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   Chapter 8 A Woman Who Doesn't Yield To Both Hard And Soft Tactics

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"Have you made up your mind?"

Lola didn't know how Jacob got her new phone number. She stood in front of the mirror and answered the phone while putting on makeup, "No need to think about it. I won't agree. I'll make it clear when Grandma comes back. "

"What are you going to say? In the past two years, I told Grandma that you were studying abroad, but I didn't tell that you were already a star. "

The man's voice sounded somewhat ironic. Gritting her teeth, Lola narrowed her eyes and said, "You don't need to worry about how I explain. Mr. Jacob, I won't blame it on you. You have nothing to worry about. Aren't you just afraid that Grandma will blame you? I will take the responsibility, then you will be satisfied, right? "

"Louisa, it's up to me how the thing will go, not you. All you need is to accept it! It seems that only the soft approach works for you right now, instead of hard one "

Lola with frowned eyebrows, became more and more impatient on the phone, so she simply reached out her hand and hung up the phone.

She used to accept everything he asked, but not anymore

Let him give up.

After dressing up, Lola looked at the woman in the mirror with satisfaction. She smiled and turned around to leave.

When Lola arrived at the coffee shop, she took out her mobile phone and checked the news casually. She was satisfied with the comments from her fans, and even replied one or two questions from her fans who looked familiar.



When Lola heard the familiar voice, she immediately turned around and saw Jane was wearing a natty business suit in front of her.

"Yesterday I saw the news that you were back. I thought if the big star didn't have time to see me, then I would take advantage of my work to see you. But I was stood up... "

It suddenly dawned on Lola, "So you are the one to interview... If I had known it earlier, I would have agreed, instead of turning you down. "

"Your agent said that you suddenly got sick and felt uncomfortable. What happened exactly?" Jane ordered something to drink while she sat down.

"It's not a big deal. By the way, Jane, I come here today to catch up on the old days. I also want to check with you, is Grandma really coming back? " Lola really doubted that Jacob was lying, but she couldn't figure out his purpose.

Anyway, He just wanted to do something bad to make her life miserable.

Jane nodded, "Yes, Grandma will come back and stay for a few days. Also she will attend an important event by the way. Louisa, it's time for you to go back to see her. Grandma has kept talking about you in the past two years, and she asked Jacob and me to take you to see her. But I..."

Lola sighed, and the only person she felt sorry for was her grandmother.

Grandma must be very sad. Lola hadn't contacted her in the past two years.

"Jane, you know what happened between me and Jacob. I can't go back to be her granddaughter in law anymore. But I don't know you are all still hiding it from her... "

Hearing this, Jane raised her eyebrows in confusion. "How did you know? Have you already see Jacob? Huh? So soon? "

With a red face, Lola sighed unnaturally, "Yes, I did. But we quarreled fiercely. "

"Well, I can imagine. You used to endure him all the time. Now, it must be a tit for tat battle. " Jane smiled helplessly. In fact, it was a good thing for Louisa to leave the Gu family.

"I also know that no one in Gu family likes me except you. They didn't tell Grandma because they were afraid that Grandma would be irritated, but they didn't want

me to go back. I don't know what Jacob was up to. He finally got rid of me, why did he ask me to go back and lie to Grandma! Jane, I really can't go back, so I have to tell Grandma the truth. How is Grandma's health? "

Jane told Lola, which was almost the same as what Jacob said.

In other words, Jacob didn't lie to her.

"Louisa, in the Gu family, Grandma loves you, so does my mother and I. We all regard you as a member of our family. And Jacob, he is just too stubborn and doesn't like to be forced! There must be some misunderstandings between you two at that time, and then gets deeper and deeper. He doesn't hate you. " Jane said patiently.

Lola turned her head and smiled bitterly, "Not hate me? Who knows, but he indeed doesn't love me. When we got married, I was too young. It was my first time to fall in love with someone, and I only cared about him. But I didn't expect him to hate me and resist me so much. If I knew... "

"Even if you knew it, you would still choose to love him, wouldn't you?"

Lola neither admitted nor denied, and then said, "But now I have my own choice. No matter how stupid I was, I won't repeat the same mistake now. Jane, you are always the closest person to me. Don't call me Louisa anymore, it's Lola, okay? "

Knowing how painful she had been hurt by love, Jane nodded and said, "Lola, you don't have to introduce me as elder sister either. Just Jane. Otherwise, if it is heard by others, you... "

"All right, Jane. You just want to pretend to be young, right? " Lola laughed.

Jane rubbed her forehead, "I am young! I'm not pretending! "

It was almost afternoon when they parted in the coffee shop. Lola took a taxi in a hurry to the place where the activity was held. Flora and Lily was already waiting for her.

"Where have you been, Lola? It's too late! " Flora scolded.

"I'm not even allowed to see my old friends? And it's in time, don't worry?" Lola pouted her lips and said. "

"Don't you know your feet are hurt? The reason I turned down that interview is to let you have a rest, not let you run around! If you don't listen to me like this again, I will... "

With her eyebrows raised, Lola appeared to say provocatively, "Then you will tell on me, right? Come on, Flora, we already come back home, just don't do the things in old ways. I know you are in determination. It won't happen again, okay? And I know you have to report my work every day. But could you spare me this time? "

Flora turned around and walked away without saying a word.

Lily quickly came over and said, "Lola, you are so good at this. Just now, Flora was so angry that she thought something bad had happened to you as you didn't answer the phone. But you just settled it by few words"

Lola raised her eyebrows and said, "I have the most experience in dealing with her!"

Both Lola and Lily smiled as if they had formed an alliance.

"It is a big brand event today. The guests are the most famous young men and women. Look, that's Ivan Lu, the partner you are going to cooperate with in the commercial. And Celia... "


Although Lola hadn't done enough homework in advance, her eyes lit up as soon as she heard the name. Celia Cheng was her old acquaintance!

She was not familiar with many stars in China, but Celia Cheng was one of them.

When she was going to say something about Celia Cheng, Lily suddenly shouted, "Ah! Lola look, Jacob is here too! "


"He's here too! Why would he attend the ribbon cutting ceremony? " Lily frowned in confusion, but her eyes followed Jacob closely.

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