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   Chapter 5 Anna's Past

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" Oh my dear Anna, Rob's friends are very rich and they do drugs, drinks and sleep with countless girls. These punks are nothing but spoiled brats and they will force themselves on you. I am so damn worried about your safety my child. I won't be here to protect you from them since I need to visit my ailing parents. They won't hesitate to snatch away your virginity. Rob and the Waltons are not going to protect you from them. I am going insane thinking about your safety issues."

" Hey mother, It's okay. I can manage everything. I am not a kid anymore and please treat me as a grown-up girl. I knew about these boys and I have already met some of their kinds in the previous party too. I will be careful with them."

" Anna, They are not going to spare you I mean why would they spare the most gorgeous girl of Newfields? They have spoiled the life of innocent girls and no one can touch them because of their powerful family background and even the Waltons are also not going to raise their finger against them. I won't be available here to support you."

" Mother, Just look at me. Can you a gorgeous girl in me? I am an ugly girl and why would Rob's friends waste their time on such an ugly girl like me? They are not going to chase me down. Mother, just see it yourself my teeth bracers, My wig, My ugly big goggle, and this stupid baggy clothes are merely adding the ugliness in me. You don't need to worry about me Mother. I am safe and please spend some time with your parents."

" You are not ugly my child, They forced you to disguise as an ugly girl before the entire castle. You are such an alluring girl and believe me, your prince charming will surely come to get you. He will save you from these crooked people and cherish you with all his love."

" Mother, you are so dramatic. I am not expecting anyone to save you from them. I need to complete the post-graduation in finance so that I will get a decent job in NYC. I have already applied for some jobs but all of them are asking for experience and Post-graduation in Finance. I will find a decent job in NYC and we will move out there so that we can live the rest of our lives happily ever after."

" Anna, I don't think that your uncle is going to let you complete it. Your grandfather's will is the only thing because of which he let you live here. When you will become 23 years old your life is going to be in great danger. As per your grandfather's will half of the property belongs to you and if anything happens to you the whole property will be handed over to the church but after becoming a 23 years old girl, your uncle should give you your share. Bob is not going to let that happen. He spared your life only to retain the properties. He will not share a single penny with you, Anna. I know him and I know them very well."

" I don't need the properties. It's belonged to my mother and I wouldn't need them for my survival. I am ready to hand over the properties to my uncle after all he spared my life all these years."

"Have you gone mad, Anna? people do fight for their rights and you are giving away your entitled share of the property to him. I can't believe you."

" Mother, Just ignore it. I need to do some more works. I will be joining you for lunch. Bye, mother."

" Bye, dear."

Jennifer hugged her daughter and kissed her forehead. She left the kitchen to finish her remaining works. Jennifer is the head Maid of the Walton castle and everyone respected her. Bob Walton, the owner of the castle always treated her with love, respect, and kindness. Jennifer was the person who saved their daughter Nysa Walton when she was drowning in the lake. Jennifer saved the child's life without a second thought.

Bob Walton was very happy to see the braveness of his maid and they were ready to give her anything but Jennifer only asked them to let their niece Anna study till graduation. Bob Walton was not happy with her request but a promise made is a promise and being the Wltonhe was forced to fulfill it at any cost. Bob asked the priest to enroll Anna in their church school. The church school is located near to their castle. Anna did th

e schooling there and with the help of the nuns, she has completed the graduation with a good grade.

Walton's History

Bob Walton is the current owner of the Walton's family. Bob lost his mother in an accident and his father Isac Walton had lost his two legs in that accident. Isac Walton handed over the business to his son and when Bob got the power his attitude became worse. His sister Mishel Walton was a very gorgeous girl and he fixed her marriage with their business partner who was 67 years old. Mishe denied getting married to him since she was in deep love with her bodyguard Mike Williams. Bob came to know about the affair and he killed Mike and his entire family. Mishel never knew that her brother would turn to be a monster. Bob valued their goodwill over everything and when he saw his sister in the arms of his servant, he lost his patience.

Even though Bob killed Mike, Mishel was not at all ready to accept his business partner as her better half, Bob forced her to get married to him but on the wedding day, Mishel got fainted. The news of Mishel's pregnancy destroyed her marriage with the old punk. Bob wanted to end his sister's life too but the cold-blooded murder of Mike has drawn the media attention so much that he had spent millions to get things in favor for him. Bob couldn't kill her sister and his father also begged him to keep her alive. Bob waited for a perfect chance to kill Mishel and her unborn child. Mishel gave birth to a beautiful girl and she died due to some complications during the pregnancy. Isac Walton couldn't overcome the pain of his daughter's demise and he died due to a major heart attack.

Isac had seen the evil in Bob and he deliberately altered the will. Isac made a special note in the will that if anything happens to Anna before turning to 23 years old his whole property will be transferred in the name of the church and when she became 23 years old, Bob should transfer the half portion of the property in Anna's name. So Bob was waiting all these years to kill Anna once she turns 23 years old.

Anna was handed over to Jennifer since there was no one to take care of the newborn child. Jennifer brought up the girl to be a nice and innocent one. Little Anna knew that something is troubling her family. She had never seen her family smiling at her or treating her with kindness. Anna spent most of the time with the maids and they loved her wholeheartedly.

Anna loved her cousins but they always bullied her so much that she ended up with bruises all over her legs and hands. Sometimes Marry Walton will cross her limits in punishing Anna, her punishments were barbaric and Anna cried silently in her room. They never offered her a full meal and Anna used to sleep with a half-filled stomach. Anna couldn't understand the evil nature of her family and even after being the Walton she never got any respect or love from the Waltons.

One day when Anna was playing near the lake Nysa tried to push her in the lake. But Nysa stayed behind Anna and when she was about to push Anna, she slipped her legs and fell in the river instead of Anna. Anna saw Nysa drowning in the lake and she screamed for help. Jennifer heard the cries of Anna and she jumped in the lake to help the child. Anna knew that Nysa was trying to push her in the lake and when she asked her mother about the reason for the grudge her family is having against her Jennifer could hide the truth no more from her. Jennifer told her everything about her past and Anna cried her heart out by hugging her mother. Anna realized the bitter truth about her past and she endured the pain of rejection from their relatives.

Anna frightened the Waltons and she stayed in the castle obeying the Waltons. But Jones was different, he treated her like his sister and he always gave her books whenever he came back from his business trip. Anna loved her brother too and since the business is being taken care of by Jones no one dared to question his affection towards Anna. Nysa hated them both and She deliberately manipulated Anna over silly issues and Anna was forced to spent days in the darkroom without food.

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