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   Chapter 13 He's a player don't trust him!

Falling in love wasn't the plan By Chantinglove138 Characters: 8278

Updated: 2020-05-03 16:32

'Shit! I should not have run away from there. Don't know what might Alex be thinking now about me? Oh god, we did I do that?'

Amara's room mate, Chloe watched her from the corners of her eyes, she was laying on her bed over her stomach reading a magazine. Her perfectly waxed legs were folded from the knees and the feet were facing the ceiling, she chewed chewing gum grimacing Amara between her leisure time.

She rolled her eyes whilst she pulled the pierced ring at the corner of her lower lip between her teeth feeling irritated. Amara was walking to and fro in the room biting her nails. Her specs were kept aside on the bed between the books and her bag that she had thrown on the bed right after entering the room looking disturbed.

And since then, which was now more than hour now, she was still roaming in the room nervously. "Come on Amara, just stop that!" Chloe said between her glares, her hands pushed the magazine aside, and she sat on her back. She crossed a leg on the other one resting her back on her hard pillow at the back.

Her nose flared more in irritation when the innocent room mate of hers stupidly chewed her lower in her front of her. "What? I don't know what are you getting yourself into nowadays!!!" Okay so it was not really her moseying that was irritating but the fact that the shyest room mate of hers, who never seemed interested in anybody's stuff has suddenly started taking interest in something that was not her business at all.

It was clear from the looks that Chloe passed her as to how well she knew what was up with her these days. She left her bed instantly and stood right before Amara not before forcefully stopping her pacing and staring her for a good evil moment.

Her eyes held many feelings, although she never considered her anything more than someone who she had to share her room with but today, she could not stop herself from interrupting into her business. "Look Amara, what you are doing is nice. I appreciate your warm actions but then don't hurt yourself in this manner because you have no idea what are you trying to play with!" If only Amara could know that it was directed to Alex then there had not appeared the lines of sudden shock on her fair forehead.

She was amazed standing so close to her that room mate who never even spared her a second or talked to her ever. Chloe Fernandez had made it clear to her after the first semester of the first year that she was not of her type and the betterme

Bella's feelings for Alex but never knew this was the real story behind such 'lovey dovey' actions of her Alex.

"So better for you if you try to stay away from him. As I can already see, he has started to affect you!" Chloe rose on her legs, she gave Amara a serious look that very well spoke she knew why she suddenly came back.

"I need to go out. You can use my tablet to watch anything since you yours is on repair." She said wearing her full clothes over her shorts and bra. Her hands combed her hair smoothening the curls of her hair. Chloe opened the door and stepped out, however she halted in her way and turned around. "Think seriously on my words, I might not have talked to you in all these days but I have learned many of your habits which gives me the clear idea as to when you act like what. Bye."

Amara played with her fingers as she saw her room mate leaving her alone in the room. Everything abruptly seemed a talk happened in the past and for now Amara silently sat on her bed, confused and thoughtless.

She did have feelings for him ever since she met him— that was from the very first day of college. But she was not aware of them until all these days that she stayed with him. He had made a place in her heart and Amara didn't know what it was for? Good or bad.

Minutes passed and she sat hugging her knees on the bed unless a harsh knock landed on her door. "Amara, open the door!" Amara batted her lashes trying to gather up herself. She wore her slippers still trying to register whether it was really his voice or not unless he knocked again, shouting loudly this time, "Open the freaking door Amara!"


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