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   Chapter 13 Nysa's Crush

I HATE YOU BECAUSE I LOVE YOU By Sansa Characters: 8700

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Damien excused them and he went to the outhouse carrying his coat. He closed the door and took a quick bath. He felt relieved but his mind was occupied with the thought of the same girl. Her eyes were very beautiful and he was damn sure that he had seen them before but he couldn't recollect it. Damien saw his dress neatly arranged in the closet and he took his sweat pants and a t-shirt from it. He quickly put in the dress and sat on the couch with his laptop in his hand. He replied to the urgent emails and began to prepare the final project report for the Zyun group since the report contained some confidential data, Damien didn't want to take the risk by assigning the work to someone else.

He owned numerous restaurants and casinos all over the major cities except in China. It was his dream project since the joint venture is with the richest group of China. Damien worked hard to bag the deal and finally, he got the opportunity to invest with them. Zyuon group CEO is a very experienced businessman who was in his late 60s. He wanted everything so perfect that if he finds any fault in the report he will call Damien himself to clarify it before proceeding further. Damien lost his sleep and appetite by working day and night. He was greatly fucked out by convincing the CEO. He has never experienced such trauma before and he literally agreed on almost every suggestion of him. Damien shook away his thought when he heard a knock on the door and he asked the person to get in.

Nysa and Melisa were talking about Damien, in fact, every ladies in the party were talking only about him. Nysa was very excited to see him before her and she couldn't hide her crush on him. Even though his ignorance infuriated her she was ready to go extremes to make him hers.

" Nysa, The man is too hot. Can you see my goosebumps? Oh God, I can't take my eyes off him. How can someone be so handsome like him? I just want to get fucked by him for once. Have you seen his muscles? His perfect abs and the devilish smile. Oh God, he is spreading heat around him. I can't take this shit anymore. I need him."

" Oh, just shut up, Mel. He is mine and you must flush out your dirty feelings for him. I don't like to share my man with you. He is all mine and I won't let anyone claim him. "

Nysa clutched her hands and she cast a furious glance towards Melisa. Melisa sensed the danger in Nysa's tone and she began to change her words.

" Nysa, I don't know that you had a crush on him. You are far better than me. I won't come between you people. You deserve him and I will not let anyone claim him rather

zy girl is ready to deliver the food to a complete stranger. Something is fishy. I should be more careful with her, this girl is going to put me in danger. Oh God, Please save me."

Rose thought to herself and she came back from the trance when she heard Nysa shouting her names.

" Rose, You idiot. Where are you going? The outhouse is in this way. Be careful. I want the tray to be perfect and fresh. Did you get me?"

" Yes, Madam Nysa. I will be careful."

Finally, they reached the outhouse and Nysa adjusted her dress by revealing more of her skin and she resembled a sex doll who desperately wants to get fucked. Rose couldn't hide her laughs and she giggled at Nysa.

" What the hell? Are you laughing at me?"

" No madam, I was thinking about Anna, She looked horrible and I couldn't keep my chuckle thinking about her horrible face. She looks like a clown."

" Yeah, you are right. even I think so. Now keep your mouth sealed. I am going to knock on the door."

Nysa knocked at the door and she was very excited to meet the love of her life. Nysa lowered her gown and her cleavage become more visible to everyone. Rose stared at her with an irritated face.

" May we come in?"

Damien heard the voice of a girl murmuring something behind the door. He closed his laptop after saving his report and he got up from his bed to unlock the door.

Damien was wearing a boxer and a t-shirt, he looked spunky and too damn hot. His broad shoulder and well-built body will make the ladies horny and wet. Aiden opened the door and he saw Nysa escorted with a maid. The maid was holding a tray of food for him and his mouth watered to smell the aroma of delicious food. He was carving for food and he invited them in.

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