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   Chapter 333 Vacation

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Leo Xu had visited Joyce several times in the hospital, but he was stopped outside.

Leo Xu knew that there was grudge in Joyce's heart. It was not easy to let it go.

"I'm fine." Frowning, Joyce looked at Leo and continued, "Has the thing been arranged by you in today's meeting?"

Facing Joyce's straightforward questions, Leo didn't hide anything and answered, "Yes."

"I don't like what you do." Joyce Ruan commented.

"I had no choice." Leo looked at Joyce affectionately and said, "Only in this way can I see you."

"I don't agree with your plan." Joyce looked at Leo and said seriously.

Exchange with benefits was the thing she hated the most.

"Joyce." Leo called Joyce's name gently, "I just want to see you a few more times."

Joyce frowned and said, "I hope you can distinguish public from private. Don't bring your personal feelings to work."

"In that case, why can't you agree?" Leo Xu retorted, "As the designer of this plan, you can also learn a lot."

There was nothing wrong with Leo's logic, but Joyce was stubborn and didn't allow her to nod.

"Our company has encountered some difficulties recently." Joyce Ruan looked up at Leo and said, "If it's an ordinary company, it won't cooperate with us at all."

The reason why she said so was to show that Leo had his own selfish motive from the beginning.

Leo Xu didn't refute, nodded and said, "I admit that I cooperate with your company because of you."

Joyce's company was not as good as other companies in all aspects.

"Do you think you are doing the right thing for others?" Joyce Ruan questioned Leo Xu.

"I don't care about others. As long as you are happy, everything will be fine." Leo looked at Joyce and said seriously.

He tried to approach Joyce step by step, but Joyce stepped back subconsciously. The dist

In fact, she also found something wrong with Joyce along the way, but she was delayed by something just now, so she didn't ask Joyce what happened.

"Madam, I don't want to be a chief designer." After organizing her words, Joyce Ruan spoke her mind.

"Why?" The group leader looked at Joyce in disbelief.

"I know you think highly of me, but I really don't want to be the chief designer." Joyce Ruan said seriously.

There were a lot of things that were in a mess.

"But..." The group leader looked at Joyce and wanted to say something more, but was immediately interrupted by Joyce. "I have made up my mind on this matter. No matter what, I will not agree."

Joyce had her own ideas. No one could change her mind.

"Have you ever considered our company?" The group leader looked at Joyce and said earnestly, "I know you may have some unspeakable reasons, but Star Group will cooperate with our company, it is completely because of you."

Joyce had already known about it, but the group leader didn't show any surprise on her face. She looked at the group leader and continued, "Don't worry. I'll solve this matter. Even if I'm not the chief designer, it won't have any impact on our company."

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