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   Chapter 219 Something Happened

Love You Like Crazy By Chao Xi Characters: 6199

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Blowing the cold wind outside the window, Joyce's mood suddenly cleared up a lot. She didn't need to be sad for those unimportant people.

When she came back to the company, she was almost in a good mood as she had been in the morning.

Before she returned to her office, she was called to the manager's office.

"Manager." With a modest look on her face, Joyce Ruan was ready to be scolded in the morning.

But the manager said to her in a cold voice, "Go to the sponsor of the design competition and get the design concept back. In the next week, you don't need to worry about the design department. Focus on preparing for the design competition. "

The manager didn't mention that Joyce didn't come to work this morning.

After getting the address from the manager, Joyce Ruan set out.

"Hello, I'm here to get the design concept." When Joyce arrived at the gallery of the design competition, she went to the front desk.

The receptionist gave Joyce an envelope without raising her head.

"The design concept is in it?" Joyce Ruan took the envelope and asked uncertainly, as if there was nothing inside.

The receptionist nodded.

After getting the design concept, Joyce went back to her office. She sat on the chair and opened the envelope carefully. A note with the word "Youth" fell out of the envelope.

Joyce picked up the note. When she saw the word "Youth", she felt something wrong. She didn't expect that the theme of this time was youth.

She was lost in her memory. She recalled that she spent most of her youth with Leo Xu.

She had thought that she would be with Leo for the rest of her life and put on the wedding dress for him one day. They will a pair of cute children...

But now everything had changed. It was impossible for her to be with Leo when she got the money from Tracy, let alone now.

Joyce smiled

son Jiang.

Leo thought of an excuse in his mind. He didn't know that Joyce had watched the live broadcast a few days ago.

Looking at Leo's hesitant look, Joyce felt that he was really ugly at this moment. She waved at him and said, "You needn't say more, I understand. I didn't take your break of promise seriously at all."

She chose to hide it from Leo and didn't tell him that she waited until the restaurant closed that day.

She knew that she was not young anymore and there was no way back between her and Leo Xu. She wanted to say goodbye to her youth.

"You didn't take it seriously?" When Leo heard her indifferent tone, he suddenly felt empty in his heart, as if he had lost something very important.

Joyce nodded, hiding the sadness in her eyes, and continued, "I had waited for you for a while. I left because you didn't come."

She looked at Leo's sad eyes and didn't know if it was true or not.

Now that she had promised Tracy that she would leave Leo's world. Then she would definitely do what she said!

"Anything else?" Clenching her fists, Joyce took a deep breath to calm herself down.

After a while, Leo said, "Let's have dinner together." He wanted to continue what he hadn't done that day.

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