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   Chapter 3 The Invitation

I HATE YOU BECAUSE I LOVE YOU By Sansa Characters: 8228

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Damien stayed at the pool for a while having his tequila shot. He closed his eyes and the smiling face of his diva came to his mind. She is the prettiest girl in the world with perfect features. Her lips pointed nose, and smooth skin made him go crazy for her. Damien laid oh his shoulders on the pool floats. He closed his eyes trying to remember her alluring face. Their first kiss and their first night on the terrace of Tom's guest house. Her first gift, their first anniversary, their first fight, and their prank on Ray, Justin, and other friends. Those beautiful memories flickered through his mind and it brought a smile on his face. He took a long breath and he remembered her hurtful words.

" Daimy, My Mom is not going to accept you since you lost everything and she has fixed my marriage with a businessman settled in Mexico. I am sorry Daimy, I tried to fight for our love but she is too stubborn to change her decision. My mother is everything to me and I can't leave her for you. Sorry, Daimy. Please, Don't hate me. I have tried to convince her and My mother has fixed the date too. I can't love him Daimy because I loved only you. God has kept something else for us and Please Daimy never ruin your life. Promise me that you will also love a girl and marry her. You have to forget me Daimy. Forgive me Daimy."

Damien opened his eyes and blinked away the tears. His mansion Ericcson Villa is built according to Alisha's wish. She always wanted to live in a big house and she loved to spent extravagantly. Damien sometimes gets bored with her since he used to wait for her for hours in the mall. She is very expensive to maintain and she used to say it proudly. Her dress, her makeup, her walk, and her attitude everything was just perfect for him. She is the perfect girl made for him and Damien loved her very much. Alisha is a mean girl but he couldn't find any faults in her because of his blind love for her. She was the one who experienced him the heavenly feeling of love and she was the one who made him endure the immense pain of heartbreak. Damien knew that she was poor and she loved to get pampered by him but his mother valued their dignity over his everlasting love for her.

Damien brought back from the trance hearing the ringtone of his phone. He placed the glass of his tequila shot aside and grabbed the phone. It was Rob Walton

" Hey Rob, Whats ap, man? are you still enjoying your test drive?"

" What? you still remember it. Wow, man, I thought you forgot our good old days."

"No, How could I forget it? Those are the most beautiful days of my life. We have enjoyed a lot and believe me still I used to laugh at our silly jokes and pranks. ho man, I missed you guys so much."

" Yean Daimy, I too missed you. Do you know the day when my Dad wanted to throw a surprise on me? You guys helped me when I was busy fucking a chick in my car and you people told my Dad who came from Newfields to meet me that I was test driving a car. How could I forget it, man? If he caught me redhanded he would ground me for weeks."

" Oh man, Do you know the funniest part you fucked the girlfriend of Martin and when he came to know about your affair with her he had ruined your Benz with his friends."

" Yeah, and we got into a fight with him beating him and his friends like our punch bags."

" Yeah, well you were such a rascal you still managed to get chicks for a test drive. Such a lucky man. My life is fucked up man, My Dad is forcing me to get married to his friend's daughter and I agreed to him. She is belonging to a wealthy family and my Dad thinks that asking her hands for marriage will foster our business. The same old business tactics and this time he is using me as his business trick."

" Oh shit, How can you fuck one girl in all your life? It's boring. I can't fuck the same girl for whole the week, it is frustrating to see the same face and same emotions in my bed. I need new chicks who are hot, sexy, and too damn good in bed. I am happy to be single because it's an open invitation to girls that I am ready to mingle."

"You are unbeliev

able, man. By the way who told you that I am only going to fuck my wife? I have various choices and I will choose accordingly. This marriage is the golden card for me, If I got married to her My father would let me play my dream game. I have started my practice too. Dad forced me to manage his business when my brother Jones rejected to take his CEO position. Dad chose me and rest you knew."

" Oh, Yea. fucked up big time. so it's a give and take policy. I think the arrangement sounds good."

" Thanks, man, Hey my engagement is next week but I want you guys here within 3 days. We are gonna blast the party and I need you guys here on time."

" Let me see, I can't take so many days off from my company. My recent restaurant project in Australia is almost in the final stage and my latest project of building the factory in China is currently under process. It is a partnership business. I will invest half and the remaining half will get invested by the Chinese Zyun group. The most interesting thing is that you are asking me to leave everything for you."

" I thought you were my friend. It's okay buddy take your time. I won't force you to come. Try your best."

" Hey, don't feel bad man. I will attend the function and I promise you that I will stay there for a whole damn week. I need some refreshments, the Chinese project is an important one and I need to make a perfect presentation for the Zyun group to sign the deal. I think I can prepare the project from there without any distractions."

" You said it, man. Refreshments and enjoyments are unlimited here. My hometown is in Newfield and here you can taste plenty of country girls. Do you know what I mean?"

" Yeah, I got you. Sounds perfect. I will reschedule my programs accordingly. Did you call Tom?"

" Yeah, He can't make it because of his wife's health issues but he promised me that he would attend the function. Hey, Daimy I guess my Dad is calling me. I will call you back. Bye."

" Bye man."

Damien got up from his customized pool floats and he entered the kitchen. He saw Lisi placing the food on the tray for him, he approached her and took the tray away from her silently. Lisi ignored him and had her dinner from the kitchen. Damien took the tray with him to his extravagant room. He sat on the couch and had his food watching the Netflix series, after finishing the dinner he rescheduled his one-week programs. Damien charted most of his business meetings via Video conference and he asked his PA to deliver him the documents which demand his signature. He also informed her to stay 24*7 available for him over the phone.

He packed his dress and texted Tom about the trip to Newfield. Since his wife is pregnant, Tom will join them after some days, and Damien planned the trip in the morning. He laid down on his king-sized bed wearing his boxer. Damien couldn't sleep his mother's furious words at Alisha started playing in his mind. He could still remember how much hurt was Alisha? she clutched his hand for support when Martha Ericcson was scolding her. Damien couldn't understand anything about the incident which distorted Martha's face with rage. Alisha pulled him with her away from his mother. She took him to a deserted place and she finally told him the truth.


" Damien, I knew that I am not a perfect girl for you since I lack a decent background to get married to you. My father was a supplier and he lost his life because of the accident that took place in the production house. They gave us some remuneration and using the money I have completed my graduation. You too helped me, Damien."

" I knew all of it, Alisha. Just tell me what happened with you guys? Why did my mother disagree with you? What is her problem?"

" Okay, I will explain. Your mother is against our marriage and she told me to leave you forever. She has offered me millions for leaving you. I didn't agree to her terms and she just threatened me that she would ruin my family. She is going to haunt us day and night so that I will leave you without ruining your future."

" What the hell?"

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