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   Chapter 369 Break Up

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Tracy Feng must have come here for the company's affairs.

Thinking of this, Leo Xu stretched out his hand and rubbed his temples. Then he looked at his assistant and said, "Invite her in."

Tracy rushed in. She looked at Leo and said bluntly, "Can you explain what has happened recently?"

"I'm dealing with it." Leo Xu answered seriously.

After all, it was related to the company, and Leo dared not neglect it.

"I have been against the two of you and Joyce. Look, now the company is implicated because of you!" Tracy Feng looked at Leo Xu and said.

"It's none of Joyce's business."

"Look at the stock now. You are still defending her." In the face of Leo, Tracy was very angry, "How on earth do you want to admit this problem?"

"It's nonsense." Leo Xu retorted. The news on the newspaper was obviously not true, but the ordinary people believed it, which caused the company to have such a problem.

"I suggest you break up with her temporarily." Tracy Feng chose a sofa and sat down. Then she looked up at Leo and said, "In order to solve the difficulties we are facing now."

"This is not the right way to solve the problem." Leo Xu said with a frown.

"What do you think is the right way?" Tracy Feng asked.

"Cancel the engagement between me and the Jiang family." Leo said after thinking for a while.

This was a very good opportunity. In this way, it could deal with the crisis of the company. Also, he would take the opportunity to formally introduce Joyce to the public, so that everyone could clear up their misunderstandings about her.

"What did you say?" Tracy's face darkened when she heard this suggestion.

"This is the real way I want to solve the problem." Leo returned to his seat, sat down and looked a

w." Looking at Joyce, Leo stretched out his hands and held her in his arms. Then he said gently, "Because I know how you are treated now, I want to put you in public more."

Leaning against Leo's chest and listening to his heartbeat, Joyce gradually calmed down.

"I want to announce to everyone that you belong to me." Leo looked down at Joyce and said seriously.

Joyce looked into Leo's serious eyes and nodded slowly.

"No matter what happens, you just need to trust me. I won't let you get hurt. " Leo Xu said seriously.


The two people hugged each other, reflecting on the glass window. The blue sky outside the window was incomparably beautiful. It seemed to imply, happy lovers eventually married.

In the afternoon, the press conference was held in Four Seasons Hotel. In the side hall on the first floor, countless people were here before the appointed time. They all wanted to know something about Leo Xu.

After all, the news about Leo and Joyce had become a hot topic on micro-blog recently. If they could get the news about them, the click rate would definitely rise.

People in the media industry all hoped to gain popularity.

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