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   Chapter 17 The Truth

I HATE YOU BECAUSE I LOVE YOU By Sansa Characters: 8871

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Rob Pulled the car to the garage that was situated near to his farmhouse. The farmhouse is built at one end of the farm and the animals were kept in the farthest end in a beautiful shed. There are so many apples and peach trees grown in the backyard along with rose and Lupinus flowers. There is a beautiful lake in the farmhouse with clean water. They have built a bridge across the lake and people can easily cross the lake by walking through the bridge. But their farmhouse is protected by an electric fence so that intruders won't sneak inside the farm.

The whole place looked fantastic and it brought a kinda relaxation to his tensed muscles. The very first moment Damien stepped out of the vehicle he inhaled the fresh air that filled with the natural smell of blossom and ripe fruits. He felt relieved and the cool air touching his cheeks has got some magical power to heal his wounds. Damien closed his eyes and sniffed the smell with a pleasant smile on his face.

" The place is good, Rob. Are you going to sell this?"

" Not now, My family has got some strong connection with this place, especially my mother, and they never gonna sell it."

" Well, I think money can buy anything."

" Yeah, but not everything, Damien."

" Oh, come on Rob. It's pure business. I am ready to pay the money, just tell me your price."

" No way, See Damien! we born and bought up here in this farmhouse and it's very close to us. I don't think that I can sell it for money and my mother is also not going to agree with you."

" my offer is always open for you guys. If you are going to change your mind just ring me."

" Okay, We will think about it. Now you have to come with me. I will show you something."

Rob took Damien with him on the terrace of the farmhouse and he showed him the most beautiful scenery. Damien licked his lips seeing the gorgeous girls playing in the lake.

" Wow, Rob. Do you have any binoculars to watch the magnificent scene?"

" Yeah, I will get you one."

Rob took the binocular from his room and handed over to Damien.

" Take it, man. I will get something to drink."

" Okay."

Damien saw around three gorgeous country girls playing in the apple garden. All of them were wearing some nylon slip dress and they looked hot in them. He flirtatiously licked his lips at them. The girls began to throw the fresh apples at each other and he enjoyed them playing in the garden. He saw them plucking the peaches and apples from the tree and they gathered everything in their baskets.

Suddenly, a girl appeared there and she stood among them. she began to chatter with them. The girl was wearing

that she could barely move her body. Oh my God! her elbow got a deep wound. We need to take her to the hospital."

" Yes, I think you are right."

They were about to leave the garden and Damien saw Rob walking towards them. He saw Damien carrying Anna in his arms and she was brutally tortured. Rob couldn't understand anything and he asked Damien almost shaking him.

" Hey, Man. What happened? How did she get fainted? What is happening here?"

" Rob, Can you get the car for me? I think we should hospitalize her."

" Okay, Let me get the car from the garage."

Rob ran to get the car and they stayed there. Damien couldn't take his eyes off her and he asked Rose.

" Why did she disguise as an ugly girl all the time? I mean she got the most beautiful face with such a perfect body and still, she hid them form everyone. What is her problem?"

" Hmmm, It's a long story and I don't think that it's the right time to explain. Sir, Please don't tell anyone about this and I will collect her goggle and wig from there."

" But why should I do that?"

" Please sir, It's a request from us. Don't tell anyone about this. Sir Rob has not seen her face and please don't ask him anything about her disguise. Let Anna recuperate first and she will tell you everything about her. But for God's sake, don't tell Sir Rob anything about Anna."

" Okay, I won't tell him anything."

" Thank you so much, Sir."

" Anna is also going to thank you for keeping this secret."

" Oh Man, You guys are unbelievable. So much of secrets."

Rose tied Anna's hair into a tight bun and adjusted the wig on it. She also took the overcoat and put it on her trembling body. She took the goggle with her. She saw the glass was broken but she took it with her anyway.

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