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   Chapter 223 Searching

Love You Like Crazy By Chao Xi Characters: 6356

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"I took part in a design competition, but I don't have inspiration now." Joyce said with a frown.

How ironic it was for a designer to say something without inspiration.

"Leave it to me." Jose Cheng patted his chest and said confidently.

Joyce Ruan turned around and looked at Jose in confusion. "You?"

Jose nodded and asked, "Why don't you trust me?" He had already thought of how to help Joyce find inspiration.

"You don't have to go to work tomorrow morning. Wait for me at home."

Joyce wanted to ask Jose what he was going to do. However, Jose seemed to have seen through everything and said, "Well, we're home. Don't be so curious that you can't fall asleep at night."

"Of course not." Joyce murmured and then got off the car.

On the second morning, Joyce had already asked for leave from the company and waited for Jose to pick her up at home. She was really curious about the following activities.

Jose Cheng arrived as promised. "Let's go. I'll take you to look for inspiration," said he.

Although Joyce was confused, she followed Jose into the car.

It was not until Jose drove the car to a beach that Joyce realized that what he meant by finding inspiration was to go out for a day.

"Did you say that finding inspiration is to have a day here?" Standing by the sea and feeling the sea breeze on her face, Joyce felt much more relaxed.

Jose nodded, "You didn't get any inspiration. You were too nervous. Come here and have fun. Isn't that good? "

Joyce smiled brightly and her eyes bent into a nice curve. It was indeed a good place to relax.

She lay on the beach regardless of her image and enjoyed the sunshine.

Jose looked at her quietly and didn't want to disturb her. Seeing her smile, he couldn't help smiling. He was also in a good mood and his pressure had eased a lot recently.

All of a sudden, he remembered a line from a poem 'When all a

an her were working hard. Why didn't she work hard?

She patted on Jose's shoulder to comfort and encourage him, "Come on."

After sending Joyce back to the company, Jose Cheng left.

When Joyce returned to her office, she suddenly got inspiration. She found that she had not only Leo in her youth, but also her dream.

She sat on the desk, spread out the design paper, and picked up the brush to draw on it. It was already midnight when Joyce finished her design.

She raised her design draft and looked at the ring on it with a satisfied smile.

Serena Li heard that Joyce worked overtime last night in the company, so she didn't go back to her office. She came to Joyce's office first, but didn't find her.

"Where is Miss Joyce?" Serena Li asked a colleague of the design department casually.

"I heard that she went to submit her design."

Joyce didn't sleep last night, and this morning she was still full of energy. After washing her face and tidying up her clothes, she took a taxi to the design competition's submission office.

In addition to handing in the design drafts, every designer still had ten minutes to explain the design concept of their own drafts.

When it came to Joyce, she was so nervous that her forehead was sweating.

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