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   Chapter 20 I want to tell you something about Alex!

Falling in love wasn't the plan By Chantinglove138 Characters: 7860

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Chloe's rational thinking died within the pool of doubts right from the moment she noticed Amara's tear filled sockets. This girl hardly wept but when she did, she cried hysterically for days.

Once it had happened When Ella played a cheat towards her and second time when she remembered, it was just heart wrenching. She had cried when her father met with a small accident in the last year after the first semester. She wanted to see her father so badly but since it was the time for preparing for the annual function, teachers could not let her go as Amara had to play the supervisor.

And today, this was the third time she was crying before her. Her cries were same like how she had cried the previous times and like usually Chloe's brain ceased functioning rationally. She was sure it has to be Alex the cause for her weep.

The other night he may have tried to force poor Amara which was now forcing her emotions on the last level and end up crying. "Hey Amara, please tell me what happened? If you would just cry and keep mum then how am i supposed to know your cause for the same" She said caressing her back.

Amara did not seem in the situation to speak. Her lips sealed against Chloe's shoulder while she shed her tears of pain. She cried with loud sobs making it difficult for Chloe to comprehend. All she can do was blame Alex in her mind.

It was good that Amara had pinned her to her seat whilst hugging her tightly otherwise Chloe would have rushed out to Alex's apartment and slapped him until he spilled out the truth himself.

However, it seemingly was not required as Amara accumulated herself sometime later. Her big round eyes were red, she looked like a broken Barbie doll. The way she batted her cilium Chloe cannot stop her smiles. She looked as if she needed a prince charming to calm down the volcano of agony inside her heart with a bashful kiss.

"I.. I miss..." Amara began, her broken words and irregular speed with fumbles pushed Chloe on the edge of her bed. She just wanted to listen that playboy's name from her mouth, so that she can immediately go and teach him a lesson for having troubled her baby room mate.

Amara sobbed once again, she was given a glass of water as her sobs grew intense. After she swigged few sips down her throat, her sobs calmed down hence allowing her to speak, "I miss my younge

lone as most of the study is done" Answers Amara with a grin.

Bella sipped her orange juice through the straw while her lipstick stained the straw with its colour, "Oh I see. Was that you who asked for that I mean i know Alex is weak in studies I am sure he would not want to risk this one week by studying on his own." Bella said.

Something was definitely wrong with her. She seemed to be pointing out something. Her words were indirectly hinting something else which Amara can't see.

"I don't know what do you imply to say. Please excuse me." Amara found it better to escape from there as sitting with Bella was earning her undesired attention from the guys sitting around them.

Bella held her wrist lightly, she eyed her to take back her seat, "Hey I know you think of me a bitch but I am not as bad as you think of me." Her statement forced Amara to nod in a no.

That was right she was kind of a vamp however, she never thought like that for Bella.

"It's not like that... I just need to wrap up some work." Amara lied not wanting her to feel bar of her actions.

Bella smiled, she knew this girl right from the moment she entered the college. An innocent beauty with zero percent idea of what people were made to of. And what they were doing to her.

"Alright Amara, I understand. Even I had an important job to finish off that's why I came to see you. I had something important that you need to know about Alex." Bella announced.

Amara set aside her empty tray. She focused her eyes on Bella as she asked, "What is that, Bella?"


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