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   Chapter 366 Personal Secretary

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In the past, Cassie Jiang couldn't come back because of her job. Besides, Leo Xu was very busy with his work, so they couldn't meet each other.

If Cassie became Leo's secretary, the time they two spent together would be greatly improved.

Naturally, their relationship could be developed during this period of time.

"What do you think? Aunt Tracy? " Sitting aside and looking at Tracy's silent face, Cassie Jiang was a little anxious, afraid that she would not agree.

"I agree with you." Tracy looked up at Cassie and said, "Then I'll leave Leo to you."

"Don't worry, Aunt Tracy. I will do it well. I won't give the two of them any chance to get along with each other. " Cassie Jiang promised, patting her chest.

Even if Tracy didn't do that, she would never allow Joyce and Leo to get too close to each other out of her own selfish motive. If they could be separated for a period of time, it would be also good.

In order to confirm this matter, Tracy Feng deliberately didn't go upstairs in the evening and waited downstairs for Leo to come back from work.

"Why don't you have a rest today?"

After parking the car, Leo walked into the living room with the key and saw Tracy sitting there. After all, the woman was her mother. She hadn't gone to bed yet, so he asked with concern.

Leo Xu had been very busy recently, so he came back very late.

"I have something to talk with you." Tracy stood up and walked slowly to Leo.

"If it's about Joyce, I don't think we have anything to talk about." Leo Xu said directly.

After saying that, he walked past Tracy without any hesitation.

During this period of time, the news about the two of him and Joyce must have spread to Tracy's ears. Ton

ked with a smile.

"The CEO's personal secretary." Tracy Feng said without any hesitation.

Lukas was surprised to hear that.

"What's wrong?" Tracy Feng asked.

"Nothing." Lukas immediately restrained his expression and said respectfully, "Do you need me to go through the entry formalities now?"

He had worked here for so long, and naturally knew that there were some things that an employee like him could not ask.

"Okay." Tracy held Cassie's hand and continued, "Let her handle the entry formalities for you here. I'll show you around."


With the support of Tracy, Cassie succeeded in working here.

By the time Leo knew this, the entry formalities had been completed.

Leo rushed to Tracy and questioned, "What are you doing?"

"Show Cassie around the company." Tracy said to Leo with a smile.

"Haven't I told you that she is not suitable for our company?"

"I think there is no problem." After saying that, Tracy took Cassie's hand and left.

Looking at their receding figures, Leo Xu had no choice. After all, Tracy was his mother, and she had certain rights in the company according to the shares.

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