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   Chapter 215 Not The Same Person

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Watching Cassie take the bowls and chopsticks from Leo's hand, she said helplessly, "Don't bother you, Cassie." She stopped Cassie.

However, as if Cassie hadn't heard what Addison said, she put the bowls and chopsticks aside and said to Leo with a smile, "It's not a big deal. How can I bother my brother-in-law?" She looked at Leo with affection in her eyes.

Addison clenched her fists under the quilt. Her fingertips turned white. She gritted her teeth and said, "Leo, I'm not feeling well all of a sudden. Can you call a nurse for me?"

Hearing that, Leo Xu stood up and left at once. But he didn't know that it was just an excuse for Addison to send him away.

Looking at Leo's receding figure, Addison said, "Get out of here, or..."

She hated the way Cassie Jiang walked around in front of her. It was not easy for her to stay with Leo alone for a while, but it was interrupted by Cassie.

"Why should I leave? I just came here. I want to spend more time with you." Cassie wouldn't leave so easily.

"Are you really not leaving?" Addison Jiang asked in a threatening tone.

But Cassie ignored it. She sat on the sofa and began to read the magazine.

Knowing that she couldn't do anything with Cassie, Addison went to the bathroom with her phone.

She closed the door and called her mother.

"Mom, where are you?" Said Addison in a low voice. 'Since Cassie was unkind, she would not blame me for being unkind.'

When Mrs. Jiang received Addison's call, she thought something had happened to her daughter, so she stood up from the sofa in a hurry.

"I'm at home. What's wrong?"

"Come here and take Cassie back. I'm annoyed to see her walking in front of me." Addison knew that Cassie wouldn't listen to her, but her mother's words were different.

"Cassie? Why is she in the hospital? " She didn't know that Cassie went to the hospital today.

Mrs. Jiang turned a deaf ear to her and said coldly, "Leave the hospital as soon as possible. Otherwise, don't blame me for suppressing your career."

She didn't explain too much to Cassie. After that, she left the hospital directly.

She had thought about it when Cassie said she was unfair. But now that Addison had fallen in love with Leo and the two were engaged

Cassie held back her tears and looked at the door of the ward with red eyes. After a while, she left the hospital reluctantly.

She was just a star now and didn't dare to fight against the Jiang family. Otherwise, she would be banished from the entertainment industry. But she couldn't give up Leo.

In the ward, after Cassie left, Addison felt much better. "Leo, thank you for your hard work these days."

Leo looked at the book in his hand without even raising his eyelids. "Not at all." He should take the responsibility for all this.

Hearing this, Addison burst into laughter who was feeling on the top of the world.

"Leo, does it matter that you don't go to the company for such a long time?"

"It's okay. I have arranged everything." Leo asked his assistant to take care of the company's affairs and he also wanted Addison to recover as soon as possible.

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