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   Chapter 14 She Is Crazy

I HATE YOU BECAUSE I LOVE YOU By Sansa Characters: 8585

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Rose heard him asking them to get in but Nysa stayed there watching him. Rose ignored her and she kept the tray on the table and bowed before him. Aiden saw Nysa ogling him out from top to toe and he knitted his eyebrows at her.

" Do you wanna come in?"

" Oh, yeah. thank you."

Damien ignored Nysa and he sat on the couch digging in the food. He took a spoon full of lasagna to his mouth and as he munched the food he closed his eyes tasting every bit of it. He gobbled up the entire plate of food. Nysa was watching him with so much adoration and Rose covered her mouth seeing him having the whole food without any break. She has never seen a handsome man having the food in such an unprofessional way. She chuckled at him and Nysa cast a spurious glance on her.

" What? Is there any problem."

" No sir, Do you need anything else. Sir Rob has told me to do everything you demands. How may I help you, sir?"

" No, it's fine. You can leave now."

" Thank you, sir."

" Hey, You. Stop there. Did you cook the food?"

" No, It's not me."

" who cooked it?"

" It's Anna. She has prepared the dinner and Lasagna is her signature dish."

" Who is this Anna?"

" She is my cousin the same one who spilled the juice on you."

Nysa replied to him with an irritated tone. She didn't like Damien knowing things about Anna and she made a face at him.

" What? Did I ask anything personally?"

" No, sir. Anna is a very gorgeous girl who is highly talented too. She has also completed her graduation and she is trying to.."

" Enough Rose, He didn't ask you to tell her biodata to him. Just shut up and take the tray with you."

Nysa cut her off by walking towards Aiden swaying her hips at him. Damien couldn't understand the building tension in the room. He watched Rose with a smirk on his face. She quickly left the room carrying the tray with her. Before exiting the room she bowed before him and Damien impressed with her loyalty and obedience. He thought Nysa is also going to leave the outhouse but he saw Nysa not leaving with Rose and he asked her.

" Nysa, It's getting late and I think you shall go now."

Nysa took off her overcoat and Damien gulped the lump formed inside his throat. She was wearing a provocative dress and her whole body is visible to him. Nysa got a perfect chest with a straight body and he didn't feel anything towards her. Damien rubbed his forehead frustratedly and asked her to clear out.

" Nysa, What do you want? Why are you here? You should be sleeping in your room."

Nysa smiled at him seductiv

on her face. I couldn't forget anything. I missed her so much, Anna. The pain is just killing me."

" It's okay, brother. I can understand you. Everything is going to be fine. I am always here for you."

Anna hugged her brother and patted his back, Jones cried his heart out by keeping head on her shoulder. Anna caressed his hair and they stayed like that for a while.

" Brother, I can't talk to you before our family. You knew the grudge of uncle against me and I don't want to infuriate him. So please don't come to help me. I know that you love me like your little sister but whenever you saved me from her fury Nysa would torture me more brutally. I can endure the pain. I was the one because of whom she had lost her first love. She couldn't forgive me and if she is happy to see me in trouble then let her enjoy it. At least I could make her happy."

" Anna, It's getting late. Go to your room and take rest. Bye sister, good night."

" Good night, brother."

Anna kissed his forehead and she walked towards the castle while Jones walked to get his car. He was going to enjoy the night party at one of his friend's house.

Damien heard their conversation and he was curious to know more about this girl. She is consoling her brother by ignoring her pain. She is also not criticizing her cousin even after embarrassing her publicly. Damien has never seen such a girl in his life who is beautiful inside even though she is ugly outside. He took a long breath to relax for a while. Damien went back to do his work but he was kind of disturbed to do it. Damien walked towards his room and he saw the room closed. Damien knew that Nysa has left his room so he walked further without any tension.

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