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   Chapter 363 Cooperation

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Bill's sudden appearance was so unexpected, so Cassie Jiang kept her guard.

'Is he someone else's spy, isn't he?'

Thinking that it might be possible, Cassie took out her phone and dialed a person's number.

"Please do me a favor and help me check the information of a man called Bill Jiang."

On the other end of the phone was a person who had cooperated with Cassie for a long time and helped her find many people's backgrounds.

The man collected information quickly. Two or three days later, he told Cassie the truth about Bill Jiang.

Bill Jiang, the CEO of Sky Group...

Looking at the message sent by the man on the phone, Cassie Jiang smiled.

Although the content was very long, she could always find something interesting when she read it slowly.

It turned out that the man had something to do with Joyce in the past.

The light of the phone screen was particularly dazzling in the darkness, shining on Cassie's chin, and she showed a cunning smile.

It seemed that God always gave her a lot of opportunities to deal with Joyce step by step.

Thinking of this, Cassie looked at her phone and slowly dialed Bill Jiang's number.

It was getting dark outside. It was time for people to have a rest.

After the phone was connected, Cassie smiled and said, "Mr. Jiang, I wonder if I have disturbed your rest."

Bill planned to make use of Cassie to play a long game. In order to promote the relationship between the two, he invited her to a concert.

Bill put down the things in his hands, stood up and walked to the house. Looking at the sophisticated glitter of the world outside, he smiled and said, "Of course not, because I'm waiting for a lady's call."

Now it seemed that his previous efforts had finally paid off and left an important impression on Cassie.

His words

of them smiled knowingly.

"Have a drink?" Bill Jiang suggested.

Cassie also picked up the red wine glass. The two collided. Cassie took a sip and put down the glass with a smile.

"In that case, I'll come straight to the point." Cassie Jiang couldn't wait any longer. She looked at him and continued, "I think we two have a common goal. Why don't we cooperate?"

Sitting calmly on the sofa, Bill raised his head to look into Cassie's eyes. Her face looked very fair under the light.

In fact, Cassie was a little nervous to make such a request. Facing the person she had just known for a short time, she showed her true thoughts. It was the courage to cut off all means of retreat.

After a while, he said with a smile, "I'm extremely happy."

The four simple words made all the nervousness on Cassie's face disappear, and a happy smile appeared on her face.

"Then we should keep in touch from now on." Bill Jiang held the glass and said with a smile, "No matter what it is."

"Of course." Cassie Jiang nodded and said.

"One more drink for our cooperation." Said Bill Jiang, smiling at Cassie Jiang.

The sound of wine glass colliding with each other was so abrupt in the quiet air.

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