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   Chapter 15 Flashback

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Damien entered his room and he saw an empty whiskey bottle on the floor. He kicked the bottle aside and laid down on his bed. He couldn't forget the face of Anna, her painful face, her teary eyes, and her consoling words to her brother. Everything is new to him.

" Anna is different, she is not like usual girls who are desperate to draw my attention towards them. She has ignored me and it is the first time I am seeing an ugly girl not showing any interest in me. But why the hell am I thinking about that girl? She is ridiculously ugly but her blue-green eyes are just marvelous. Alisha always wanted blue-green eyes and she has started to wear contact lenses too. she looked beautiful with those lenses but not so perfect as Anna. I have seen those eyes before and I couldn't recollect it. The job stress is just making me forget things and I will go insane."

Damien took the remote to adjust his AC and he saw the paper bag from the Grand Shop on the table. He knitted his eyebrows at it.

" oh, shit. How could I forget it? The girl at the shop, Yeah she has the same blue-green eyes of Anna. She is a goddess and I can't compare her with Anna. I need to find out this girl before leaving Newfields."

Damien kept his hands his head in order to rest his head on them. He was so exhausted that sleep took over him at the very moment he closed his eyes.

Anna couldn't sleep a little since she was thinking about her brother's words. She knew that Jones couldn't forget Emma but she never knew that Jones has not yet recovered from the incident. It's been years and there is no change in Jones. Anna could still remember the beautiful smile of Emma when she finally heard the most awaited words from Jones.


" Anna, Jones proposed to me. I am so happy, Anna. I can't describe my happiness. I feel like I am in cloud nine."

" What? Did he propose to you? Oh my God, Emma. I am so happy for you. Wow."

" Yeah, But, I don't think that his Dad is going to approve our marriage and I am tensed."

" Don't worry, Emma. Everything is going to be fine. My brother won't leave you even if the entire Walton family is against your love. I believe him and he will always stay beside you no matter what happens in the future."

" Yeah, you are right. still, I don't think that I deserve him. He is the CEO of your family business and I am just a poor girl who works for them. Your uncle hates us I mean he hates all the servants of this castle. He is treating us like low worms and if he came to know about our love he would kill me for sure."

as your hallucination. She is not here and if blood was oozing out of her body then there will be blood on the floor but there is no trace of a single drop of blood.

" No, Anna. I am telling the truth. I have seen her here. She was not moving and I tried to lift her but she saw very heavy and I called her name. When she was not responding to my calls I just checked her pulse and breathing. Believe me, Anna. She was not breathing at all."

" Hey Rose, Just calm down. I believe you. You don't need to stress out yourself too much and please don't tell anyone about this. Take some rest in my room and I will prepare breakfast."

" Thank you, Anna."

" It's okay dear."

" Anna, Did you find Emma's diary."

" No Rose, I couldn't find it. But, why did you suddenly ask me about that letter?"

" Anna, I saw Soya's body filled with bruises and wounds similar to Emma's and I think."

" You think what? Rose, just relax. There is nothing to worry about. take some rest. What was today's menu?"

" It's on top of the fridge."

" Okay, I will manage it. Bye Rose."

" Bye Anna."

Anna took a quick bath and she wore her gown that was gifted by Jennifer. It's a correct fit for her and it hugged her curves perfectly. Anna has nothing to wear other than this dress. At first, she got 6 pairs of the gown and out of which two got ruined by Nysa and the remaining gowns were almost ragged. Her remaining gowns were not yet dried up even though she hung them in the balcony of her room after washing them. Anna wore an over sized coat above the gown so that no one could see her slim figure hidden under it.

Anna left her room so that she could quickly finish cooking breakfast for everyone.

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