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   Chapter 28 What the heck are you doing in my house, ex-girlfriend

Falling in love wasn't the plan By Chantinglove138 Characters: 8186

Updated: 2020-05-16 21:09

Third person's point of view...

Alex woke up with a throbbing head ache. He lazily crawled on the bed in order to support his back behind him on the headboard. His eyes were burning and blurry. He could not see anything clearly as the strong light of the sun was irritating his eye sight by falling directly on his face.

He rubbed the eye kids to make the blurness depart nevertheless it only increased the itching in his eyes. Since he was too tired, Alex threw his headphones on the pillow again and slept on his sluggishly. Although his body was in a paralysed state of the slumber his mind was still working. And it was just recalling all the memories from the night.

Perry was selfish. How can he not smell her woeful temperament before?

She said that she engaged herself with the professor because Alex engaged with Amara!

WhatsApp nonsense was that!

Everyone in the college knew that something has been going on between the professor and Perry for about a month. Only she thought it was a secret however it was open to all like it was some kind of public news.

Leave her betrayal, after doing all that she still hoped that Alex will accept her! No, she was living in the world of her thoughts as that would never happen.

She hurt him. No matter what, she cheated on him and that was the reality.

Never mind, the more Alex thought about her and their conversation from the last night, the more his eyes and head hurt. He was unnecessarily stressing his head to think about a person who never deserved it. "Gosh!" Alex once again tried to wake up.

He successfully sat back against the headboard and unlatched his lashes and meeting his eyes with the sun rays. They were not that harsh on his eyeballs no more. He sat looking outside the window while the thoughts of Amara occupied him.

Did she really mean what she confessed?

Did she really love him and he never noticed it?

Did she really enjoy their hangouts together that she considered them as the best moment of her life?

So many questions as such occupied his head only hurting him more. "Oh jeez! What the heck is this?" Having clutched his head with both the hands Alex pressed his hair back leaning on the headboard. He was still unaware of his surrounding that when a hand forwarded a glass of lemonade towards him, he almost jumped on the bed.

"Oh my... Chloe?" Alex dumbfoundedly stared her face.

He cannot understand whether he was being a

nd ask your deary girlfriend about the mess she created in my hostel room last night!" Chloe darted Alex with a dark annoyed glare. "Why don't you tell her to tell you everything she said to Amara!" This caught him shocked.

Alex's back straightened in shock, he gulped his saliva as he took a sprint towards her. He held her by the shoulders while Chloe shook herself in his grip. "What happened last night? I knew it something must have happened that is why you came here" said Alex looking everywhere on her face.

The mention of Amara made many unwanted thoughts to rush in his mind and none of them were pleasing him at all. Perry went to see her last night, it was scaring him in another way as he can predict what would have she done to Amara.

"Speak up, Chloe... Just tell me what's the matter? What happened" He shook her like an empty sack of potatoes. Chloe curled her fingers around his forearms while she recalled what happened last night...


She came to the hostel room, tired and exhausted. Her eyes were paining since she stayed out ever since the exams ended. "Hi!" her body fell on the bed lifelessly as if there was no energy left in her body. Chloe saw Amara smiling at her, her specs were removed, and she looked gorgeous without them.

"You seem tired! Want me to get you some water?" Amara offered watching how Chloe laid on the bed. She did not even care to take off her sandals nor did she freed her petite frame from the uncomfortably tight clothes she was wearing.


(What could have happened in the hostel room. Why does Chloe seem so angry? Next chapter, on the way)

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