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   Chapter 226 Share Prosperity With Me

Love You Like Crazy By Chao Xi Characters: 6371

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"I didn't do anything stupid. I won the design competition and got the money. I originally wanted to save the three million, but later I think about it and find that the three million will depreciate if I keep it in the bank. How about investing? But I don't know anyone. Since you need it, I will invest the money in you. "

Joyce Ruan explained to Jose Cheng seriously. This was the decision she made after careful consideration.

Jose was touched by what she said. In the past, he never cared about three million dollars, but now...

He moved his mouth and was about to say yes, but he heard Joyce speak again.

"Aren't we friends? So I... " Joyce thought that Jose wanted to refuse her, so she spoke first.

However, Joyce didn't know that Jose was going to say yes. He was amused by Joyce's serious attitude and burst into laughter.

But he felt more disappointed. He was not satisfied to be only a friend of Joyce.

But that couldn't be in a hurry at all.

Joyce was confused by his laughter and looked at him in confusion.

"Okay, I accept your three million. From now on, we are not only friends, but also partners."

Jose thought about it carefully and took over the three million from Joyce. The two of them had more reasons to meet each other in the future.

If he lost money, the worst result was not to tell her the truth. He could just get some money from the Cheng family for her.

Having thought it through, Jose took the card from Joyce, patted his chest and assured her, "From now on, if you follow me, I'm sure you'll share prosperity with me."

"Okay, I'll wait for you. But I don't seem to know much about games. I can only design." Joyce Ruan smiled awkwardly and said.

"It doesn't matter if you give me less bonus in the future."

After thinking for a while, Jose said, "You are not nothing. You can help me design the game characters. I happen to need a de

d Joyce's design, and he thought that Joyce was not the kind of person described by his colleagues.

The law of the jungle prevailed. That's why their attitude towards Joyce changed after she won the design competition.

Joyce didn't know whether she should feel happy or be angry at this change.

"It's okay. Let them talk."

Joyce didn't care what those people said about her. Anyway, she had proved with her strength that she was not a blockhead.

After chatting for a while in Joyce's office, Timothy Gu left.

"Joyce, shouldn't you invite me to dinner?" Serena Li came to the door of Joyce's office after work on purpose.

She just wanted Joyce to celebrate with her. She didn't want Joyce to go home as soon as she got off work. Such a life was boring.

Serena didn't know that Joyce had invested the money in Jose.

"I'm afraid I can't make it today. Come to my house this weekend."

Joyce thought that she had to go to Jose's company later. Perhaps he was waiting for her downstairs, so she refused Serena Li.

Serena's face showed a distressed expression. "Why? Don't you love me anymore? Or are you unwilling to treat me?"

"No, it's not like that. Jose should be waiting for me downstairs now. I invested three million dollars in him."

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