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   Chapter 210 She Needs You

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Leo Xu just sat on the bench, lowering his head and listening to his mother's chatter. He didn't know if something really happened to Addison...

As soon as the Jiang family received the phone call, they rushed over. "What the hell is going on?" Mrs. Jiang asked anxiously.

However, neither Tracy Feng nor Leo Xu could answer her question.

"Say something? Why did Addison end up like this? " Mrs. Jiang questioned Leo and Tracy with fierce eyes.

No matter what the truth was, it had something to do with the Xu family.

Gael Jiang didn't want to make the situation too stiff. After all, the two clans would become a family in the future. He walked to Mrs. Jiang, held her in his arms and sat on the bench. He comforted her gently, "Don't worry too much. Addison will be fine."

Mrs. Jiang slapped his hand away. Gael Jiang's eyes became serious and he was about to say something. The door of the operating room was opened. With a pale face, Addison was pushed out from the operating room.

When they saw her coming out, they immediately surrounded her and asked the doctor about her with one voice.

"The patient is fine. Be careful in the future. Don't change her mood too much." The doctor reminded everyone.

The Jiangs took the operating table from the nurse and pushed her to the ward in person, followed by Leo and Tracy who looked terrified.

After work, Joyce went to the restaurant Leo had booked for her.

After waiting for a long time, Leo still didn't come. Joyce thought he was still busy in the company, so she didn't call him.

"Madam, do you need to serve the dishes first?" The waiter said to Joyce Ruan.

Joyce raised her head and looked downstairs. It was time for dinner in the restaurant, which was very lively. She looked at her desk again, but there was no one there.

She took out her phone from her bag and found the number she could memorize. When she was about to di

. Fortunately, there was still room for manoeuvre between her and Leo.

Seeing that Addison had woken up and her face was not as pale as before, Gael Jiang specially wanted to leave space for the two young people.

"Let's go back first. Leo, thank you for taking care of Addison tonight." Gael Jiang left directly with Mrs. Jiang who still wanted to stay here.

After watching them leave, Tracy said, "Leo, come out with me."

Leo followed his mother out of the ward.

"I don't care why you wanted to break off the engagement with Addison, but you can't mention it now."

Leo also understood the importance of the matter and nodded.

"You'd better go inside to keep her company. Don't let her tell the Jiang family what happened today, or it will be another trouble." Tracy cast a warning glance at Leo and then left the hospital.

Leo took a deep breath and opened the door, "I'm sorry."

He stood far away, even making an apology coldly.

All of a sudden, a smile appeared on Addison's face, which didn't match her expression at all. She blinked her eyes and asked Leo in confusion. "Leo, what are you talking about?"

She could only pretend that she didn't remember that Leo was going to cancel engagement, and hoped that Leo would stop talking about it.

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