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   Chapter 8 The Grand Shop

I HATE YOU BECAUSE I LOVE YOU By Sansa Characters: 8328

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Anna took her old cycle from the garage, and she left the castle. Jones was watching Anna leaving the castle with the paper bag, and he knew that Nysa was after something since the paper bag is from the Grand shop and only rich people used to shop from there. Jones had seen the servant delivering the same paper bag to his mother. He took a long breath and moved towards the closet to change his dress. Jones was about to leave his room, then he saw Soya walking towards Anna's room. He followed her and he had seen everything happened inside Anna's room. His blood got boiled to see her ruining Anna's favorite book, it was the same book she got from father Gonsamuel on her birthday.

He knew that she has sacrificed everything for his sister, including her appearance. She never complained to anyone about anything. Whenever Nysa bullied her, she used to cry inside her room, sitting beside the window. He loved her like his little sister and he often saved her from his sister's fury. Jones tried to be nice with her but she always kept a distance between them. He had asked her many times to move out to some other place and he also promised her that he would look after her, but Anna never did take any favors from him. He often felt like she is treating him like a stranger and she has closed the doors to her heart. He was the one who saved her once when he saw her in the garden with a broken leg. It happened because Max chose Anna over Nysa. He saw her beaten in the garden and she could barely move her legs. He could still remember the smell of her blood her wailing.

It took around 30 minutes for Anna to reach the shop. She parked her cycle away from the shop and took the paper bag with her. Anna got blocked by the security guard since the management has strictly instructed him to allow only elegant people inside the shop. Most of the customers were lords and CEOs and hence they wouldn't be happy to see such ugly people inside the shop. Catherine, one of the stylists saw Anna blocked by the guard. She got out and helped Anna to get in the shop. Catherine had seen her in the castle and it was Anna who helped her to prepare the designs of Nysa. Catherine has offered her job in the grand shop too but she denied it politely.

" Thank you so much, madam."

" You are welcome. Don't feel bad, Anna."

" The guard is newly appointed and he has no idea about Waltons. Sorry for the trouble."

" No, it's fine, madam. He is only doing his duty."

" Anna, Are you h

all and he sat on the couch. He blinked his eyes at the salesgirls. The girls went crazy and they began to draw his attention by unhooking their buttons so that their boobs will be clearly visible to him. Damien licked his lips at them and flirtatiously smiled at them. It is not the first time he is seeing such coquette behavior of the girls around him and he enjoyed it too.

Anna was on the other side of the shop and when she had read the magazines, she looked at the clock to see that it's already become 3 pm. Her stomach made a growling sound of hunger and she rubbed her stomach gently. Anna was very hungry and she had a cup of water from the table. Someone poked her from behind and she saw the same couple.

" Hello, young lady."

Anna was startled to see them.

" Oh hai."

" Hope we didn't scare you out."

" No, it's fine."

" We need a favor from you."

" A favor from me? I don't know I will be able to help you."

" We want to buy a new dress for our daughter, and we have selected the dress too but, the problem is that we didn't know her exact size. Your figure is similar to hers, and we want you to try this dress."

" What? Sir, how will I wear such a costly dress? Why don't you ask the salesgirls? They will help you for sure."

" No dear, Our daughter's figure resembles yours, and we need you to wear this. Our daughter is going to visit us soon, and we need to gift her this dress. She always wanted to wear a dress from the Grand shop. We are leaving our home town today, and we won't be able to exchange it. Please, dear. just try this one."

" Yes girl, we want you to try this dress. Don't think too much."

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