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   Chapter 332 Emotional

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Joyce raised her head and looked at the group leader. After a moment of silence, she said, "I refuse this project."

The group leader sighed, as if she was exasperated at Joyce's decision. She stood still and was very anxious. Then she looked up at Joyce, "Why did you say no?"

Joyce looked down at her toes and said nothing.

The group leader was very anxious and continued, "This is a very good opportunity. Do you know Star Group? It's one of the best companies in our country. It's not easy for us to cooperate with it."

It was because this was Star Group that Joyce didn't want to agree.

"Think about your current situation. If you continue to be suspended, you will definitely leave our company." The group leader said in a very realistic way, "Do you really want such a result?"

Joyce didn't want to leave here. She had got a lot of good memories here.

The group leader seemed to have read Joyce's mind and continued to persuade her, "In that case, why can't you agree to this project? Do you know how many people have put in a good word for me in order to follow up this project?"

Joyce stood there, thinking about what the group leader said.

Keeping the professional and the personal separate was the most important quality at work.

If she really gave up this opportunity just because of Leo, it would be a great irresponsibility for her own future.

Thinking of this, Joyce looked up at the group leader and said seriously, "I agree."

The group leader was also very considerate. As long as Joyce agreed, Joyce would no longer have to face the trouble of suspension.

The group leader smiled happily, reached out her hand and patted Joyce on the shoulder. "That's right. Don't be emotional, or your bright future will be ruined by a momentary unhappiness."

Joyce could feel that the group leader cared about her. She smiled

said calmly.

As soon as he finished speaking, everyone's eyes fell on Joyce.

Joyce raised her head and looked into Leo's eyes, as if she was questioning him what had happened.

This was not an unreasonable request. Although the group leader was a little confused, she quickly agreed, "Of course."

So it was decided on the surface.

After the meeting, Joyce, who came from afar, was having afternoon tea in the lounge.

The leaders still had something to talk about, and they could rest here.

But Joyce couldn't sit still at all. After taking a sip of tea, she stood up and walked outside.

In the quiet corridor, Joyce took out her phone and dialed Leo's number. "Do you have time?"

Hearing Joyce's voice, Leo took a deep breath. "Yes."

"I'm waiting for you in the corridor outside the lounge." Joyce said concisely.

"Okay." Leo nodded in agreement.

After leaving the meeting room, Leo knew that Joyce would definitely come to him.

So he waited in the office all the time. After receiving the phone call, Leo came to Joyce without any hesitation.

"How are you doing now?" Wearing a suit, Leo stood in front of Joyce and asked with concern.

This was the first time they met since Joyce was hospitalized.

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