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   Chapter 222 Give Up

Love You Like Crazy By Chao Xi Characters: 6228

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Serena Li still smiled ambiguously, but her eyes became serious. "I passed by here and wanted to pick you up to work. I didn't expect... "

In fact, she was happy for Joyce Ruan. After all, Joyce hadn't had a boyfriend since she broke up with Leo. It would be a good choice if Jose Cheng treated her well.

"Wait a minute." Then Joyce ran back home.

When she came out, she was not alone, and there was Jose Cheng.

Joyce said to Jose apologetically, "Thank you for taking care of me last night. I'll treat you to dinner another day."

"Okay, don't forget it." Knowing that Joyce's friend was waiting for her, Jose didn't say anything more and drove away.

Seeing that Joyce and Jose were talking and laughing, Serena Li flashed her benevolent smile.

"Let's go to the company." Joyce opened the door of Serena's car and sat in, ignoring Serena's smile.

Serena asked while driving, "Did you have a passionate night last night?"

Although Serena had made up her mind not to gossip, she still couldn't resist her curiosity.

Hearing the word "passionate", Joyce blushed to her ears, "No, I slept in the bedroom and Jose slept on the sofa yesterday because he was worried about me."

When the two arrived at the company, Joyce's face turned red because of Serena's tease. She got out of Serena's car and left in a hurry.

Joyce closed the office door, recalling the theme of the design competition, youth.

She scratched her hair irritably. All her youth was about Leo, and she had no idea what to do.

After a day, the design paper in front of her was still blank.

Serena heard from her colleagues that Joyce didn't have lunch, thinking that she was too attentive to design. So she bought a bento and sent it to her office.

"Joyce, I heard that you didn't have lunch." Serena Li put the bento on Joyce's desk.

Hearing Serena's voice

got home, she received a call from Jose Cheng.

"Would you like to have dinner with me tonight?" Jose just separated from Joyce in the morning, but he missed her in the afternoon. He couldn't wait to call her.

Since Mason Chen was not at home today, Joyce didn't want to cook dinner alone, so she accepted the invitation of Jose Cheng. "Sure. What time is it?"

"I'll pick you up at your company after you get off work."

"No, thanks. I'm at home."

After the two of them agreed on the time and place, Joyce hung up the phone.

At dinner time, Jose arrived at the restaurant earlier than Joyce.

"Here you are." When Jose saw Joyce come in, he stood up immediately and pulled out a chair for her.

The dinner time passed quickly. After dinner, Jose drove Joyce home. Through the corner of his eyes, he found that Joyce had been frowning.

"What's wrong?" He asked, guessing if she had met some difficult customers again.

Joyce felt comfortable with the cold wind blowing in from the window, temporarily putting aside the matter of the design competition. "Nothing."

On the other hand, Jose thought that Joyce was unwilling to tell him the truth, so he continued, "I saw that you frowned when you had dinner just now."

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