Ivan. With a perfect face, warm smile and a height of over 6 feet, he was attractive in the crowd.

"Lola, Ivan is r

ight. You will soon adapt to the domestic working pace. I believe that in the past you could stand out in that harsh foreign environment, now there is nothing difficult for you. You will do better than me. Besides, don't call me Miss Celia, just call me Celia."

Lola nodded, "Okay, Celia. Let's make an appointment some other day. Ivan, give me your phone number too. "

As soon as Ivan nodded and was about to take out his phone, a hand came up and stopped him. "Ivan, you should not give your phone number to others so easily..."

Lola frowned and saw an annoying man. She had been keeping away from him, but he still appeared in front of her. Didn't he see that she was communicating with her partners?

When Ivan saw it was Jacob, he was surprised. "We haven't seen each other for years. I thought you had forgotten me."

Of course, Jacob almost forgot that this popular young star used to be his classmate in primary school, and he just remembered it.

Hearing their conversation, Lola raised her eyebrows and said to Celia, "It's really a small circle."

"Miss Lola want to hook up with you as soon as she came back. I can see that you are very popular now. Congratulations."

"Uh... You flatter me. " Feeling embarrassed, Ivan looked at Celia for help. 'What's going on?'

Damn it!

What was Jacob talking about?

Did he mean that she was flattering Ivan?

Celia looked at Jacob and then looked at Lola. Feeling that the atmosphere was a little strange, she just said a few words and pulled the Ivan away.

In a fit of pique, Lola picked up a glass of wine and drank it up. "Can you stop stirring up trouble?"

"Stir up trouble?" Jacob raised his eyebrows and said, "I thought you had forgotten your mother language after staying abroad for a few years. It seems that you still remember... "

"Can you stop being so sarcastic, Jacob?" With anger in her heart, she tried to keep calm on the surface. "Why can't I connect with Ivan? I just come back from abroad and don't have any friends or acquaintances. Why can't I get familiar with my partner first! I strongly advise you not to try to hinder my career! "

"I don't have free time to hinder your so-called career! But you can't seduce Ivan. You should know that he is... " All of a sudden, Jacob stopped and didn't go on, but Lola got angry.

"Seduce him? Are you serious? Who seduced him? Who saw me seducing him? " Her face turned red. No matter how calm she was, she couldn't stand Jacob's slander and humiliation!

Her voice was deliberately lowered for fear of being heard by others.

"It's me. I saw it with my own eyes. You are trying to suck up to him, aren't you? It's true that he's very popular recently. Do you want to take advantage of him to make some scandal to hype you? "

Jacob stepped forward, stared at her and said fiercely, "You'd better not make your behavior too disgraceful!"

Lola was so angry that she wanted to hit him. What did this man think of her?

His mind was so dirty!

She tried to calm down. With a smile, she looked at him evilly and said in a low voice, "Okay, you are right! You remind me that Ivan is a popular young male star, and it's a good choice for me to have an affair with him. Besides, he is so handsome! The most handsome male star in the entertainment circle! I think I have nothing to lose. Thank you, Mr. Jacob. As you wish, I will seduce him. "

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