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   Chapter 368 Stock Plummeted

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On a beautiful evening, Joyce and Leo sat face to face in the restaurant, with delicious food placed in front of them.

The two were talking about what happened in the daytime happily. The elegant music echoed in their ears at the same time, and the dim light shone here.

At the same time, in another place of the city, after taking photos of Leo and Joyce, he hurriedly began to prepare for the newspaper of the second morning.

The morning sun shone in the sky of the city, and the quiet world began to be busy. People appeared on the streets, residential areas, campus and working areas.

"Great news!" Standing next to the stall, someone shouted, "The CEO of Star Group is fickle..."

The gossip between the rich and powerful clans could become the talk of all the ordinary people at leisure.

Because of their yearning for their lives and curiosity about their lives, more people paid attention to this news.

As soon as Leo sat down in the morning, he saw the newspaper brought by his assistant.

The entertainment section was full of comments and curses about Leo Xu.

"What the hell is going on?" He frowned and asked.

He was very angry with the content on the newspaper.

What made Leo feel really angry was that Joyce's side face also appeared on the newspaper.

The assistant looked at Leo, who was as cold as ice, and immediately replied, "It came from a very small newspaper. Once it is released, the sales volume will be very good."

"Deal with it right away." Leo Xu ordered.

"Okay." The assistant nodded and left.

At the same time, Joyce Ruan also saw a newspaper with the same content at noon.

During the whole morning, Joyce Ruan was working with others. After all, she just came here to work, so she had to sort out a lot of things.

After she got free at noon, she saw the newspaper next to

roup, which had been steadily rising all the time, suddenly began to fall.

Looking at the stock situation, Leo Xu frowned.

He knew that the reason for this morning must be the negative news last night.

"Mr. Leo..." The assistant stood aside and looked at Leo in bewilderment.

"Hold an emergency meeting right away." Leo Xu looked up at his assistant and said, "In ten minutes."

It was his behavior that caused the current situation. He also had the responsibility to restore the company to its previous state.

"Yes, Mr. Leo." The assistant left as soon as he got the order. He didn't dare to neglect anything related to the company.

During the meeting, Tracy Feng also knew that the stock had reached the limit down. She was furious and asked, "What's going on?"

The servants standing around didn't dare to breathe heavily, fearing that they would be the target for attack.

"Get me a car." Tracy Feng shouted.

The meeting was very quick. Facing such a situation, Leo Xu gave several solutions. After the subordinates knew it, they immediately took action.

Leo had just finished a meeting and felt very tired. He sat in his seat to rest. His assistant came over to him and said, "Mrs. Xu is here."

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