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   Chapter 364 Refusal

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The two people smiled at each other in the light, as if they knew that they were going to succeed.

The atmosphere seemed to be very harmonious, but only the two of them knew that this cooperation had their own selfish motives.

Cassie just wanted to get rid of Joyce and prevent Joyce from appearing in front of Leo again, so that she could stand by Leo's side.

A woman's heart was all on the one she loved. She couldn't bear to see another woman appear beside the man.

However, Bill took a step closer. He not only wanted to take revenge on Joyce, but also wanted to see Leo lose his reputation.

He wanted to return all the harm his sister had suffered to Leo.

The aroma of red wine lingered in the noses of Cassie and Bill, and delicious dishes were still placed in front of them.

After discussing some important things, Cassie had a good appetite and ate one bite after another happily with the knife and fork.

Looking at Cassie, Bill smiled happily.

After that night, the two of them were bound together and became a team.

Although Bill had dealt with Cassie recently, he had a lot of things to deal with this week.

Sitting in the office and reading the documents in front of him, Bill took a deep breath and put down his pen.

What he was dealing with now was all business related to Leo's company.

He took out a cigarette and lit it. The rising smoke lingered in the office.

Previously, he was out of the country and was trapped in Japan. Many of his business had been taken away by Leo during this period of time.

How could Bill tolerate it so easily?

He must do something.

When he was about to finish smoking, he threw it into the ashtray without hesitation.

After that, he immediately took out his phone and dialed Cassie's number.

"I have somethi


"Okay." This time, Cassie didn't lose her temper. She opened her eyes and looked at the assistant. "Bring the script here."

After she finished her work, Cassie went back to her house. It was not until then that she remembered what Bill had said to her before.

She began to regret.

If the plan Bill mentioned succeeded, it would be perfect and would ruin Joyce's reputation. But what if she failed?

What she had done would be exposed to Leo, making her unable to get any attention from him.

Was this risk worth it?

At the beginning, Cassie was still hesitating, but after she finished her work, she changed her mind.

But it was too late. She had refused Bill.

"Why are you so stupid?" Looking at herself in the mirror, Cassie murmured to herself.

People like them who work in the entertainment circle all know that it was very rare to have a suitable opportunity for themselves. If people didn't seize it, they may not be able to be famous all the life.

That was how Cassie felt now.

The great opportunity to frame Joyce was given up by her.

She refused Bill. She didn't know when she could make Joyce suffer losses next time.

Thinking of this, Cassie frowned.

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